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1. Demo DemoTitle Demo Testing 123
2. DH006504 ALJEAN TIO PUEY JINFirewall for Basic Users
3. DH009282 BALRAJ SINGH KHOSAAn Empirical study on the determinants of RFID adoption in the manufacturing industry
4. DHXXXXXX Wai Ching LinNot fill yet
5. KL003399 LOW WAN YUEEInter-Media Publishing System for Classified Advertising Service Providers
6. KL005582 AMRIT KAUR A/P AUTAR SINGHThe Media's Influence in Self-esteem issues among teenage girls
7. KL005974 LOH KEN WEITurn - Based Card Combat Game with Customisable Interface & Interactivity
8. KL006002 KAJENTHRAN A/L M. VIJAYANDRANThe Common Reporting Practices Of Islamic Banks In Malaysia
9. Thomas Thomasthomas pagol test from home
11. tp009901 BridgetNot fill yet
12. TP010844 TEH JIN YEENetwork protocol Capturing Tool (NetCap)
13. TP011336 Tu Yuen KeongHuman Resource Management System for SME
14. TP011379 MUHAMMAD EHSAN BIN ISMAILThe Inefficiencies in the Kuala Lumpur Public Transportation System
15. TP011688 ZAIM RASIS BIN HARISNot fill yet
16. TP011809 MOHAMED NASHATH RAFEEQClient server based home security and surveillance system
18. TP011974 LOW XIU JIANMusic Player Games And Music Notes Generator
19. TP011988 BOON JIA JIENot fill yet
20. TP011998 JEFFREY HEW MENG ZHENGBenefits Claim Management System (BCMS)
21. TP012027 THUM CHEE KEONGLurve Beez Online Match Making Website
22. TP012037 LEE KEAN AIKData Communication Over Bluetooth Technology
23. TP012098 LEE MING PNGMass Database Encryption System
24. TP012122 EDMUND QUAH LIAN CHYEEnhance Interactive Kiosk System Using Web-Based Interactive Multimedia
25. TP012124 CHIN LEE MEIInteractive E-Kids Learning Portal
26. TP012134 GUNASEELAN A/L JAYABALANBluetooth as Backup Client Server for Library
27. TP012177 TAN SZE YEESecuring Bluetooth Connection
28. TP012216 LEE WEI HENGAction Role Playing Games Magic Islands: Adventure of Sam
29. TP012286 SARA BABALMORADThe Comparative study of Islamic banking In Malaysia: weaknesses and rosperous
30. TP012333 MUHAMMAD SUFYAN BIN SHEHZADMalaysia Consumer Preception and Buying Behaviour Of Store Demands
31. TP012382 AHMAD ZULKARNAIN BIN LOP AHMAD Web-based Virtual Machine Control Panel
32. TP012389 TEE ENG PINNot fill yet
33. TP012489 CHOY SIU MAYMalaysia SME
34. TP012490 LO KIM YENThe Empirical Study in Analyzing of Financial Planning Among Public and Private Institute Students
35. TP012507 YAP XIN TENGKey drivers to retain users in social network platform
36. TP012517 LOI FUNG LINGThe influences of brand and country image structure on Malaysian consumers evaluations in South Korean electronic products, specifically in Mobile Phones
37. TP012531 BAWANI A/P RAVICHANDRANNot fill yet
38. TP012534 LIM CHUAN CHIN Physics Based 3D Puzzle Game
39. TP012543 NG POOI YINGChef の Shimei is a single player of time-management game which is related to cooking and managing kitchen.
40. TP012548 ALI USMAN KHANNot fill yet
41. TP012555 LOW KAH WENG Ginormous - Point-and-Click Video-Based Role-Playing Game
42. TP012557 SIM WHELANCasual Game – Action Strategy Flash Game
43. TP012562 ESTHER WONG PEI YIThe Impact of Balancede Scorecard in Acadamic Institute - Case Study: Asia Pacific Institute of Information technology (APIIT)
44. TP012571 CHEW WEE SIANGPlatform Game-like Interface that supports Electronic Commerce
45. TP012585 VICTOR TAY JIN LINGPhoto Sharing Social Website
46. TP012605 NG JOO LONGSmart Scheduleing and Planning System
48. TP012619 LIM KIM KUAND-NetRemote Desktop
49. TP012622 TAN PING INGMalaysian SME Manufacturers Going Global : Strategies to Overcome Barriers, Risks and Threats
50. TP012627 GOH CHOON MING2 Factor Authentication for *nix Systems
51. TP012631 CHONG JIAN YIProject Assessment and Guidance On Line: Integrated Project Progression (PAGOL : IPP)
52. TP012633 BRYAN HO TAT LUNInternal Data Leakage Protection System
53. TP012634 WAN SHEAU MUNExporting Made in Malaysia Products : Ways to Overcome Problems faced by SMEs in Malaysia
54. TP012638 KEVIN TAN SAY MINGQuantum Code - A 2D Side Scroller Game
55. TP012639 PANIRSELVAM A/L SUBRAMANIAMBluetooth Attendance Taking System
56. TP012641 Chin Hoong YikExorcism Journal (EJ) – A role playing game with emergent gameplay.
57. TP012646 VINCENT HO WEI HANCustomized Reporting Tool & Guideline To Enforce Data Protection And Privacy Digital Laws In Malaysia
58. TP012649 ONG CHUN WEINot fill yet
59. TP012650 FOO KEAT HOERoad Traffic Monitoring and Analysis Application : An Automated Vehicle Detection Approach
60. TP012651 LIM PAY LEEA Study on Local Enterpreneurs in the Food and Beverage Franchise Industry
61. TP012661 LOO KAR CHUNGBandwidth Monitoring System with Alert Management
62. TP012670 JAIGATHES A/L SAGARENE-Evidence Management System Integrated with Biometric Security
63. TP012674 CHIN WEI QIHypercrypt - File Protection Through Online and Offline
64. TP012689 ADLI BIN ANUARRelease, Match, Slice! – A Niche in Casual Gaming
65. TP012694 JUSPRITH KAUR A/P SALJIT SINGHCredit Card Thumbprint Verification
66. TP012707 ELWIN TOO TA WEIOnline Purchasing for Different Products Types in Malaysia
67. TP012729 VINCENT CHOOThe Future of E-Books: Perspective of Malaysian College Student
68. TP012749 LOW WAI HONGWireless Clients Discovery for iPhone OS
69. TP012767 LOW MEICHELLEThe Effectiveness Of Forensic Auditing in Determining Bank Frauds
70. TP012771 CHIN MIN HINGNot fill yet
71. TP012773 JULIAN MATTHEW NUNIS PEREIRAEloquence (An Ad-hoc Instant Messaging Client)
72. TP012779 RUBEN HARIHARAN A/L RAMACHANDRANExamination of relationship between org culture and org competitiveness
73. TP012785 MOHAMAD TALHA BIN ABDUL RAHMANAn Empirical Study on the Effect of Organizational Culture on Employee Motivation and Job Satisfaction.
74. TP012793 LEE MUN HOONGEnergy Saving Network Devices for Enterprise
75. TP012824 GOBBINATH A/L BATUMALAINot fill yet
76. TP012836 MUHAMMAD HAKIM BIN HAJI BAKRIA Framework For Cyber Crime Enforcement Of Brunei
77. TP012840 CHAN TSEOK HWANGLinux based High Performance Router for VoIP
78. TP012845 WONG KAI YAENNot fill yet
79. TP012850 DIDIER BERTRAND SIBERTWireless Network Protection Triad for Home Businesses
80. TP012858 CHING PHAIK EENot fill yet
81. TP012861 TAN YEONG JIEHA study of Low-Cost Airlines in Malaysia
82. TP012877 KANAGESWARY A/P KANDASAMMYTax Incentive and its Implication on Investment in Malaysia
83. TP012878 NG SIAW LINGService quality of retail banks in Malaysia in an emerging Economy: Customer satisfaction, Loyalty and Retention
84. TP012879 LOW CHUN ENGIntelligent Scheduling System
85. TP012881 MICHELLE LOW MEI MEIEvaluating earnings management practice in Malaysia
86. TP012882 N BARATHIRAJAA A/L NADARAJANot fill yet
87. TP012883 KODISVHRI RHANI A/P WIGNISFARANThe challenges of implementing GST in Malaysia
88. TP012933 REBEKAH LEE CHEAH JIATA Diagnostic and Comparative Study : Malaysian Idol Dramas (Mandarin Chinese) with Taiwanese Idol Drama (Mandarin Chinese)
89. TP012939 VICTOR CHEE CHOON YOWA study of capital structure determinants in Malaysia listed company
90. TP012953 MUHAMMAD IQBALDORSS - Digital Ordering Smart System
91. TP012987 KONG SZE WEImeasuring the environment critical success factors towards gaining acceptance of consumers in green technology
92. TP012988 SOH PHEI CHEENInnovating Game Design in Casual Games
93. TP013005 TEST STUDENTtest
94. TP013037 FATHIMATH KHALIDFactors affecting the service delivered to customers by the doctors in Maldives
95. TP013053 FARAH LIANA BINTI ABDUL RAHIMThe Effevtiveness of Advertising Through Social Media Marketing in Promoting The Fashion Industry
96. TP013054 BEH WEI WEIOnline Interactive Social Network
97. TP013061 FONG TZU CHENGCooking-Themed RPG which has tension, unique and stylish cooking battle game play driven by emotional story telling – “Fable Of Oblivious Delicacy”
98. TP013081 LEE MING HAWThe Empirical Research of Enhancing Audit Quality and Methods to Prevent and Detect Fraud
99. TP013094 SATHISH A/L RAMASAMYThe Role of Corporate Governance as a Tool in the Banking Industry in Malaysia
100. TP013131 CHIA CHOON HOEIntelligent Exam Paper System
101. TP013168 LI HUIChinese Traditional Opera Faces the Situation of Development and Reform in the Multimedia Environment
102. TP013176 THOMAS TEBEBIOWEIInvestment in Bayelsa State Nigeria : Factors That Drives Its Investors
103. TP013437 SANJAY A/L HARBAN SINGHEffective Promotion Towards Influencing Foreign Direct Investment Trends
104. TP013459 DAVID MUHIA GITAOOptimizing The Kenyan ICT Laws (Cyber Laws) For The Forensic Toolkit And Enforce Kenyan Digital For Forensic Investigation
105. TP013507 ARSALAN SHAHBAZIntegrated Payment System For Cafeteria
106. TP013513 TEE KEN SENGForensic Investigation Framework For SIM Card In Malaysia
107. TP013547 SYED MAAZ AHMEDNot fill yet
108. TP013551 Arya KarimiNot fill yet
109. TP013616 MALLIYA BELLO FALALUFactors that Contribute to the Ineffectiveness of Micro Finance Banks as Tools of Poverty Alleviation in Northern Nigeria
110. TP013627 AYMAN ABDELAZIZ AHMED M. Using marketing mix evolution in tourism development for eastern Sudan
111. TP013741 GEORGE ANDREW NGOLONot fill yet
112. TP013778 Koorosh ChehraziNot fill yet
113. TP013789 Chum Seng WaiUSB - Jail
114. TP013799 LAWAL HAKEEM ADEKUNLEImplementing Secure Data Protection : Third Party Intrusion
115. TP013812 CHEE YUN SHUENNot fill yet
116. TP013831 HO GUAN SOONOnline Food Ordering System
117. TP013867 CHOONG WEI HANNot fill yet
118. TP013873 LIM JET XINThe study on Malaysian consumers’ demographic factors towards online shopping behavior.
119. TP013886 ONG YONG SIMRhythm Tetris RPG Battle System
120. TP013887 BRIAN WONG SWEE WENGInstant Messengers Software Within a Local Area Network (Intranet)
121. TP013896 CHRISTINE AIK CHAI SZEEncryption Security Protection for Mobile Computer and Mobil phone.
122. TP013902 TANG CHIN YANGThe success factors of SMEs in Malaysia that have survived in past 5 years.
123. TP013905 LIEW SEE LINGMc Donald’s – Enhancing Corporate Social Responsibility through advanced sustainable development.
124. TP013909 YEONG HONG CHUNSnowball Mania
125. TP013912 PAYAM POUR MIRAZA AGHA LANGROODIEvaluation of Opportunity in the Field of Importing None - Alcoholic
126. TP013931 Melissa Lai Kuan JingThe Impact of Applying IFRS for SMEs in Malaysia
127. TP013938 LOW JIAHAOMultiplayer Tower Defense Game
128. TP013940 Foo Ming Zhe Bandwidth Monitoring and Allocation System
129. TP013941 AARON CHOW KI LIPPPong Defender
130. TP013949 PAVITER KAUR A/P AUTAR SINGHThe Challenges Faced by the Malaysian Film Industry and Ways to take it to the International Market
131. TP013964 SOH SOO CHINGBandwidth Management Tool For Home (BMHOM)
132. TP013968 LIM JIT KAINetwork Monitoring and Management
133. TP013975 KIRTHANA A/P SIVANYANAM PILLAIUCTI eBooks4Students System
134. TP013976 DAVID SUPPRAMANIAM ANNAMALAIThe Impact of Advertising through Social Networking on Malaysian University Students in the Klang Valley
135. TP013978 Chua Siu HuiLeadership Changes due to Globalisation – Malaysia Corporate Perspective
136. TP013982 TAN KAH KIATPerception of Young Adults Towards Purchasing Insurance Policies
137. TP013992 CHIN KENG SHERNPush to Talk Over Cellular Over Bluetooth ( PoCoB ) Mobile Application
138. TP014000 CLEMENT HUE MUN YEOWAutomated Balancing System for Quadrotor’s Hovering and Maneuvering
139. TP014006 LIONEL A/L GABRIELIs franchise model a proven model of business success in Malaysia?
140. TP014029 ENG EU MAONetwork Management For Optimizing The WANs & LANs (NetMans)
141. TP014031 UNGKU NAZREN AL HAQCelebrity Endorsements Significance in Effecting Products Positioning Buying Behaviour
142. TP014039 Lee Wei JieASD Essential Network Monitoring System
143. TP014068 CHEONG CHANG HUNG“Remote Desk Assistance Program for local area network environment”
144. TP014070 HIMMAT SINGH A/L SUKDARSHEN SINGHParamedic Assist System
145. TP014094 CHOONG YI CHAUMalaysia Filming Industry Doesn
146. TP014104 FOO SIK HAANNetwork Bandwidth Control System
147. TP014131 STEVEN THOMASBunny Lius : A Side Scrolling Tile Based Action Adventure Game
148. TP014143 TUA XIANG QIANEmotion and Behavioural Marketing : A Study of Audience Emotion and Behaviour towards Print Advertisement
149. TP014152 EVON LIM LAY KUANEmployees’ performance in a diverse workplace: In the context of MNCs in Malaysia
150. TP014161 IBRAHIM NASEEMAlarming Increase of Expatriates in Maldives: Factors influencing and ways in overcoming it
151. TP014171 Aishath Inaya The Young Entrepreneurs of Maldives: Identifying The Factors That Influence Their Buying Behaviors for Smartphone.
152. TP014175 Lim Zhu RongMaximum Security in Client Application
153. TP014189 PAULUS ARIADI WIJAYAFuzzy Expert System for Diagnosis of Influenza
154. TP014195 PRIMARISADHINI SETYANINGRUMThe role of financila intermediaries in providing Micro financing for Women Enterpreneurs in Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan Indonesia
155. TP014199 DWI INDAH PRATIWINetwork Computing Project
156. TP014201 ARDY FEBRYAN WONGSOThe Chronicle of Valkyrie : 2.5D RPG Game With Turn Based Battle System
157. TP014207 Choy Guo Jian A real-time strategy game with role-playing elements.
159. TP014230 Lim Kean JinA game where Gameplay is more important then Graphics which provides a challenge for the player.
160. TP014231 WONG JIAN HANAndroid’s NetOverseer Application
161. TP014242 CHAN JET THYEMonitor Positioning Detection Using Microcontroller
162. TP014248 Yeap Ee TuckNot fill yet
163. TP014273 LESLIE CHAN YOU TINGExporting Strategies for Malaysian Manufacturing SMEs: to attain a substantial competitive advantage
164. TP014280 CHARLES DING KUAN JIANOnline Health Furniture Store
165. TP014283 HIZKIA CHANDRA Space Gears – Multiplayer Action Shooter Game
166. TP014302 LIEW TAO-YOONG Intrusion Detection System in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks
167. TP014309 Shee Chuan SiongDynamic Charge Bar Gameplay Mechanic
168. TP014316 Rayner Ho Kok Fei Web Server Management System
169. TP014323 CHARANJIT KAUR SANDHUThe Influence of Organisation Culture on Organisational Commitment : Evidence from Foreign and Domestic Banks in Malaysia
170. TP014324 TAN SZE WEIUnderstanding and managing job satisfaction aligning with employees’ performance
171. TP014329 Lee Sue HueiAn Analysis of Determinants Involved in Consumer Buying Behavior and The Penetration of Hypermarkets Own-brand Products
172. TP014330 KAM WAI HONGEnhanced Firewall And Security Applications For Home Networks
173. TP014337 CHUAH YEE KHONGMalaysia Electrical SMEs Entry Modes into ASEAN Countries
174. TP014339 HOR HON MING Design of Robot Control using Voice Command
175. TP014347 KHOR HOOI LENG Potential of Mobile in Marketing:A study of the opportunities mobile advertise and promotion among Malaysia Urban College students in Klang Valley.
176. TP014348 HEONG WAI KITNot fill yet
177. TP014353 HASLINA BINTI SHAHUL HAMEEDEmpirical studies on audit independence based on the internal auditors in Malaysian professional organizations.
178. TP014370 CHINTAMI DEWIThe use of E-Learning at school
179. TP014376 ANDREW DWIPA KENCANA Visual Aid System for Flash Website
180. TP014383 MABROOKA SHUKREEShortage of Skilled labor in the Maldives Construction Industry
181. TP014388 PEGGY WONGImproving consumer behavior towards PROTON by benchmarking Toyota.
182. TP014403 YAP WEI CONG Fan controller using speech recognition
183. TP014407 YONG CHIN SHAUNAnalysis Of Consumer’s Behavior Towards Hybrid Vehicle In Malaysia
184. TP014411 YEOH XU IMM MICHELLEA study on the Green Environment and how it can helps to create strategies for the Manufacturing Industry.
185. TP014415 JAMES MARK NJIUIntra-Fax (iFAX)
186. TP014421 WOON YAW KWANMalaysia’s Small & Medium Enterprises’ (SMEs) Barriers to Venture into Exporting
187. TP014424 LIM CHINN PEIAdoption Rate of Social Media Marketing Tool for 3-Star Hotel in Klang Valley beyond 2010.
188. TP014429 WONG WE CHEKNot fill yet
189. TP014431 SALHA ADAM NYANGASABarriers to career Advancement of Malaysia Female Managers in MNCs
190. TP014432 MPELWA AHMED MWINGE A wireless Home Automation & Security System using Zigbee Technology
191. TP014437 TAN YONG WAIE-Shopping Application Website
192. TP014443 Tan Chun YipTechnology In Early Childhood Education: A Study Based On Technology And Business Perspective
193. TP014444 Tan Siew ThienFactors that Influence Individual Investor in Fund Selection Toward Unit Trust with Reference in Kuala Lumpur
194. TP014449 SASITHARAN A/L RAVINDARLive Stock Database System ( LDS )
195. TP014450 DENIS MOSES MANJE WATHIGOElectronic Voting System for Kenya
196. TP014453 ANTHONY OTIENO OTHIGOFramework For Investigating TomTom GO-Series GPS System
197. TP014466 ANATI SUSILOWATIIssues faced in exporting Zeolite commodity from Indonesia to Malaysia
198. TP014467 Harvinderjit Singh a/l Harchand SinghCritical Analysis on Ponzi Scheme Fraud : Global and Malaysian Perspective.
199. TP014468 HO LIP XINImplementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Its Impact on the Inflation Rates in Malaysia: The Consumers’ Perspective
200. TP014473 OUZAIR ISSA ISMAILA Framework of the Data Protection Bill Act, Computer Misuse and Cyber Crime Act and Spam Control Bill in Manufacturing in View of the Cyber Island Place
201. TP014475 Randall Dexter F.venantiusSexual Harassment in The Workplace: A Study On Sexual Harassment in Malaysian Companies and How It Affects The Performance Of The Employees and The Company
202. TP014477 YONG SHI KITNot fill yet
203. TP014480 DEREK OOI JIUN YEEImplementation of Social Learning in Facebook
204. TP014481 ALFRED HEE CHOON SHENiCRM (Supplier base Customer Relationship Management)
205. TP014494 Raymond Chow Ji WernGoing green on business retail industry specify on automobile parts in Malaysia.
206. TP014497 ANNISA WULANDARIDeveloping Generation Y Talent
207. TP014502 Tee Kok Yueh Interactive website for media programme in UCTI
208. TP014514 CHOO HUI YINGDeterminant Factors of Malaysia's Inward Foreign Direct Investment
209. TP014521 AISOH KADONot fill yet
210. TP014539 Tang Jun HoeApplication of Blue Ocean Strategy to “Cameron Highlands Resorts”
211. TP014541 POOVARASI A/P MUNIANDYNetwork Mapping Utility Software (NMUS)
212. TP014545 Chin Ji HsiaStudy of Web based Augmented Reality awareness and its implementation in Malaysia.
213. TP014548 CHEW SOOK FONGNot fill yet
214. TP014550 CARRIE LEESignificance of Service Personnel in the Tourism Industry
215. TP014564 Darshini a/p NadarajanA Study on Forming Global Alliances in the Event Management Industry in Malaysia.
216. TP014571 DEWI MARHAMAHImage-Based Password Encryption System
217. TP014574 JACQUELINE PATRICIA LATUHERUThe Empirical Studies Of Foreign Investor Towards The Economic Growth in Indonesia
218. TP014575 SADRI SUTRISNALoans for medium - low income households and it's impact to the growth of financial institutions
219. TP014577 ANDRIAS ABADI AUWCalmary: The Fallen Throne
220. TP014585 ARBIAN SEPCANDIOKnight Warrior
221. TP014588 JENIFFER PRISILIA MASENGIImpact of fashion blog to female teenage user
222. TP014589 NATALIA BUKAMOMedia's effects on Young Women's Body Image and Eating Disorder
223. TP014591 HENDRACollision Avoidance Mobile Robot with Image Processing
224. TP014595 IKE YASINTAAnalysis Of Islamic Banking Growth And Its Sustainability During Financial Crisis In Indonesia
225. tp014596 GREGORIUS CHANDRA PUTRA HERMAWANSmart Home System With Secure Socket Layer Protocol
226. TP014602 LEE WING YIHThe Effects of Sales Promotion on Consumers' Preferences towards Branded Watch Among Malaysia
227. TP014608 SERENA SHERINThe Influence Of Advertising In Magazines On Cosmetic Sales In Malaysia
228. TP014610 Krishnashree a/p Tamby RajaFramework of Multimedia System to Pool Charitable Organisations
229. TP014613 THEVANDRAN PILLAI S/O BALASEGARAN PILLAISecure Group Communication System within intranet.
230. TP014614 AMOS RAJ PETERSParking Assist Application
231. TP014617 MUHAMMAD IRFAN BIN MOHAAn Automated Motorized Intelligent Wheelchair for the disabled people
232. TP014618 TIRKARTIKEYAN A/L KUMARESANShimmering Bridge
233. TP014621 LEE WEI JUNEvent Sharing Information System (ESIS)
234. TP014623 KASSIM AL - AMIN MSEMOE-Commerce: measuring organizational e-readiness among SMEs in the wholesale sector
235. TP014628 Loh Wei LikThe impact of servicescape on shaping the perception of customers.
236. TP014633 SARA TOHIDIProgrammers Consultation Center ( PCC ) System
237. TP014648 ADESUA CHARLES AYODEJIFacebook as an Effective Social Media Marketing Tool for Advertisement to Influence Consumers' Brand Perception
238. TP014659 PUA BOON SHENGFactors that influence consumer buying behavior/decision towards hybrid vehicles (Green vehicle)
239. TP014662 DELBERT PUAH CHEE MENGA First Person Shooter Game in Cooperated with Real Bullet Trajectory and Role Playing Game Element
240. TP014663 Tan Wai KitE-Fashion 3.0 Start-up
241. TP014674 SOONG TZE YOONGNot fill yet
242. TP014680 Siau Shi HaoServer Monitoring System for Local Area Networks
243. TP014682 Sashi Kumar A/l Devaraj @ SelvarajBiomatrix system in credit card
244. TP014691 DENNYS CANDRAA study of Intention to be an entrepreneur among students of various academic disciplines at Asia Pacific University in Malaysia
245. TP014693 FAIZAL BIN ROSLIPIZZA Ordering System using PDA with Windows Mobile 6.0 or Above
246. TP014695 Vincent Chew Wei SoonFactors affecting generation y employee turnover: a perspective in human capital management.
247. TP014698 LAI HONG HWAEnvironment Localization and Mapping using Wireless Sonar and Vision System in Mobile Robot.
248. TP014699 JEFFREY ONG SAI MUNMobile Ad Hoc Application Management for Games
249. TP014719 JEY SRI GANESH A/L KANAGASABA SUKUMARPaper Quantifier and Classifier
250. TP014722 MUSTAFA OSMAN BALLA MOHAMDAuthentication Of Query Execution: using fingerprint recognition system
251. TP014723 KAGISO MATLHARENot fill yet
252. TP014726 Sang Kai TickForeign Direct Investment and Economic Growth in Malaysia Hospitality Industry.
253. TP014740 SALEH AMER SALMIN IS HAQThe Impact of Cost of fuel on Public Transportation Sector in Tanzania
254. TP014744 HERIETH SENGALA CHENGULAAchieving Competitive Advantage In the global Market among Malaysia Halal Food Small and Medium Enterprises
255. TP014746 KHALID MBARAK ABDALLA EL JABRYPDA - Rehabilitation Management System
256. TP014747 MARIAM FARID SALUM ABEIDFuel Inventory Monitoring System using SMS
257. TP014754 SIMON THIEN SU KETWalkie Talkie Over Internet
258. TP014755 SOONG KIN MINGNot fill yet
259. TP014771 TAN JUE LINThe Relationship between Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in Service Industries
260. TP014785 ELLYANA NURHAZREEN BINTI IZAM SHAHA case in Malaysia – Impact of Small Medium Enterprise (SME) competing in the global business environment; and how does it effect the economic growth of the country.
261. TP014805 MARIYAM SHAIRAUIslamic Banking
262. TP014808 ASHVINI A/P RAJA MOHANCreating A Framework For Sustainable Development For A Food Manufacturing Industry : A Supply Chain Analysis
263. TP014810 MARIA BERLAIN ABIERA FOWLER Analysis of Tourism Impacts on Socio-Cultural in the Philippines
265. TP014829 RAMOROKA MOGOMOTSIThe Importance of Service Quality: a case study on the Bank of Botswana
267. TP014844 YUSTYANA AYUDA ILMAThe comparison study in Healthcare Industry between Malaysia and Indonesia based on customer satisfaction of service performance
268. TP014850 GABBYTIAN RAYVANDYAutomation System : Electronic Distribution Switch Controlled Over Remote Network. This System Works By Controlling or Managing of Electric Equipment through Network Communication
269. TP014851 STEVEN PONGIDINGame Balancing – Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment (Adaptive Difficulty)
270. TP014858 AISHATH LISAA guideline for Women
271. TP014866 TAN KOK CHENG Home-based Remote Access Application: uTune
272. TP014867 Lim Wei SernRubik Tactics Prototype: Experimental Game-play of Puzzle-Tactics on Rubik Cube Layout
273. TP014877 HADI SOBIANDesign and Implementation of Autonomous Mobile Robot for Garbage Collection Application
274. TP014921 YAP AI SHYANCustomer - Centric Advertisement Board in Social Network for Enterprise Customer Relationship Management (CAB-ECRM)
275. TP014925 LIM WEI HOUThe Applicable of The Internet User Right and Wireless Access Point Privacy in Malaysia based on European Union and United State of America
276. TP014940 DEEPA MOUROUGAYANEWireless Network based Mine Monitoring System Using ARM & Zigbee Technology
277. TP014944 HOOMAN HEIDARIRobot Isolated Word Command Recognition and Navigation
278. TP014945 MONA GOUDARZIOrganic Consumer attitude and behavior: A cross cultural study between Germany and Malaysia
279. TP014946 BEHROUZ MAZLOUMIAN JAHROMIHow Dynamic Pricing and Yield Management influence CRM Strategy
280. TP014949 IMAN ERSHADIOil Spill Remover Robot
281. TP014950 MOHAMMAD ARABI ALIComparing Supervision strategy of Sales Management in Medical Industries
282. TP014988 AMIR BIN TAIYEBI Empirical study of FDI in Malaysia
283. TP015072 SULTAN AHMED BISHARA Study Of The Relationship Between Manager Behaviour and Subordinate Stress In Maldives Police Service
284. TP015074 EDDIE CHONG WEN SHUNGCandy Island
285. tp015081 Ademola Ebenezer OgidiElectronic Docketing System (E-DoS)
286. TP015082 MORAD ABRAHEM AHMED ABRAHEEM Materializing KIBS’s: The Malaysian Service Sector.
287. TP015096 HANDI BUDIJONORemote Server Control by using Mobile Phone through Internet
288. TP015103 ZHANAR MUKAZHANOVANot fill yet
289. TP015121 BOJAN VULETA Quantum Cryptography between devices
290. TP015123 DARYL VINCENT NETTOChallenges faced in convergence of IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)
291. TP015129 NWAORA HENRY EBUKA the effects of customer relationship management on the hotel industry
292. TP015132 TAN TONG HONGWireless SIP Server
293. TP015150 Wu ChenggangA study on the evidence of bubbles and infection: attempt analysis on the China stock market
294. TP015151 YEE JEAT SERNSmart system managing network cards for servers ( Green management )
295. TP015170 MOHAMAD SAFFUANI IBRAHIMNot fill yet
296. tp015171 Mohammad Erfan KhalilianDesign and develop a pick and place robot using Lab-View PC-Based controller
297. TP015181 Saidmuradov ShokhrukhThe Impact of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Uzbekistan: An Analysis on the Factors Influencing Them.
298. TP015186 LIM CHUN CHERNSmart Parking System
300. TP015230 SLIM MICHEL DOGLEYReal - Time Location Traiding (RTLT)
301. TP015236 WONG SHY YUNNthe factors that affect locally incorporated supermarkets in Malaysia growing globally
302. TP015238 SIYAM SHAZAILNot fill yet
303. TP015244 IFEDIORA ARINZE SOMTOGSM Log Periodic Antenna
304. TP015248 FATHIMATH HALEEMNot fill yet
305. TP015249 CHONG KHAR ONNRole of Corporate Culture as Key Success Factor for Asian Companies to Go International
306. TP015251 CHOO TEEN TEENA behavioral analysis of Online News among malaysian Urban College Students in Klang Valley
307. TP015253 WANDURI ANTHONY NJOROGEMobile Banking
308. TP015254 TNEW CHIN HONGNot fill yet
309. TP015259 THIAM KAH SENGThe effectiveness of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivations: A study of Malaysia Eu Yan Sang Company Frontline Staff
311. TP015286 BAHMAN DOAEIAN MOGHADDAM TOOSIFully Automated Rail Guided Vehicle Robot for Transferring SMIF Pods in a Wafer Fab (Part of Study to Implement Full Automated Fab for SilTerra Malaysia)
312. TP015288 PRADYUMNA SHARMACommon Wealth Games and Their Impact in India
313. TP015294 GRACE PETER MBAWALAManaging Halal Authenticity Of Inputs In Halal Food Supply Chain
314. TP015295 LOO YIT MINFlash Drive Data Protector
315. TP015296 LISBERTH JOHNSON KIIZAA comparative study of online shopping and consumer behaviour in the fashion world among consumers in Malaysia and the United Kingdom
317. TP015299 SYED HASSAN ALINot fill yet
318. TP015300 SHAHRAM HAJ MOHAMMADIOnline Augmented Reality for Interior Design (OARID)
319. TP015310 PO STEFANIE ANDRIANTADestination - oriented information system for public transport
320. TP015314 SAMI PARVEZFramework of Digital Forensics for the Samsung Star Series
321. TP015316 LI CHANGANAn Analysis of Market Risk on Individual Investment
322. TP015331 ZEESHAN AHMEDCellular Controlling System Using GSM Technology
323. TP015336 ARVILLA DAMASYANI “Enhancement of SME Competitiveness in Global Market through Internet and E-Commerce : A Indonesian Case Study.”
325. TP015348 ENG SEOK CHENNot fill yet
326. TP015349 DENNIS ALBERT JIMWAGANot fill yet
327. TP015351 LI XIAOMINGGEAnimation Public Service Announcement about sedentary lifestyle in Malaysia
328. TP015352 ARJUN PRATAP SINGHPipeline Inspection, Defects Marking And Painting Robot
329. TP015360 ELIZABETH RABERA ANGWENYIBandwidth Monitoring and allocation system
330. TP015361 LEE SHIAU TENGThe effect of undergraduate auditing course in reducing AEG at UM
331. TP015364 TEE SIOK SANElectronic Banking : E- Banking System
332. TP015370 JESSE WILFRED URIOAsian success and the global economy
333. TP015374 HUSSEIN ALI HASSAN AL WARETHA-Project Title University Encrypted Management System
334. TP015386 AHMED AFSHAN HANEEFA Study on Television Audiences in the Cities of Maldives
335. TP015389 AISHATHA Perception On The Relationship Of Family Friendly Work Practices On Employee Performance In The Context Of Maldivian Organizations
336. TP015394 NOEL ROBERT BANZI Enhanced Rays Concentrator for Dynamic Photovoltaic Power Generation
337. TP015402 ALI MOHAMEDNot fill yet
338. TP015407 WAH WAI KIATFile Transferring Using VPN
339. TP015411 GUHAN RAJ A/L RAJOORFID based Attendance System using GSM network
340. TP015418 BAVANISREE A/P CHINAYAHA Malaysian perspective on women understanding sexual harassment and it
341. TP015421 VIKESH KHUSDWAJ TREEPOORAREE NANKOOBackdoor Detection / Analyzing Forensic Toolkit For Removable Medias
342. TP015425 RUBESH DHARMENDRA VISVANATHANEmpirical studies on the challenges faced by forensic accountants in detecting financial institution frauds.
343. TP015430 RAWAA ABDULGHANI SALMAN HUBAIL ALNAJJARComparing the advertising strategies that are used by telecommunication companies in Bahrain
344. TP015435 MEHRAN NAROUEIAutomated Pipe Cutter
345. TP015439 HOMASADAT FIROZEBARQADComparative Study on New Media against Traditional Media for Advertising Effectiveness
346. TP015446 MEHRTASH SAMAVATISmart Object Sorting System for Manufacturing Industries
347. tp015449 Mohammd Mahmoodi Reza Gholi ZadehTo Design and Build a Robotic Arm to Pick and Place Specific Loads Limited By Weight Sensor
348. TP015452 ALI REZA KADKHODAEINetwork Administration and Characteristic Identifier Tool
349. TP015460 ARASH GHOLAMPOURImpact of Job Design on Employee Motivation and Retention in Borna Battery Manufacturer Co of Iran
350. TP015482 MARY-NANCY KOKUBELWA KALWIHURAThe Role of microfinance on the perfomance of Micro enterprises in Tanzania
351. TP015486 Muhammad Mansoor Iqbal NagoriReal time support system for small scale online business
352. TP015496 Marjan AbshenasanMalacca as the Melting Pot of Malaysian Heritage Tourism: a Situational Analysis
353. TP015501 TONFO NGOUFACK CEDRICKTo Design An Build An Automated Loader System For Clinical Waste Treatment
354. TP015504 ROMUALD KOUEYAM NANACamera Based Navigation System For Automated Guided Vehicles
355. TP015505 OKODOMBE NGNAMA GWLADYSWhy Do People Hesitate In Buying Health Insurance In Cameroon
356. TP015548 LULU RASHIDI MSANGITransforming Proton from a National Car to Global Competitor
357. TP015556 CHEOK KEL VINPath following Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) with obstacles avoidance
358. TP015564 SORO NAMOGO SALIF COULIBALYMobile PhoneBook Data Transfer using Micro Electro Mechanical Sensor (MEMS)
359. TP015568 MEETHA MENON D/O NARENDRAN Shopping Mate
360. TP015581 SALIHU MUHAMMAD RAYYAN BELLOFDI in Emerging Markets for Nigerian Companies (with SAHCOL as the Reference Company and China as the Host Emerging Market)
361. TP015592 ADITHYA NUGRAPUTRATraffic Light Safety Systems Using RFID and Infrared
362. TP015611 MOHAMMAD REZA POURSAMANDINetwork Packet Analyzer
363. TP015618 SHAHUL HAMEEDHome Management & Security systems using sensing and control Application
364. TP015619 PARISA EHSAN KASHANIManaging customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention among Tesco stores in Malaysia
365. TP015628 SEFENTSE KEBONYEMME GABORONEIT newspaper platform
366. TP015649 Shonibare Michael KoladeMobile Digital Library Management System Integrated with Cloud Technology in Nigeria
367. TP015659 KENNETH GAN KAE LIHSimulation of Partial Discharge in High Voltage
368. TP015661 LIM YUAN ZHEPerform Pick & Place Operation Based On Shape-based Object Identification Using Robotic Arm.
369. TP015669 RASHEED THAALOOTHThe Efficiency Of Islamic Banking Industry Of Malaysia
370. TP015673 TAYYEB SHEIKIIntelligent watering and lighting system for villa garden
371. TP015684 BEH PEI YINGThe impact of national culture on effective cross cultural leadership in global success
372. TP015689 FOAD SHARIFIAutomatic Forklift Design
373. TP015693 SALIU AISHATOnline Social Media Marketing For APIIT
374. TP015697 MUNEER AHMED MOHAMMED AL-SAKKAFIntelligent Door Access Security System
375. TP015699 MOHAMMAD MOEIN ALMASIUtalization of Augmented Reality in Higher Education for Collaborative Learning
376. TP015705 KOH YEW WENGRemote Server Monitoring Application With Power Control Module
378. TP015709 ABDULLAH AIDAROS AHMED BIN SHEHABFingerprint Attendance System in Universities
379. TP015716 GHOLAM HOSSEIN MOLLAEI “Go Global, GO China”
380. TP015722 MOHAMMED ABDULAZIZ SHAIFBusted EmployeeTracking System ( BETS )
381. TP015723 ASIM QURESHINot fill yet
382. TP015736 HUSSEIN ABDULKADER KASSEM ALSHAMIKnowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)
383. TP015737 NASR ALI NAJI YAHYANetwork Monitoring System
384. TP015739 AHMED ABDUL JALIL QASEM AL-SHAMIThe Development of LAN Communicators System (LANCS)
385. TP015744 NELSON SAVAYI AWORIEffects of Media on Women's Body Image in Malaysia
386. TP015745 AHMED ALI AHMED AL-NAQEBDesign And Development Of Obstacle Avoidance Robot (OAR)
387. TP015748 IBRAHIM SHAKEELA Framework For Digital Law Enforcement In The Maldives
388. TP015749 MOHAMED YAMINUCTI Webspace Gadget
390. TP015764 IFEDIORA CHUKWUMAService Quality Perception Among Foreign Students in Malaysia Private Education Institutes
392. TP015782 MOHAMED OSMAN ELOBEIDDocket Machine (DOCMAC)
393. TP015793 EMMANUELLA NZAHABONIMANASuccess Factors And Barriers Encountered By Foreign And Local Women Enterpreneur In Tanzania
394. TP015799 SAEED CHEHRAZIHome and Small Business HTTP Filtering Application
395. TP015805 IMESHA MADHAVEE MALLAWA ARACHCHIGEFactors influencing for buying behaviour on cosmetic products among South Asian university students in Malaysia
396. TP015814 TARIG EISA DAW ELBEITQuad-Rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
397. TP015843 OMAR AHMED OMAR AL TAMIMI A GSM Based Remote Control System for Home Appliances
398. TP015850 FAISAL ALAWI HASAN AL-BAITIRGB Spectrum Analysis for Plantation Inspection and Monitoring
399. TP015852 FAITH JOHN NJAUSuccess Factors And Barriers Encountered By Foreign And Local Women Enterpreneur In Tanzania
400. TP015854 SUSANN WEGESA WANGWEFactors in key issue shapping the tourism industry in TZ
401. TP015857 KHALIL MAHMOOD ZAKARIAFK Laptop Tracking System
402. TP015860 MARIAM SHUKURU KAWAMBWA Misplaced Books RFID Locator
403. TP015861 NJAMA AYUB MATUMBOStrategies to Enhance the Growth of Tourism through Small and Medium Sized Tourism Enterprises in Tanzania
404. TP015864 JUDITH GODWIN MUSHINot fill yet
405. TP015869 SAGNO PATRICEStrategic Alliance in Malaysian Banking Industry
406. TP015871 MAISAM KHALIL DAWOODEnergy Harvesting From Heat Dissipated by Machine Using Thermoelectric Materials
407. TP015895 MOHAMMED IQBAL YUSUF ZAKARIA DADAIs Fair Value Accounting a Pragmatic Solution To the On going Financial Crisis.
408. TP015896 LEILA NALUWOOZA MUKASA A Wireless Visual Security System
409. TP015912 HUSAIN KANCHWALASpreading AIDS awareness through visual media in Malaysia
410. TP015915 AARON SIM SHUIAN JEEFile Sharing System Between Mobile Phone
411. TP015921 COVYN AW YONGAccelerometer Controlled Hand Mimic Robotic Arm with Pressure Sensor.
412. TP015927 Amos Wafula WanyonyiUntapped Potential Of Facebook By Banking Industry
413. TP015956 MOHAMMAD ALIPanoCam: Exploration of Camera Movement with the Game MousEscape
414. TP015972 SHERI NG LI PINPublic Perception On Organic Food In Malaysia and Singapore
415. TP015973 WONG CHUN FAI Honeypot Anti intrusion system
416. TP015992 AMANDA HAN SZE MANCommunication Barriers in the Airline Industry
417. TP015996 VICTOR WICHESLAUS MKULASA Case Study of Tropical Pesticides Research Institute Accounting System
418. TP016003 LEE YEE CHINComparative analysis of the business challenges and impacts of outsourcing in the Oil and Gas sector in Malaysia and United States
419. TP016004 NICHOLAS CHOY WAI HONGEducational Simulation Game: Workout Personal Trainer
420. TP016008 CHAN WAI LUNSmart Shopping Trolley with Radio Frequency Identification
421. TP016010 HOWARD LEOW WEN HAOThe Development Of A Tutor System To Solve A Problem
422. TP016012 QUEK CHEK SHEN Dinosaur Learning Web based system
423. TP016013 CHEW BOON HOBiometric Academic Staff Attendance System
424. TP016019 CHEY CHOON HAUMobile Payment using Bluetooth
425. TP016030 SREEMAN SHANKER AIYAR A/L S. KRISHNA AIYAR Enhanced Firewall with Port Knocking Access
427. TP016038 CHIA KIAN HONGJIT and TQM, How Does Toyota Achieved Number 1 Automaker In The World By These 2 Major Concepts
428. TP016040 OMER FAROOQBluetooth based Home Automation System
429. TP016041 ADNAN NEMAT ALIPower Generation from Road Traffic
430. TP016042 MIRAZIZ AMIROVFrom Communism to Capitalism Economic Development Model of Free Industrial Economic Zone Navoi
431. TP016046 FARM ZHENG LIN Colour Tracking Robot
432. TP016047 SEYED MOHAMMADHOSSEIN KHAZEILane following and obstacle avoidance automated vehicle
433. TP016051 NUR JASMEEN BT. MOHAMED SIDHIKInvestigating Smart Card Reader Devices in Malaysia
434. TP016052 TAN LEE TINThe Perception of Investors on Corporate Social Responsibility in Malaysia
436. TP016063 JOHN CHAN DE-XINGGripper Based Tray Robot For Hospital Use
437. TP016068 CHONG HOOI LINGThe Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) industry in Malaysia and forces that affecting its growth in the future.
438. TP016070 JOSHUA CHAN WEI HANFramework For Forensic Investigation In Bluetooth Attacks Within Mobile Devices And Confront Bluetooth Crimes
439. TP016075 WONG JE NIImportance of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Fast-Moving Online Accessories Shop
440. TP016077 LAU SOM JENG UCTI Paperless Assignment Submission System
441. TP016080 YANNICK PAUL DONGMO Electric Car Using Solar and Eolien (Winding) Energy
442. TP016085 REBECCA MUNASHE CHIMHENOFramework for Cybercrime Law Implementation in Zimbabwe
444. TP016102 THOYAZAN SALEH AHMEDSmart Trolley (S-Trolley)
445. TP016103 SALEM MGAMMAL AWADH Hand with Four Fingers Grippers
446. TP016110 REVA PASTIKO WIBOWOBenefits of Proposed Gambling Legalization on Tourist Arrivals in Indonesia
447. TP016114 TAN CHIN HONGWriting Robotic Arm by Speech Recognition
448. TP016116 MOHAND MOHAMED ABDELRAHIM GAH ELNABISmart Home with Finger Print Security
449. TP016119 RAGHAVENDHARAN A/L KRISHNAN Online Meeting Organizer System
450. TP016121 CHAN CHEE KEONGFactors affecting the loyalty level of young adults on local banks in Malaysia.
451. TP016130 ALI SHAMEEMChallenges in Implementing corporate tax system in Maldives
452. TP016131 AMINATH SHURUFATH ADAMEmployee Satisfaction Among Teachers in the Rural Island Schools of Maldives
454. TP016154 CHRISTOPHER GERALD SIM MING HUIForensic Investigation On Disgruntled Employees
455. TP016161 SATHEESH SAKTHIVELUThe Impact of employee development in Automobile industry, {study made based on Indian company}
456. TP016162 ER YEE CHING Flash Drive Information Tracker
457. TP016164 KOK HOE KEATWireless Power Transfer for Small Scale Applications
458. TP016166 SOH BOON HENGDevelopment of Service Robot to Deliver Meal in Restaurant
459. TP016169 NGAU ZHI JIANNetwork Traffic Monitor and Control Tool
460. TP016174 SOO JIAN JIEHow market orientation in IT industry affect customer satisfaction
461. TP016175 ARTHUR HO KIM THIAMNot fill yet
462. TP016180 TAN KAH YONGThe effect of behavioural factors in Investment decision making.
463. TP016183 MAGED MOHAMMED SAIF HAMID Automatic Robot following moving object
464. TP016185 FIRHAN FIKRIN BIN PUNGUTMobile Application for baggage tracking in Airport
465. TP016198 WONG WEN CHYUANLAN Based APIIT Online Trip Planner System
466. TP016205 CHIANG TEIK HONGIntelligent Storage and Retrieval Robot For Warehouse And Logistic
467. TP016218 Ali Abdullah Ali Ahmed Remote LAB Session Communicator (RLSC)
468. TP016219 MUNEF SALEH HAIDARAHClient Server Web Base Embassy Student Management System
469. TP016233 FAHD AHMED SALEH BA SAHELVehicle Security System via SMS
470. TP016236 MUHAMMAD BILAAL OODALLYThe Design And Development Of A Solar Powered System For Fishing Boat In Mauritius
471. TP016238 BRIAN NG KIN LOKNot fill yet
472. TP016251 ELVIN LEE SIEW TANGNetwork performance optimizer for home user in local area network.
473. TP016260 SAEED SALEM SAEED ALGHUREBTriple Feeding for Full Wave Dipole Antenna and Matching Technique.
474. TP016270 TAN LAY MINLan chat application
475. TP016274 FAHMI SALEH SALEM BADHAWI SMS Notification System for University Students
476. TP016277 AMIRALI REZAEIIntegrated Network Troubleshooting (INT)
477. TP016279 SALEH ARNOUSOnline Survey system
478. TP016304 GREGORY ANDERSON KIMARO Issues, opportunities and challenges encountered when implementing Electronic commerce in small and medium enterprises (SME’s) in Malaysia
479. TP016305 DINESHSWARAN A/L SUNTHEREffectiveness of human resource management in multinational logistic companies
480. TP016313 NARAYANI D/O RAJA SAKARANFactors affecting expatriate adjustment in Malaysian Multinationals and how these MNCs are aiding their expatriates in coping with these adjustments.
481. TP016314 TAN CHOU YONG DWAYNEShuttle Service Management and Monitoring System
482. TP016317 HO WAI YEEDeterminants of SMEs Internationalisation: Evidence from Retail Industry in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
483. TP016319 YEONG PIN YEN Online Train Position Tracking System
484. TP016324 THORIQ AHMEDDesign, analysis and simulation of an antenna for 60GHz ISM band WLAN applications
486. TP016330 NEZAR ABDULWAHAB AHMEDOrganization Chatting System
487. TP016344 AZAM MOHAMED KHAMIS Develop mobile robot for paintball application
488. TP016354 AMR ABDULQAWI AL-EZZI AL ANSIOnline Admission System
489. TP016355 KHALDON ABDULRAHMAN ABDORole of internal audit to monitor and improve performance in the privatesector.
490. TP016375 MOHAMED SIFAH Forensic Accounting: Obstacles, Challenges and Opportunities in Maldives
491. TP016381 DAVID WANYOIKE MBURU The Application of Customer Centricity in International Business
493. TP016420 FRANCISCA LEAH YONAAdoption of Mobile Phone Technology Among Mobile Phone Users in Tanzania
494. TP016425 RAHMAH HARANIPUTRISecure Image Transmission by Digital Signature Using Fingerprint
495. TP016427 EBIN A/L EDGAR JOSEPH Bandwidth Allocation System in a University
496. TP016428 WONG CHAN EAN Tower Defense Game: The Defense of Sol
497. TP016429 LAHIRU WIJERATHNEDoes Budgeting Kill The Creativity And Innovation In Organization? Evidence From Sri Lanka Telecom
498. TP016432 JOB OWOUR NYAGILOInvestigation Of Cyber Law In Tanzania
499. TP016439 CAROLINE TAMBUNANAnalysis Study of Indonesia-Malaysia Economic Relation
500. TP016450 IBRAHIM ASYADHDesign of a compact ultra-wideband antenna for microwave imaging system
501. TP016463 LIEW BING LINDo reward system influence employee’s retention rate? (A research based on Malaysian corporation)
502. TP016465 KHAWAJA SYED SALMAN MAHMOODMotivation of employees in a diverse and multinational workplace
503. TP016467 BOODOO MUHAMMAD AADILHome Appliance Control & Security System via GSM
504. TP016469 MUNEF GAAFAR HUSSEIN MOHAMMEDThe smart automatic car parking system
505. TP016475 FATHIMATH NASHWA BADEEUEffects of New Media Tools on the Social Interaction among Youth and their Peers and Family Members in Maldives
506. TP016481 MARWAN QASSIM ABDUL SADASearch Engine for Local Area Network
507. TP016482 HEW CHONG SENGInvesting in Gold : Perception of Malaysian Consumers
508. TP016495 TAN TENG FONGOnline Shopping Product Tracking System
509. TP016497 FATHIMATH HUSSAINExploring Blue Ocean Strategy in Improving the Business Performance of Tourist Resorts in Maldives
510. TP016500 DANIEL CHUA YEW HUISmart Home System
511. TP016504 Ahmed NashidChallenges faced by Maldivian Organizations in going Global.
512. TP016505 SHAREEFA MARIYAMAuditors’ Responsibility in Reducing Corporate Fraud
513. TP016511 SHIUYAN IBRAHIMNot fill yet
514. TP016515 TAN CHUAN WEIStarTrip Journey Planner
515. TP016519 YONG SOO TENGBusiness challenges faced in sustaining Malaysia-Japan bilateral relations in the tertiary education sector
516. TP016526 MINHAL MURTAZA GULAMMEHDI MOHAMMED ALI DATOOOnline Platform as a Paradigm Shift towards Customer Value Co - Creation
517. TP016527 Lulu Ezekiel Chanimbaga The issues of managing a diverse workforce and its impact on business performance
518. TP016529 PAUL AUGUSTINO LYIMOMANAGING THE EFFECTIVENESS OF ADVERTISING STRATEGY IN PUBLIC ORGANIZATION. case study: ministry of Industry, Trade and Marketing in dar es salaam at Tanzania.
519. TP016530 RAYMOND REVOCATUS MBUYANot fill yet
520. TP016531 MAHIR SALUM AWADHMinimization of 5.75GHz Chebyshev Band Pass Filter
521. TP016537 YAP CARMENMusic Action Rhythm Genre Integration System (MARGIS)
522. TP016540 SHAKER ALI MOHAMMEDRemote USB Exploit Module (Metasploit)
523. TP016552 SREEJAA A/P KESAVA DAS Computer Activity Monitoring Software for Forensic Investigation
524. TP016559 CHAN YAN YENGA Study on the Adoption of Social Media as a Marketing Tool among Business in Malaysia
525. TP016561 YAP WAI HOUA study on the security and privacy, perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use that influence consumer’s acceptance toward internet banking in Malaysia
526. TP016562 Nigel Tee Tjin HoeNot fill yet
527. TP016564 CHEW SIN YIN GRACEEmployees
528. TP016566 CHAN YAN YIThe Impact of the Interest Rate Hike to Consumer Spending Behavior on Property Investment in Malaysia.
529. TP016571 MOHAMMAD PASVARWheelchair navigation using isolated word recognition
530. TP016578 ABDULLA MUIZ FUADNot fill yet
531. TP016581 TAN BER LINE-Cinema System
532. TP016592 LOI TYNG YUEHCustomer value perceptions to improve product competitiveness: A study on an electrical appliances manufacturer in Malaysia.
533. TP016595 CHONG WAI LYNNWeb Vulnerabilities Scanner
534. TP016602 YUNITA SUPARMANMalaysian SMEs in Promoting and Penetrating Global Markets through Business Competitiveness Strategies
535. TP016608 LEE HO SIN Laptop Easy Hunt (Online laptop tracking system)
536. TP016621 TAN LAY YINGDistinctive demand and risk characteristics of residential housing loan market in Malaysia
537. TP016623 SOO LENG YZEMobile Tourism and Travel Information System (MTTI System)
538. TP016629 TSNG CHING LUNZH Defence
539. TP016632 LEONG KAR SENGApplication of Green Publicity approach for UCTI
540. TP016636 KENNETH GAN ENG KEONGAusterity versus Stimulus: A Comparative Study of the Effects of Macroeconomic Policy.
541. TP016637 CHANDRALEKA A/P GANESANThe Influence of Facebook Marketing on the Buying Decisions of UCTI/APIIT Students in Malaysia
542. TP016640 SAMUEL YEE YEW ERN Online Moving Management System
543. TP016644 NG ZHEE LENGHow ownership and firm size influence the performance: a study of consumer products industry in Malaysia public listed companies.
544. TP016646 KOH KIEN SENGText, Voice and Video Communication Software with Different Operating System Compatibility
545. TP016647 CHONG TOONG TZEEFloatDeck - Web-based Desktop Environment with Ruby on Rails
546. TP016648 FATIN NADIAH BINTI MOHAMAD YUSOFStudy on Impact of obtaining Halal Certification to Business Organisation.
547. TP016653 LIEW KAH YEESkype Ghost
548. TP016654 PRADHIP A/L JAYAKUMAROnline Aircraft Logbook System
549. TP016657 SIA KHANG HONGMobile Android Instant Point of Sale (MAIPOS) System
550. TP016658 ALVIN KOK EU LEONGInfluence and Impact of Facebook to Young Adults (aged 21-30) in Klang Valley
551. TP016661 IVAN SEE YUE JINMusic based game for Android platform focusing on the Multi-touch functionality. (FingerMania).
552. TP016672 NG KHAI LEARNPortable Packaging Machine
553. TP016682 LEE KET FAIT Sport Centre Management System
554. TP016686 KWAN LIK CHINStickMan Fighting
555. TP016691 CHOW HIN MUN Intelligent Door Lock Security System
556. TP016702 JUSTIN JERALD NGFood Mesh System
557. TP016704 TANG CHII MINA study on measuring the effectiveness of reward and benefit system towards employees in Nestle Malaysia Corporation.
558. TP016705 GEGE THARISTRIAWANPeer to Peer File Sharing System over the Internet Connection
559. TP016709 OMAR ELSHAMI ABDALLA OSMANDesign And Development Of Active Suspension System For A Quarter Car Model
560. TP016713 HUSSAIN ISHANLecture Attendance using Face Tracking and Recognition
561. TP016719 MARIANNE TAN CHOOI LENGCritical success factors affecting Malaysian Small Medium Enterprise (SMEs) through Foreign Direct Investment (FDI): A Case Study of the Service Sector
562. TP016726 Dervinder Singh A/l Kalwant Singh Lecturer’s Student Management System
563. TP016727 TEAN CHIEN SENGShining Tears
564. TP016729 Saktis Kannan A/l GurunathanNot fill yet
565. TP016733 YUGAN A/L VELUSAMYNot fill yet
566. TP016736 JUANI BINTI JAMALLUDINSocial Networking Sites - More Than Just Connecting People; A Survey towardsUCTI Students on the Factors That Contributed to the Inglorious Fall of MySpace
567. TP016738 LIM LIN WEI Personal Health Records (PHRs) in Mobile Devices
568. TP016742 VIMALAN NAIR A/L CHANDRASHAKARANEnhanced Approach to Human Face Recognition and Expressions Identification for various facial expressions, tilt angles, occlusions illuminations and caricature of images.
569. TP016752 Chin Kee LoongOne Stop Funeral Service
570. TP016753 NATHANIEL LEE WENG CHUANProperty Push System
571. TP016758 PUVENTERAN A/L KUPUSAMY“Smart Web” - Categorized Customer Feedbacks to Positive or Negative Feedbacks Automatically by Using Opinion Mining Application for Restaurants
572. TP016767 THANUSSHA A/P RAJANTRANMultifunctional Mobile Directory Application for Shopping Mall (Mobi.Mall)
573. TP016768 YAP CHEW YEE3D Rotator Cart System
574. TP016773 YIK HON JOON Network Monitoring Through Mobile Agent
575. TP016777 CHEW KEAN HOIntel-UCTI Collaboration Project – Integrated Embedded Input/Output Tester Design Sprint 1
576. TP016779 CHYE RUI SHENG E-commerce potted customization webpage
577. TP016780 MOHD FAWAZ BIN MHD SHARIBCPV technology with solar tracker
578. TP016786 LOH KHANG JIUNNDetection and Analysing of DDOS attack
579. TP016790 ANDY KOH CHIN HENGScoreboard System On Browser Based Games (ScoSys)
580. TP016792 SHASI RAO A/L G SANGAYA Automated Network Watcher and Analyser
581. TP016793 KWAN CHAN FAILocal hypermarket industry implement localization strategy to expand their business in oversea
582. TP016794 Cheam Heng SheanE-Quotation
583. TP016798 JESSICA LIM SZE YINGEasy Shopping Mobile Application
584. TP016800 Chan Chee LeongMimicking Human Finger Motion using Exoskeleton With Grip Force Feedback System
585. TP016802 SUM YUEN YANDigi or Maxis: A study about factor affecting consumer buying preferences
586. TP016804 CALVIN TANG PHET SIANGMotorbike Education and Simulation System Model
587. TP016805 LOH KAR HOEWeb-based Student Help Desk System
588. TP016808 CHAI KIM HOE Beyond Smart Home Controlling System
589. TP016811 CHONG MUN CHUN Factors that enhance the company brand image in sport industry.
590. TP016813 SHAABENA BINTI ABDUL GHANIA Bottle Defects Inspection Based On Machine Vision System
591. TP016815 CHIN SEONG JIUNNHow Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) leads to Organizational Success?
592. TP016816 LAI KOK LEONGChallenges and culture value in International Business
593. TP016817 CLEMENT PEHSMS encryption
594. TP016820 TAN KUOK MENGA study on effectiveness of conventional sales promotions and online sales promotions affect brand loyalty among Chinese youth shopper.
595. TP016821 FOO TUN CHINGRobot Arm Mimicking Human Arm
596. TP016828 TAI WENG SIMForensic Investigator Tool for Windows
597. TP016838 JEREMY KERK KAY YEWAnalysis and Design of a Waste Heat Energy Conversion System
598. TP016845 PANG QI TADevelop a better promotional and communication portal for Malaysia tourism Website in a media perspective.
599. TP016846 PRAVEENAIDU A/L SOMUNAIDOOnline Auto-Workshop Management System
600. TP016850 RONALD CHEOK KHENG SONGTransport Management & Routing System
601. TP016853 PAULINE VICTOIRE OLIVE GUEHOADAAdaptability of French Corporate Culture Amongst French Companies in Malaysia
602. TP016854 ADELINE ASEFACK DONGMONot fill yet
603. TP016856 FAISAL FAQIR MOHAMMADDesign and Development of a Wireless Real time Robotic Arm using hand gestures.
604. TP016858 IBRAHIM SHIFAAH ABDUL RAHMANPlay and Learn Game Book System for Kids
605. TP016859 MOHAMED ZIMYANEffectiveness of Competency-based Training towards exemplary Performance: with relative to the TVET Programme in Maldives
606. TP016860 ALI AZWADInteractive Data Visualization System to Analyze and Forecast Statistical Data
607. TP016861 ASIYATH NAJIYAIncreasing teacher turnover and attrition in Maldives – Factors contributing towards this rising trend
608. TP016862 FATHMATH RAZIEAn examination of HR Practices at Hilton Maldives Supporting Employer Brand
609. TP016864 FATHIMATH SHAFATraining as a strategy to address turnover and retention in the Maldivian resorts
610. TP016865 INAYATH SAEEDFramework for Forensic Investigation of Samsung Galaxy S Smart Phones
611. TP016866 ANISH SAUDA System to Assist (High School) Students to Learn Elementary Algebra
612. TP016887 HURRY YUGAL NEERAV Sleep prevention device for minimizing road accidents.
613. TP016888 TCHANY TCHOUAMENI SYLVAIN STEPHEN Develop and design a paper classifier
614. TP016903 TAN YONG FOO Interactive Battle Simulation Game: Elements’ Lord
615. TP016906 Ghopinathan A/l NarayananAn Investigation of Artificial Intelligence Based Techniques for Transmission Line Fault Detection
616. TP016910 VICKNESH A/L SANDRASAGARAMOnline Tuition Centre Scheduling System
617. TP016911 Azeema Mohamed"A Comparison Study of Gender Differences and Age group in Job Satisfaction at Private Sector in Maldives".
618. TP016928 AHMED AWADH ABDULLAH BA BAQIDesign, Simulate and Implement Printed Wide Slot Antenna for WLAN/WiMAX applications.
619. TP016930 MOHAMED ASIK ISMATH ENNONE Vehicle servicing booking system
620. TP016942 LIM PEAK YEEStudy on the factors influence Multi level marketing company participation and retention
621. TP016945 PUSPANATHAN A/L MOORTHYATM Transactions via Fingerprint Scan
622. TP016950 MUSONI BURABYO PENINAHHospital Operation Scheduling System
623. TP016952 TANABALAN A/L SUBRAMANIAMSpontaneous Malaysian Augmented Reality Tourist Guide (SMART- G)
624. TP016953 RAMADEVI D/O RAMIAHInteractive Approach In Teaching & Learning History
625. TP016956 MOH JUINN HENGSecuring Data with Encryption Technology
627. TP016964 Guntur Maulana ZamroniData Flooding Prevention System
628. TP016966 YAP YOONG YEEPerception and Expectation of public towards Customer Services in McDonald’s Malaysia
629. TP016975 Yap Wen BinDiskless Network Solution
630. TP016978 Chu Yee ChawHybrid Power Systems for Agriculture Irrigation
631. TP016981 LEE AIK HOW“Motivator factors for consumer purchase decision on skin care product" A case of Malaysian male students.
632. TP016982 CHONG KHAR LOKThe Impact of Social Networking on Consumer Purchase Intention: A Study of Fast-Food Variety in Malaysia
633. TP016983 SAADHA MOHAMEDLack of Female Employees in the Maldives Tourism Industry
634. TP016987 Syed Talal Umer RumiNot fill yet
635. TP016989 SALMAN SARFRAZ SAIFY Smart robot with dynamic object avoidance system
636. TP016992 TAN ZI-XIANGThe Impact of Green Marketing on Consumer Purchase Decision: A Study of Automotive Industry in Malaysia
637. TP016993 JUNG GUN LIMCustomer satisfaction and Service quality: A comparative Study of Local banks and foreign banks in Malaysia
638. TP017002 ERIKA KIANG MIN MAYNew Banking Mechanism
639. TP017005 ONG TZE SIENSocial status update synchronizing and words tracking application
640. TP017018 EVA ANASTAS MBAWALAThe Effectiveness of HR practices towards improving employee performance in Tanzania public organizations
641. TP017019 IAN GIBRON MAWALLATITEL- Is Customer Club a Useful Tool in Creating Customer Loyalty
642. TP017020 ERIC KHAOYA MAFUNGA Pharmaceutical Pill Inspection and Sorting Using Vision System
643. TP017021 HOOI GAA SENGMotion Tracking On Android Operating System
644. TP017022 LEE WEY LUUCTI Lecture Class Planner
645. TP017023 TSAI WAN YUNInteractive Website for Traditional Radio Live Webcasts
646. TP017024 MARIANNE LIM SIOK PINGE - Commerce Website for an Online Fashion Swap
647. TP017026 NICKY JOHAN The Egg Sorting Robotic Arm
648. TP017035 WONG GUAN SHENGAffinity Between Non-Playable Characters And Playable Character
649. TP017037 Husnunnisa AhmedAnalyzing the factors that will affect the work environment towards employee performance in Health Sector Maldives
650. TP017038 CHOO SHING CHUENMultimedia of Mobile Diary
651. TP017040 Zahra Ali Musabah Al KiyumiNot fill yet
652. TP017043 Mohammad Asrar Waseem Cassam JodhunThe internationalisation and transformation of the textile/clothing industry in Mauritius through e-commerce.
653. TP017047 BILGUUN BATDALAIAuditors' independence and their ability to resist management pressure in Mongolia
654. TP017051 ARVINDER SINGH A/L JARNAIL SINGHiGuardian – The Intelligent Internet Usage Control and Monitoring Wizard
655. TP017053 LEE MAY YIEBarriers of Franchising Business Towards Food and Beverage Industry In Malaysia
656. TP017058 JONATHAN NG TZE JIANThe Relationship between Employees Loyalty and Customer Brand Loyalty: A Case Study on F&B Industry
657. TP017059 Choong Wei KangCounter Snipper System
658. TP017064 Fong Kah YanRegenerative Battery For Human-Electric Hybrid Bicycle (Pedelecs) On Declining Terrains
659. TP017066 CHAN YII YINMobile Ordering and Payment Application via Near Field Communication (NFC): Tap the Phone App
660. TP017067 KONG YI WENVarious Potential Opportunity and Challenges of Palm Oil Industry in Malaysia: A study of Competitive Advantages
661. TP017069 CHARISTAN SOO BEE SOONPoint-and-click Parkour Game
663. TP017078 ILONA AVRIL FERNANDESThe Challenges of Globalization on Small Medium Enterprises in Tanzania
664. TP017083 PATRICK YAP KIM SANParental Website Filter and Monitoring for Windows 7.
665. TP017096 ALI RAZEENAn Interactive Approach to Teach Programming via Web
666. TP017105 NG KEAN YEONGRemote Desktop Chatting System
667. TP017115 Yerdaulet ZhulanovThe Establishment of Offshore Finance Center in the Republic of Kazakhstan
668. TP017116 Dias KazhakhmetovThe Islamic Banking In Kazakhstan: Challenges and Opportunities
669. TP017120 CHIN KAR MUNThe Perceptions of Users of Corporate Annual Reports in Malaysia.
670. TP017121 AlbertOnline File Sharing System
672. TP017129 VASHINI A/P SANMUGAMThe Role of Ergonomics in designing the workplace environment to increase employee productivity and safety in the manufacturing industry.
673. TP017136 Jaklin Seyduzova“Characteristics, current problems and differences in service management in Hilton Hotel chain in Russia and Germany”
674. TP017137 Moldir Kadyrbayeva The effect of merchandising planning on customers
675. TP017142 HAU JIA CHINNonlinear Story Progression in Role-Playing Games (RPG)
676. TP017145 Kenny Yong Chee YeenLine/Path Tracking Autonomous Guided Vehicle Through Fuzzy Logic
677. TP017146 ADVIN JOEL LOW I-VERNLearning Artificial Intelligence in Linear Motion Battle Systems (LAIRLMBS)
678. TP017149 DAFI RAMADHANI RAHIMA Study on Company Support towards Job Satisfaction among Private Sector Employee in Jakarta, Indonesia.
679. TP017155 HOE WAN YIENFactors that affect the successful of food and beverage franchising business
680. TP017156 TAN SUE SHINMultimedia system for Automotive Industry: Enhance the Mazda Malaysia Website
681. TP017164 SIA KOK HAOE-Business: A Platform to Implement Globalization Strategy for Apparel Business in Malaysia
682. TP017168 TAN CHUNG YEEThe Pokka Maze- An Audio Based Game
684. TP017182 RAHJISWARI A/P TIRUGHANA SAMBANDAN Malaysia e-guide for International Student
685. TP017203 JENNIFER HEW SHEAU THINOnline In-Game Advertising: Examining the Purchase Intentions on Malaysian Gamers
686. TP017206 Lee Hock PengMultipurpose Automatic Aquarium System
687. TP017218 FATHIMATH SAAHATH Organizational culture and job satisfaction, a case study on UCTI
688. TP017225 Kenneth Jebson ChongSmart Home Application Using Voice Control
689. TP017226 ANG TYAN MINProblem Based Learning System for Primary Student (PROPS)
690. TP017227 HO CHEE LAMAPU Moodle Android Application
691. TP017228 ARIF FAEETZ BIN RUSLEEGuitar Tablature Converter
692. TP017230 RAAJA DHEVANPersonal Security Mobile GPS System
693. TP017232 CASSENDRA NURFAZALINA BT ARBI D-School Management Program in Government School
694. TP017233 NOMIN TUVSANAASecure Website For Text Files Hosting
695. Tp017235 NGANASELVI A/P ARUMEINATHANStudent Recruitment System
696. TP017239 NG MIN RAYThe Perception of UCTI/APIIT students towards the brand preference of electronic devices
698. TP017255 SRI JAYAN A/L VETTRIVAL Car Lighting System Using Wind Energy
699. TP017267 R SHARAVANAN A/L RAMAN Portable Device IT Security Threat and Developing Secure Portable Logger.
700. TP017273 TAN ZHENG WEI Limitations of Exporting for Small Medium Enterprises in Malaysia
701. TP017291 VINOTHARAN A/L MANOHARANAn Improved Learning Management system (LMS) in Tertiary Institutions
702. TP017299 LOH YU JIACompulsive Buying Behaviour among the Blue Collar & White Collar Workers in Klang Valley, Malaysia
703. TP017303 WAN KAH CHUNAn empirical analysis of the determinants of white-collar crime in Malaysia
704. TP017323 Ester Danford NjauEffectiveness of Employee Performance Towards Organizational Success
705. TP017324 Theodora Adelhelm MeruCustomers’ perception towards e-commerce: A Case study of International students of Asia Pacific University College of Technology and Innovation (UCTI) on airline e-ticketing.
707. TP017334 Ritha Christopher Masasi The role of e-trust and its components towards enhancing Loyalty for online shopping based on clothing industry: Case study done in a resident area (condominium)
708. TP017338 Dismas Mathias Kisoka Supply chain management in Tanzania, distribution channels and innovation management of SME’s.
709. TP017341 David Falme ChonjoEffectiveness Of Customer Relationship Management IN THE ORGANIZATION PERFORMANCECASE STUDY HIGHER LEARNING INSITUTIONS
710. TP017342 RUKIYA MAKAME ALIConsumers’ Perception towards Islamic Bank Home Financing in Malaysia (Case study in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur).
711. TP017343 Amanda Nyambona MaugoImprove Domestic Tourism to Increase the Number of Visitor in National Parks and Game Reserve in Tanzania
712. TP017347 Foibe Jonas MchomeEffectiveness of Brand Equity on Customers Perception of Brand
713. TP017348 Sheila Christopher MtamakayaDeterminant Factors and Barriers of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the Tourism Sector in Tanzania
714. TP017349 Maryam Amani Chuma Secure Role Based Access Control Sharing of eHealth Record
716. TP017354 Joseph Mathias MassaeWhat are the impacts of privatisation policy in third world countries and how does it promote international business and raise economic conditions in telecommunication/Banking/Railways sector. Case study: Tanzania.
718. TP017356 BARAKA CHARLES RUPIAIntroduction of Social Media Networks in Tanzania Commercial Banks and Its Effective Utilization.
719. TP017383 Cut Soraya Nurlina Sari“The Customization of Indonesian Batik Apparel in Malaysia Market”
720. TP017385 Yoan GabrielaThe Push-Pull Factors and The Criteria on How International Students in Decide to Study on Higher Education Overseas
721. TP017393 Zein Arif KharismaEmail Attachment Protection with Steganography
722. TP017394 Ruparel Vivek SureshFactors influencing mindset of employees about their company thereby affecting employee turnover in call centers of India
723. TP017398 Anindya WiditaBusiness Strategy in Asian Music Industry and the Relationship with Youth Asian Consumer Behavior
724. TP017403 AHMAD DAHLAN MALIKThe implementation of Zero Based Budgeting in SME’s Indonesia
725. TP017404 CHRISTIAN REINALDO YOSHIA REMBETPoint to Point High Speed (100Mbps) Free Space Optical Network Communication Using Serializer | Deserializer Architecture.
726. TP017406 DAVID REFINALDO SIMANJUNTAK Design & Development Pipeline Inspection Robot to detect leakage.
727. TP017414 Galuh Anindita RahmandiniThe Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Emergence in Southeast Asia Business Environment: Indonesia and Malaysia Comparison
728. TP017417 Mitha IrsyawatiInternationalisation of Indonesian Family Businesses: Strategies, Processes and Challenges
729. TP017420 Gary Tan Jun AoHybrid Solar Wind Energy Tower
731. TP017424 Mahendra PrayudhaThe Effectiveness of Forensic Accounting on Detecting Financial Fraud in Indonesia
732. TP017427 Muhammad Riza Aulya Firdaus“Functional Prototype for Interactive Enhancement of Digital newspaper”
733. TP017428 Muhammad Yulian NoorAn Entrepreneur Portal For Youth (EPY)
734. TP017429 Pauline Samanta ­AsiaMedia-Narrowcasting Transit TV Network in Malaysia: Audience Consumption in T418 Route and the Content Analysis
735. TP017432 MUHAMMAD RIO SETIAWANSecure Online Airline Reservation System With Encryption
736. TP017433 Stepanus Traya Yogajati Network Monitoring System (NetCheck) for Small Medium Enterprises
737. TP017440 LEE CHEE KUANAn Exploratory Research on the effectiveness of Corporate Governance on Internal and External Control Mechanisms among Listed Companies in Malaysia
738. TP017446 MURUGESHWARAN A/L SIVAPERUMALE – Commerce Portal for APU students “E - Mart”
739. TP017453 ABDUL REHMAN NIAZISatellite Communication Simulator
740. TP017456 Salima YoosufChallenges In Implementing Goods And Service Tax (GST) On Tourism Sector In Maldives
741. TP017471 AMMAR MOHAMED ABDULLA ALI MAKI ALBAQALISecurity Access And Time Attendance Using RFID With Fingerprint Recognition (SATARFFR)
742. TP017475 Chia Sing TattNot fill yet
743. TP017476 KIMIA MASOUDIThe Perceived Impacts Of MBA Programs On Career Advancement
744. TP017505 AKRAM MOHAMMED ALI AL-AKWAAHome Energy Storage Management System
745. TP017514 Ng Chee MingEZ Laundry System
746. TP017523 Dana Madiyeva The Practice Analysis of Social Entrepreneurship Corporation `Ontustik`: problems, solutions and future perspectives.
747. TP017527 Igor KimInvestigation on Knowledge Management and Practical Use of it in Establishing International Business
748. TP017537 AIGERIM MUKANOVAThe impact, threats to external auditor independence and whether non-audit services (NAS), audit fees and audit tenure affect external auditor independence.
749. TP017565 CHAN MEI TENGThe effect of customer relationship management towards customer loyalty in the low cost carriers (LCCs) airline industry
750. TP017566 LIM SEY LEPaper Advertisement Integrate Augmented Reality With Android Smartphone (PAIARWAS)
751. TP017573 MUHAMMAD SHOZAB ABBASWinning Formula In Creating The Attractiveness Of Advertisement In Online Social Media: A Study Among Private Universities And University Colleges Within Klang Valley
752. TP017576 NIK HAZLAMI BIN NIK SUHAIMI Basic Data Recovery Tool
753. TP017577 ARVIND SUBRAMANIAM Fingerprint Implementation for Ration Cards
754. TP017587 SOO CHIN MENGNot fill yet
755. TP017590 JASKIRAT SINGH BANGA Implementation of Biometrics in Indian Driving License Registration System
756. TP017593 Goodluck Elirehema AyoThe consumer perceptions on lending conditions on access to loans from banks by SMEs in Tanzania, The case study of CRDB Bank PLC
757. TP017597 WONG GIOK AIKOnline Customer Loyalty Management System: TANGS Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
758. TP017611 JASMINE KAUR BUTTARSmart Green Bin
759. TP017616 SUBEETHRA A/P MARIAPPANEffectiveness Of Corporate Social Responsibility On Consumer Buying Behaviour In Malaysia
760. TP017626 Nadeem Ismael Moodin “Retaining employees in an Organization.”
761. TP017628 Gomathy A/p SivanathanExploring The Significances of Local Community Participation in Malaysian Eco-tourism towards Reducing the Impact of Global Warming
762. TP017629 RISKY INDAH SYAFIERAFactors Influencing Customer Satisfaction in Mobil Phone Industry of Malaysia
763. TP017632 SUSSANNA SHAGVALIYEVA The perception of consumers towards Shopper Marketing Trend at Sephora Store Malaysia, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur
764. TP017636 Usha Rani A/p LetchamananKids Online Learning Portal
765. TP017639 GURSHEN SINGH A/L GURUCHARAN SINGHElectricity Generation from Waste Water Using Microbial Fuel Cells for Various Electrical Applications.
766. TP017643 Farzana Hassan Kareem Sexual Harassment in the work place: A study on sexual harassment awareness level in the public sector of the Maldives and how it will affects the performance of the organisation.
767. TP017647 OMID SAEEDI KIANot fill yet
768. TP017654 RASHID KIPRUTO KAITTANYThe Construction of a Portable Solar Thermoelectric Refrigerator
769. TP017655 RIZWAN MOHAMED ELIAS Wireless Automatic Taekwondo Scoring System
771. TP017660 Wilson Lius Law Smart Home Wireless Monitoring System
772. TP017661 Winifrida Martin ChambaiNot fill yet
774. TP017664 ADAM ABDALLAH SHAMTE Importance of CRM practice in Commercial Banks (Is CRM practice really important for commercial banks?)
775. TP017665 DEOGRATIUS GERALD RIMOYThe Portrayal Of Real Life Violence In Subscribed Television News Channels In Malaysia
776. TP017666 CARLOS JOSEPHAT MAPELLASmart GSM antenna based with multi-frequencies functional capabilities
777. TP017668 DIAGI ATHUMANI JANGUO “An Analysis on the level of service quality of international franchise restaurants in Malaysia”.
778. TP017674 Vila HeffanyThe Business Challenges Faced in Globalizing Gramedia Bookstore and Sustain Its Competitive Advantage in Malaysia.
779. TP017688 MARK DARREN SAVURIAR UCTI Bus Tracking System
780. TP017692 NIDA NASIR ALI Analytical study in the context of international student’s motivation and academic service quality in higher education institute APIIT in achieving international student’s academic excellence in Malaysia
781. TP017693 GODFREY ALEXANDER KIMARIOHow corporate practices hinder auditors’ independence in Malaysia.
782. TP017696 Assem SakipkereyevaUnpaid tax and duties in the Republic of Kazakhstan: causes of its origin and mechanism of elimination
783. TP017697 VIGNESWARAN A/L VAITHISHPARANWorms & Trojans Attacks On Mobile Wireless Network
784. TP017703 Ankit KapoorGlobal Franchising Of Higher Education: Challenges and Criteria for Growth
785. TP017710 Sourena KhosraviNot fill yet
786. TP017712 Omar Nasser Abdel Mottaleb Hassan6-Legged Welding Robot for Construction Purposes
787. TP017714 TAN CHU JIUNBrand New E-Shopping Mall
788. TP017715 TAN TECK YEWDental Booking Management System (DBMS)
789. TP017717 Nail SaitovSimulation and performance analysis of MIMO-OFDM system using different modulation schemes
790. TP017720 ASKAR SANDYBAYEV Transportation and logistics issues in the Republic of Kazakhstan
791. TP017726 YEVGENIY SOLYANOVSpeech Signal Analyses and interpretation using Electromyography
792. TP017729 WONG KEE SWINGNotifications Alert System For Online Transaction
793. TP017736 AFNAN GHAZI ISA ALMARZOOQ The influence of social networking sites towards the changing patterns of news readership among the young adults.
794. TP017739 Ibrahim MufeedImplementing International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) In Maldives
795. TP017742 USAMA SALEEM“Network Device Fault Alert System (NDFAS).”
796. TP017754 EKA JUNITA SARIFile Guardian with Steganography
797. TP017762 ARUTYUN AIRAPETYANIntrusion Detection and Prevention System for Windows Mobile 7.5 Mango
798. TP017776 NAHYAN AZIZ MOHAMMED AL-KABILI Traffic Contraventions Inquiry System via SMS (TCIS)
799. TP017794 Fiona Charles Lugora A web-based student accommodation management system
800. TP017799 Bernhard Waynar Adoption of e-banking in Indonesia
801. TP017803 KONG BENG YUQuality Inspection Robotic System based on Color and Shape Image Processing Method by Using Matlab
802. TP017804 AARON CHANG JUN HOUSales and Marketing Information Chat Bot
803. TP017809 USAMA AHMED ADEMNot fill yet
804. TP017814 MPOTOKWANE BOIKAEGO PHODISOFreeing the skies: A study on the barriers to air transport deregulation within signatories of the World Trade Organization
805. TP017824 Caroline Charles SangaA perspective look on trade blocs; a study of regional integration in facilitating trade in East Africa
806. TP017825 Lilian Ambroce KundyImproving customer outcome through Implementation of CRM (customer relationship management) in higher education: A case study in Asia Pacific University College of Technology and Innovation (UCTI)
807. TP017826 SIJALI ALLY RAJABUInpatient medical System to alert paediatrics ward progress within municipal hospital local area network in Tanzania (IMAPLAN)
808. TP017828 Rashidah Rashid Msinde The necessity of External Auditing in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Tanzania. (Is External Auditing really necessary for non public SMEs?)
809. TP017829 MOBARK MOHAMMED NOMANImplementation of Computerized Accounting Systems and Success
810. TP017831 PETER TOM NJAUNot fill yet
811. TP017838 MARIA MAFOKOThe Role of Corporate Governance Control Mechanisms to eradicate Corporate Corruption in the working environment in Botswana
812. TP017845 CINDY BOIKOBO KWELAGOBE Recruitment and selection strategies of Petro Botswana
813. TP017847 IKANYENG SHADRACK The impacts of business ethics on SMEs success in Malaysia
814. TP017852 LESEGO BARONA OTLHABANYE LGBT community in South Africa, undersanding the challenges in staffing
815. TP017855 IPELENG PRECIOUS LESEGOIdentifying Challenges faced by graduates in becoming International entrepreneurs: A case study of UCTI graduates
816. TP017884 SENTIBILE MORWESI GOSENYANG Malaysian Education Virtual Fair for Private Universities
821. TP017890 ANNAH CHENAMA KESSELS The Impact of Service Quality in Private Universities in Malaysia Towards Student Perception and Retention: Specifically at UCTI
822. TP017891 ROBERT TSHEPISO LEFUTSWE Web-Based Network Management System
823. TP017893 ELTON GOMBALEVEL OF LIQUIDITY AND BANK PERFORMANCE; level of liquidity and how they affect bank’s performance
824. TP017905 YUAN BOThe relationship between organizational culture and core competencies that effecting customer satisfaction in APIIT University
825. TP017910 Yap Tze TzuenFramework of Forensic Investigation upon mobile phone replica of Vertu S Signature Design
826. TP017911 Tran Cam Van “The effect of reward systems and job satisfaction towards employee’s loyalty: A case study on rural Vietnamese organizations.”
827. TP017915 SANIYA ISSAKOVA Insider Attack Prevention System (IAPS)
828. TP017916 Sam Andrew NkyaThe role of internal audit in promoting corporate governance:
830. TP017922 Danial HamzahChallenges and Issues in Marketing Halal Consumer Products to the Global Market
831. TP017929 CHEONG SI YAOReport Based Monitoring On Network Performance Of Ordering System With PDA.
832. TP017935 SANIYA BEKTURGANOVADesign, analysis and realization of an UWB antenna for WLAN and RFID applications
833. TP017941 SULTANGAZY SAUKHANOVInstant Messaging System With Encryption Of Text Messages And Files
834. TP017942 KAMILYA AUKENOVANatural Disasters And Its Effect On Motor Vehicle Supply Chain In Malaysia: An Aftermath Of The Japanese Earthquake And Tsunami
835. TP017945 ZHANIBEK MUSSAKHMETOVForeign Direct Investment in Republic of Kazakhstan.
836. TP017950 KERBEZ KABYKEY Developing Directory Kiosk for Museum Negara/National Museum
837. TP017953 Elmira TleubayevaThe importance of Halal certification in Kazakhstan market
838. TP017957 GABIDOLLA KERIMBAIULYThe Impact Of International Franchising And Licensing In Malaysia
839. TP017961 Ali Rashid MbaroukNot fill yet
840. TP017964 Arian MazloomiTourist satisfaction towards sports tourism in Malaysia.
841. TP017968 Woon Kwok EuConsumer Awareness and the Emerging of Mainstream Markets in Green Global Computing Industry.
842. TP017969 KALPANA A/P ALAGASAN “The effect of sex appeal in advertising"
843. TP017970 Wong Ker SiungHow J-Pop affected Game Development
844. TP017974 KENNEDY MASILOAn Investigation of the role of Auditors in exercising professional Skepticism for fraud detection.
845. TP017977 CHOW CHING TENGNot fill yet
846. TP017978 JASVIN TAN WAI KENTEncryption drive for windows mobile (EDWM)
847. TP017979 LIM JIA RUIImagine Technology Attendance System (ITAS)
848. TP017985 Loh Jun KangHome Network Management System based on Real Time Protocol Detection
849. TP017990 YONG PUI SUNSuccess of female expatriate in Global Assignments: The factors of selection process and pre-departure training
850. TP017991 Ng Yee PengCareer barriers among Malaysian women in the executive and managerial level in advancing the corporate ladder
851. TP017993 LIM CHEE LOONGCar Rental Information System (CRIS)
852. TP017994 IDREES ABDELGADIR AHMED HIMMETChildren tracking system
853. TP017996 Irene George ShemndolwaOnline Event Coordinator
854. TP018002 AMETOJ SINGHOptimizing Market strategies to enhance the Malaysian Tourist traffic for Indian Tourism Industry
855. TP018008 MARIUM SALEEMPerception of Service Quality and Student Satisfaction in Higher Education to International Students in Malaysia: A Comparative Analysis
856. TP018014 Shum Yunn SzeCustomer Satisfaction Towards The Credit Card & Related Services Quality Of Banking Industry In Malaysia
857. TP018016 Low Mon PinInternational Student Preferences for Reducing and Coping Stress
858. TP018017 Tan Yit YeeSupply Chain strategies for the growth of Malaysia SMEs specializing in plastic(extrusion and injection) manufacturing industry in the emerging market.
859. TP018018 Tew Jiang WeiStrategic Green Management Operation in achieving competitive advantage and opportunity in International Business activities.
860. TP018021 Heri EliaAn investigation of the state of auditor’s independence in small audit firms in Malaysia
861. TP018023 ALBERT PETER NJAUNot fill yet
862. TP018026 ESTHER HENRY SHILLAThe Implementation of international financial reporting standards. A case of Intangible Assets and Impairment of assets in Tanzania.
863. TP018027 AZIZ HAMZAEVThe perception of Dividend policy by management of Commercial Banks: The Malaysia Experience
864. TP018028 KALEGE JUDAS ENOCKSecure Web File Application for the Legal Industry
865. TP018031 Maria Fransiska Putri Sunarjo Just In Time Production (JITP) Implementation Towards Financial performance of Textile and Garment Manufacturing Companies in Bandung, Indonesia
866. TP018037 CHRISSY SATYANANDADevelopment of autonomous mobile robot for the agricultural application of soil plotting, seeding and plant watering.
867. TP018054 GAUKHAR ZHUMAGULOVAHard disk encryption system
868. TP018058 Ishaan Bin Zilur Rahman Zillur Rahman Adequacy of Safety and Security at Workplace against Sexual Harassment in Malaysia.
869. TP018060 AHMED ZAIN NAZIMIntroduction of Income Tax in Maldives
870. TP018072 WANG YINGYINGIdentify the impacts of Accounting Information System on the commercial bank of China
871. TP018073 MOHAMAD MUDDASSIR GHOORUNMobile storage system for avionics equipment
872. TP018087 ALI SIAMAKIIntroduction of tax deduction or personal relief schemes in Iran.
873. TP018095 BAKHTIYAR TOLEUOil companies in Kazakhstan and factors affecting them to become globally competitive
874. TP018096 Cheong Kah MunThe Impacts of Goods and Service Tax on Manufacturing Industry in Malaysia
875. TP018099 NG CHOON HOOIHex Tile Terrain Engine
876. TP018103 SARA RASHTAKThe Importance of CRM in today marketing: A study on Hypermarket in Malaysia
877. TP018106 PEYMAN SHAHINStrategic Planning In Airborne Search and Rescue
878. TP018112 Sameeha Mohamed Job satisfaction of health care staffs employed in hospitals in the Maldives
879. TP018116 MISHEEL TSERENSAMBUUFinancial Literacy and Retirement Preparedness in Malaysia: Financial Education Programs
880. TP018117 MOSTAFA SHIRAZIManagement Tools
881. TP018121 AHMED SALEEM RAZA FPGA based control and monitoring temperature heater
882. TP018124 NAJIB ABDO MOHAMMED ADDERUME Student Relationship Management System (SRMS)
883. TP018125 DHAIF ALLAH MUSAEED DHAIF ALLAH SMS based car finder and security system
884. TP018127 ABDULLAH ABDULRAHEEM MOHAMMED MOHAMMED The impact of monetary rewards on the younger workforce motivation in the modern organizations
885. TP018128 MOHAMMED SHABBIR ABDULLAH AL-HARAZI Network Monitoring System for LAN (N.M.S LAN)
889. TP018146 SALEM AHMED OMAR BAWAZIRRobotic Shopping Trolley
890. TP018150 Jasdip Kaur A/p Jasbir SinghA study on the Applications and Effectiveness of Reverse Brain Drain in Malaysia
891. TP018151 RAJDEEP SINGH A/L JASBIR SINGHNot fill yet
892. TP018157 Yap Shue YeeThe Impact of Reinstating Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT) in Malaysia
893. TP018160 MOHAMED HASHIM MOHAMEDChallenges facing adoption IFRS in Saudi Arabia.
894. TP018164 DIANA USSENOVA Entrepreneurship Development in Kazakhstan
895. TP018171 HAMID MOHAMMADIInvestigate the impact of FDI in telecommunication sector in Malaysia
896. TP018175 ANBALAGI D/O KRISHNANInvestigating the Cultural and Legal Aspects Of United States and European Union
897. TP018178 EZEKIEL MESHACKNot fill yet
899. TP018184 AMR ALI QAID ANAAMIncreasing high performance standards through effective workplace culture in multinational organizations in Yemen
900. TP018185 Foo Su FenAdoption Rate of IPTV among tertiary students around Klang Valley
901. TP018193 LIEW YEW KITEmail System With IP Location Tracer & SMS Notification
902. TP018194 GAMAL MOHAMMED SHEIKH THABIT Smart indoor RF propagation system
903. TP018198 Nishalini a/p BalasubramonieThe Ways Of Reducing Audit Expectation Gap
904. TP018202 ADRIAN WONG YOONG WAIAutonomous Dual Axis Solar Tracking System using Optical Sensor and Sun Trajectory.
905. TP018215 Woo Eun YoungEffectiveness Of Starbucks Joint Venture And Licensing Strategy Will Lead A Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) To Succeed In Different Countries
906. TP018224 YANG LINGAccounting Information And Corporate Governance
907. TP018232 Martin BotlhaleNot fill yet
908. TP018235 ONALENNA ABIGAIL MFOLWENot fill yet
909. TP018268 ALI HASSAN ALI NASRNetwork Advertising System
910. TP018269 OMAR MOHSEN HASAN AHMEDIntelligent Mailbox
911. TP018272 SIN LEE CHEAMalaysia excotic fish: Market strategies and demand
912. TP018279 LIU TIANJIAOZI The effect of factors influence female consumer brand loyalty on cosmetics in UCTI College
913. TP018288 RAVSHAN TAKUTDINOVA comparative Study of International Business Strategies for Malaysian and Foreign MNCs in Malaysia
914. TP018312 ABDULLAH MOHAMMED ABDULLAH AL-ABBASIThe Impact of Islamic during The Financial Crisis
915. TP018317 DHEYA AHMED ABDURABU AL ARAMIThe impact of the Fluctuation in Mortage Loan Interest Rate and the Perception of consumers
916. TP018321 SYED MUHAMMAD ASIM"The global issue: Working environment impact on Organizational success of Service industry in Pakistan"
917. TP018328 MUHAMMAD BIN JAWWADNot fill yet
919. TP018337 ESAM ABDULLAH MOHAMED AL-MOHAMADI Design and development of a smart broadband antenna.
920. TP018339 Bilal AhmedA Study On Customer Satisfaction Towards The Islamic Banking Sector In Malaysia
922. TP018344 Fil Ardhi“Logistics Scheduling and Management System for Trucks”
923. TP018346 SHAFEEQ HASSAN BASILConfidential Information Management Gadget
924. TP018356 ZAID HUSSAINAutomated Storage and Retrieval system using Quick Response codes for Small Medium Enterprise.
925. TP018357 KHALID ABDELWAHAB KHOGLI ABDELGADIR Auto braking system.
926. TP018358 SULAFA AHMED MOHAMED Remote Network Monitoring System Using SMS Alerting
927. TP018361 HUSAM FUAD IBRAHIM GABIR In-Pipeline inspection robot
928. TP018371 MUHAMMAD UMAIR SHAHID Intelligent Wheelchair Control System.
929. TP018375 HELENA AHMADISmart Black Board System (SBBS)
930. TP018377 CHOONG KAI XIANTower Defense Random Monster Waves
931. TP018382 BILAL AHMED KHANDesign of an Intelligent Vision based Traffic Controller using Fuzzy Logic
932. TP018387 MAYASA SAID HARUNAThe comparative analysis of News Strait Times: political international news coverage vs. political local news coverage.
935. TP018406 Ravi a/l KarunakaranDesign and development of Robotic Control System using Kinect (Natural User Inteerface)
936. TP018407 CLAUDE CHARLES WERONGOEffectiveness of internal control in small and medium enterprises (SMES) in Tanzania
937. TP018410 RAO HABIB BASHIRNot fill yet
938. TP018411 YEOH KUAN TIONGPublic Service Announcement: The effectiveness of graphical cigarette warnings labels on tobacco packaging in the reduction of smoking in Malaysia
939. TP018416 SHABBEER AHMAD KHODABUX SBCC (Secure Backup for Cloud Computing)
940. TP018418 ENKHJIN TSOGTCHULUUNNot fill yet
941. TP018429 FATHIMATH RAYA AHMEDThe economic impact of Island Tourism on the local community: The case of Maldives.
942. TP018431 AMINATH RUSHMAEffective training in the civil service of the maldives
943. TP018433 MARIYAM ANOOSHAAnalyzing the main factors contributing to financial statement fraud in large organizations
944. TP018435 ANEES MOHAMEDAn Empirical Study On Implementation Of The Goods And Services Tax (GST) In The Maldives Tourism Industry
945. TP018438 ADILET ILYASSOVMisused Detection IDS (Intrusion Detection System) For Citizen Service Center In Kazakhstan
946. TP018439 MEDET MUKUSHEVIntrusion Detection System “Dana” For Monitoring And Analyzing Network Traffic Of e-Government Websites In The Kazakhstan
947. TP018441 ASKAR ABSEMETOVSocial Engineering Attack Detection System (SENSE)
948. TP018442 ARDAK SHAIMERDENOVNot fill yet
949. TP018445 Abu Bakar NasimDesign of Micro-strip On-body Antenna for WiMAX and Long Term Evolution (LTE)
950. TP018455 AMIR TAKNASAB Impact of management accounting information on small and medium enterprises performance (SME`s)
951. TP018458 NADEEM LAYAQUAT DHENKARDesign & Development of CMOS Trans-impedance Amplifier (TIA)
952. TP018466 AHMED MOHAMED FARAJ GHULOOM JAWAD The provision of non-audit services by small and medium size audit firm in Malaysia are influenced the auditor independence.
954. TP018473 MENA MOATASEM FAISAL AL-ATTRAQCHIDesigning a prosthetic leg using 3D rapid system
955. TP018481 ABDUL RAFAY IRFANNot fill yet
956. TP018484 SOO YOKE PUIAn empirical study of measuring employee’s satisfaction through job performances, rewards management and organization labour relations in Japan and Korea Multinational Company
957. TP018487 HELAL UDDINA vending machine system for inspection, rinsing & re-filling of beverage bottles using robotic manipulator
958. TP018489 SYED IMRAN BOKHARIthe inlfuence of wearing branded clothes on the personality of individual and its affect on the Sales and Marketing of a clothing business.
959. TP018492 AMAL SALIM SAID BAZIADA review in compliance of corporate governance in tanzania. Literature, issues and challenges in state owned companies.
960. TP018494 BEHNAM FARJADIAN Survey on Factors Influencing E-commerce Adoption & Buying Behavior among Malaysian Students
961. TP018501 HUSSEIN ABDULLAH HASHEMNot fill yet
962. TP018508 TEO XIO CONGDynamic Gameplay Mechanic
963. TP018509 MARYQUEEN ABBA MWAKITWANGEApplication Of Value Discipline Model
964. TP018513 OW MUN HOEAn Evaluation of Perceived Service Quality of International Franchise Business
965. TP018526 EMMANUEL JOHNSON KIIZANot fill yet
966. TP018531 LEE MING YAWDynamic Game AI
967. TP018533 LEE LONG JIEService quality measurement that leads to customer satisfactions in 5 stars hotels within klang valley
968. TP018538 OLATUNBOSUN ADEBAJO OLISAA Forensic Watermarking System for Security of Multimedia Company
969. TP018542 MUHAMMAD NAVEED ZAFARNot fill yet
970. TP018546 Mohammad HeidariNetwork based SCADA System for Water Treatment Plant
971. TP018550 Pauline Adeline Goonting Factors affecting blogging adoption in Malaysia
972. TP018552 KHARTIK A/L GANASANAn Online Server Based Backup And Sync Medium For Android Phones Via Wireless (Wi-Fi) Or Bluetooth Technology
973. TP018559 LEE TECK SENGHome Automation Controller [HAC] Network Solution
974. tp018560 Muoawia Salah EleharmirNot fill yet
975. TP018561 YEOH CHUAN YONGA Smarter And Safer Smart House System: Smart Controller (S-Board (Pod))
976. TP018562 ANEL DONENBAYWomen Representation: A Content Analysis Of Magazine Advertisements in Kazakhstan
977. TP018570 WONG CHIEW KENFactors that influence foreign employee satisfaction in organization
978. TP018573 Chong Moon YeeGreen Supply Chain: Awareness and Implementation of Carbon Management as supply Chain strategies towards Companies in Malaysia.
979. TP018574 MOHAMED BRAHIM MISSAOUI Consumer Purchasing Behaviour Online: a Student’s perspective study.
980. TP018575 STEFAN CHUA WEN HOWMalaysia Film Industries: Audience consumption in the content of local movie.
981. TP018581 MAGGIE CHUAH BEE KEE Forensic Accounting: Corporate Fraud Investigation
982. TP018582 YASIR YAQOOBNot fill yet
983. TP018587 AYAGUL TURANOVACustomer service and satisfaction can provide excellent company benefit in telecommunication industry.
984. TP018591 ABDULRAQEB AHMED YAHYA AL-ABARAH Fingerprint voting system for Yemen (FinVO for Yemen)
985. TP018592 SHERAGIN TAVASSOLIDiameter and Surface Quality Measurement System Using Laser Technology for Lathe Machines
986. TP018604 NEGIN NIKPOUR BADRTourism Service Quality In Egypt
987. TP018611 LEONG MEI YANFacebook Addiction among students: How it affects students results in examinations: A case of University College of Technology and Innovation, Malaysia
988. TP018614 FATHIMATH SHAMSIYYAEffectiveness of outsourcing internal audit service for SMEs in Malaysia
990. TP018646 CHARLES MELCHIOR MGINAA case study in Brand Nokia and Impacts to consumer
991. TP018650 SIKANDAR MEHAR ALISolar Panel Feasibility in APU
992. TP018651 ASSEL TOLEULIYEVADetermining the barriers that hinders Kazakhstan from gaining global recognition at the destination of choice for tourists: A stakeholders’ perspective
993. TP018660 PHOON CHOY YUKSymbiosis of perception of young adult in women images or content in television commercial advertisement.
995. TP018664 WISAM ISAM ELDIN EL FADNI SULIMAN Development of a Self-Balancing Two Wheeled Robot & Its Controller
996. TP018667 Ali ZarkeshDevelopment & Modification Battery Charging System in Electric Cars
997. TP018679 MOHAMMED ABDULAZIZ SALEH AL-HAGRIFruit Grading Based on Vision System and Image Processing.
998. TP018681 Maiys A. Ali Fahmi Turbulence occurs in an economy: A marketing strategy choice
999. TP018684 WU SHANThe factors affect consumers behavior towards fast- food industry
1000. TP018685 BAGRAT UTEGENOVSmall-scale wind turbines with computerized monitoring system
1001. TP018688 Nargiz KurmangozhayevaNot fill yet
1002. TP018689 Dinara TlektessovaNot fill yet
1003. TP018690 ABDULRAHMAN MOHAMMED MOHAMMED AL-GHOULI WCDMA uplink radio link Budget Simulator.
1004. TP018692 Koorosh Bohlool KheibariNot fill yet
1005. TP018698 BAHMAN ALI POOR“Consumer behavior towards E-commerce and its impact on Sports firm in Dubai”
1006. TP018700 NADHA ZAHIRAutonomous Vessel Berthing System using OCR for the North port of Male’.
1007. TP018703 MOHAMED SALEEMLAN monitoring System for Computer Hardware
1008. TP018704 SIM PIIN HORCross Platform Remote Network Monitoring System Specialized on Handheld devices
1009. TP018710 IBRAHIM GHAZI IBRAHIM SALEH Intelligent System for a Mobile Surveying and Metal Detection Robot
1010. TP018711 MOHAMMED AHMED MOHAMMED AHMEDDesign of solar based steam electric power regenrator
1011. TP018713 FAN LINGXIANGWhat Are The Major Causes of SMEs Failure in Malaysia
1012. TP018714 ALI SALEH ALI AL WAINANIVoice Call Management Over Internet Protocol Education Institutions
1013. TP018715 SHEHAB RAWHAN ABDULSAMEEA ABDULRAQEBPharmaceutical pills inspection system number
1014. TP018716 ALI SALEM SAEED BA RAGASH Wiping and sweeping glasses robot
1015. TP018723 CHAUDRY ARSLAN AHMEDAnalysis of ISO 9001:2008 in relevance to Organization Cost Effectiveness, Productivuty and Business Performance
1016. TP018729 QAID MOHAMMED AHMED AL-QABELDesign of Piezoelectric Energy Generating Pathway
1017. TP018735 AHLAM ABDUL SATTARIslamic Insurance
1018. TP018737 Ng Chen VoonEnhancing the Competitiveness of the Malaysia Automotive Industry
1019. TP018740 KHURRUM AMJAD MUMTAZA study on the popularity of online shopping in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & the factors that affect its rate of popularity.
1020. TP018742 AMBIGEI A/P ARJUNAFactors Influencing Malaysian Consumers to use Islamic Bank for Housing Financing
1021. TP018747 MOHAMED ZAHYProducts and Country of Origin Effects: The Maldivian Consumers’ Perception
1022. TP018754 AIMAN AHMED MOHAMMED SHUGAA ADDINRole of Human Resource Department on Motivating Tele Communication industry Employees (in Yemen).
1023. TP018760 DINARA ZHUNISSOVA “Weight management system”
1024. TP018764 LEENA ABDUL JALEELEnhancing the competitiveness of Low Cost Carriers in Asia
1025. TP018783 KIM ANDREYSignificance of Business Processes towards Achieving Competitive Advantage in Service Industry in Chaotic Business Environment
1026. TP018784 NORELDIN MOHAMED TAHA MANSOR Music Emotions Expression Application for youth in Kuala Lumpur
1027. TP018790 VOURIA YOUNESI Small Scale Application of Active Noise Control
1028. TP018798 Ashraf Mansoor Hussein Al FayadhiAutomated Water-less Solar Panel Cleaning System Using a Microcontroller
1030. TP018816 AISHA ESMAIL AHMED AL BADWISatisfaction level of UCTI international students towards the Malaysian online banking
1031. TP018829 VEEMALAN A/L BALAKERISNANWireless Animal Monitoring System
1032. TP018830 THAMOTHARAN A/L KOLANDAIVELUconsumers perception on ISO 9000 Standard Related on quality products and services
1033. TP018842 MOHAMMED AHMED ALI ABDALLAH3 IN 1 SECURITY SYSTEM (Encryption data -hidden data -password analyzer )
1034. TP018843 Abdul Rehman Ibrahim Essa Khan Factors Affecting Organizational Performance
1035. TP018845 Mohamad Ahmad Mahmoud HarirAutomatic Multi-Sensor Detector Fire Fighting Robot (AMDFFR)
1036. TP018847 MARIYAM ZOONAInternational Business Ethics Practiced In Maldivivian Cross - Cultural Tourism Industry
1037. TP018857 AHMED MIRSHANFramework for Job Grading and Compensations Structure for high performance in Maldivian Civil Service
1038. TP018866 ZULEKHA KASSIM OMARY EFFECTIVENESS OF AUDIT COMMITTEES IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR- TANZANIA (The case of Ministries, Independent Departments and Regional Administrative Secretariats)
1039. TP018876 HARVINDER KAUR A/P JASBIR SINGHA study on assessing the factors that couses stress in a telecommunication company in Malaysia
1040. TP018884 SIOW WEI MINSecure Data Storage in USB Drive with Encryption
1041. TP018890 ANEES ALMASStudy on pharmaceutical industry of Pakistan – concerns scrutinized
1042. TP018891 WU XIONGThe shareholder confidence level in earnings management and corporate governance
1044. TP018895 Elnaz Mohabbattalab Analysis and improvement of service quality in Dey Clinic in Tehran, Iran
1045. TP018920 GOH YOEK PEICreating Brand awareness for SME
1046. TP018921 HARUN GUNBEYILatin America: Facing Infrastructural And Political Challenges On Logistics Sector
1047. TP018929 POUYA SHARIFITAJ Singaporean tourist’s perspective of tourism quality in Malaysia
1048. TP018940 AYMAN ABDULJALIL AHMED AL MARWANIMismanagement in the Yemeni Oil industry
1049. TP018944 MOTASSEM MISSAOUINot fill yet
1050. TP018946 LI YUTING Approach a subject from different angles of the customer service center in Maybank of Malaysia.
1051. TP018956 ABDULHABEEB MOHAMED RAWEH AL SHAIBANIConsumer’s preference and consumption towards fast food by undergraduates in Malaysia
1052. TP018965 CHEN YONG KITE-Commerce System Enhancement for Keith EyeLab
1053. TP018972 NIYAMATHULLA JAWAHAR SULAIMAN Robot fish oil rig pipe line inspection system
1054. TP018981 Hassn A.salehVehicle's Auto Report System to JPJ usingZigbee Mesh Network
1055. TP018982 EDDYNUR HILAL SUDISmart Cards as The Means of Access to Daily Activities of Students in APIIT College
1056. TP018983 ILUMBO GIDEON MALAKI The Impact of Younger Workforce Turnover in Tanzania Government Institutions
1057. TP018988 ALWY MOHAMMED HIMID MBAYEPriliminaries of commencing islamic banking and its principals in tanzania with reference to the malaysian experiance.
1058. TP018990 CHIA JIE YIOnline Boutique. A Virtual fitting room for online shopping using 2-dimension perspective and 360 degree view.
1060. TP019008 LIEW CHOON KITInteractive and Virtual Reality Architectural Visualization
1061. TP019010 DJURAEV OTABEKThe Development Of Country Brand Index Of The Republic Of Uzbekistan And The Image Of The Country In The Global Market
1062. TP019014 Alvin Lim Jun HaoCentralize customer medical management system for insurance company
1063. TP019018 LEE HAN-RICKFile Integrity Scanner
1064. TP019019 AHMED ABDELHAFIZ KHAWAGALI ABDELMAGEEDFactors influencing management recruitment policies of private schools that adopt the British curriculum – Khartoum, Sudan
1065. TP019021 KOK WEI JIANOnline Musical Instrument Store
1066. TP019025 LEE JOON YUNGSystem Events Analysis for Forensic Identification (SEAFI)
1067. TP019037 LIW SUN HUNGDual-stage Biometric-based Attendance Logging System using Neural-Network Technology
1068. TP019046 EHSAN ABBASIEnhanced Web Application Security against SQL Injection Attacks
1069. TP019048 Nasr Abdulqader Abdullah Al MatariBalance Robot
1070. TP019050 ALI AHMED ALI MUAAMARNot fill yet
1071. TP019060 HUSSEIN MUHAMMAD BAJAMAL(ICWMS) Inventory Control and Warehouse Management System for Food & Beverage Business
1072. TP019067 Beh Jun HaoNot fill yet
1073. TP019070 Heng Khai GuanIntrusion detection system in mobile ad hoc network
1074. TP019071 WOO GUAN JIETitle: Classroom Availability System by LED Lighting and Reservation System through IEEE Standard 802.15.4
1075. TP019072 KIRUBANANTHAN A/L SUPPIAH“ORG” - Online Report Generator for E-Commerce
1076. TP019074 PURUVINDRAN A/L THANASAGERMeasuring service quality and customer satisfaction of hotels in Malaysia (Legend Hotel)
1077. TP019076 CHIN KAI WENFactors which can assists small and medium size entities (SMEs) to expand their business by having accurate information in their financial statement
1078. TP019077 Chan Wai HongGarena Quick Response code login system prevents software-based keylogger attack
1079. TP019079 Hoh Wei QuanMobile Centralized Fast Food Ordering System
1080. TP019080 BENJAMIN ANG KAH WAHOn-line walk through using interactive multimedia with user feedback and rating system for hotel website.
1081. TP019081 OOI CHUN LENGThe factors influence college student's Internet usage in Malaysia at Tar College
1082. TP019082 LEE CHI HAOLab Computing Remote Access System (Lab-RA)
1083. TP019086 AHMED MOHAMED AHMED BURESHAIDCondition Monitoring For Centrifugal Pump
1084. TP019089 MARK MEEI YOKEMy Encryption System for USB Flash Drive (MESU)
1085. TP019094 WONG YOKE LUNInternet Network Monitoring and Management For Home
1086. TP019096 LEE KOK MENGThe effect of product placement in video games on brand attitude and recall
1087. TP019101 Humoud Sameer Mohamed “Factors influencing Tanzanians students to study in Malaysia”
1088. TP019108 MUHAMMAD AWAIS FAROOQIAutomatic Pick & Place and Packaging System with Vacuum Lifter
1090. TP019114 LEE YI JIANIDS (Intrusion Detection System) for SOHO (Small Office and Home Office)
1091. TP019119 KAMIL ISSAM KAMIL ALKHIDERDC motor speed and direction control over GSM mobile modem
1092. TP019121 LISAM MOHAMED ALINot fill yet
1093. TP019122 PRIYADARSHINI A/P NADARAJAN The Influence of Video Game on Malaysian Teenagers
1094. TP019123 LIEW POOI WANOnline Dating: Builds The Characteristics of Individuals which Reflects the Behaviour of Individual in Working Environment as An Employee
1095. TP019125 KAVIYARASU A/L LOGANATHANE-Shopping Website For Textile Outlet
1096. TP019127 Phun Chai Wai(SeQRereD) - Secured Mobile Quick Response (QR) Purchasing System
1097. TP019128 TATYANA KIM The impact of IFRS adoption on financial institutions in Malaysia
1098. TP019132 HANA AHMEDPrisoners Fingerprint Detecting System for Forensic Investigation
1099. TP019138 KHOO KAH WENGRyllis, a vertical shoot 'em up game.
1101. TP019146 NG KOK CHEWNetwork Performance Analysis System
1102. TP019149 Muhammad Zubair HanifMicro-Controller Based Small Scaled Overload Protection Circuit For Transformer
1103. TP019153 HAMDHULLA ABDUL LATHEEF The relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction: example of UCTI library
1104. TP019169 MARYAM MUSSA MANDIAThe evolution of managerial roles and its challenges that will affect its influence on the overall organizational performance in the tertiary education industry in Malaysia.
1105. TP019181 CHAI JUN HONGAugmented Reality - Sport Car In Your Hand
1106. TP019185 WILLY TONG CHEN HUNGSpeech to Text Synthesis from Video Automated Subtitling
1107. TP019188 Ding Hong YeongRFID Attendance System
1108. TP019189 SAW HOR YANInteractive Road Safety Courseware for Malaysia
1109. TP019190 BABAK RAHIMI A Model of Effective Job Performance for Talent Development (Malaysia)
1110. TP019194 TEMITAYO MODUPEOLA LEWISNot fill yet
1111. TP019199 MEHRAN ALIPOURA day in A.P.U Interactive Advertisement Video
1112. TP019214 REKO RAMADHANSteganography: Information hiding in digital image
1114. TP019219 NAJMIR BIN NORDINDesign and Develop Low Cost Hand (Finger) Exoskeleton for Rehabilitation of Stroke Patient
1115. TP019220 Azzam Noman Ahmed Al-mashraqiDesign and Control of a Robotic Hand Using Smart Glove
1116. TP019224 CHEN YIYINGThe agency problem from the perspective of shareholders
1117. TP019229 TAO LINAChina’s WTO Accession: Brought unprecedented opportunity that facilitate development of automobile industry in China
1118. TP019231 WALID ABDO ATIQ AL ARAMI The effectiveness of international Corporate Social Responsibility to the employees, customers and the organization’s reputation.
1120. TP019235 AMANI FERNIE KWEKAEncryption Security in Online Transaction
1121. TP019237 PEARLENE NG WEI HSIENEnhance customer satisfaction in global telecommunication company "Celcom" in Malaysia. A study of Celcom company to meet the customer satisfaction in terms of Celcom broadband service and customers service base on their customer behavior.
1122. TP019242 YAMUNARANI A/P SUPRAMANIIdentifying Plagiarism System
1123. TP019244 LIOU SEAN CHUN Auto Reconfigurable Mechanism for a Robot Manipulator
1124. TP019245 LEE JUN LIThe factors that affected the operational success of the implementation change management in small and medium enterprise (SMEs) in Malaysia.
1125. TP019247 AISYAH PIA ASRUNPUTRIAn empirical analysis on the feminisation of agricultural sector and its influence towards greater inequality in income distribution.
1126. TP019248 ALFARISY RANNUANG ASRUN PUTRAOnline Portal Photography with Online Payment System
1127. TP019251 MOHD HAIRI BIN HASSANNot fill yet
1128. TP019255 VINITHA A/P PUNIAMUTIThe Advantages of Agro Tourism Development in Rural Area: The Case of Cameron Highland, Malaysia.
1129. TP019260 ABDARAHMAN YASSIN AWAD ISMAILProtected Wireless Distribution System PWDS
1130. TP019261 FUAD MUBARAK MOHAMMED BADAHMANOnline Health Care Management System
1131. TP019266 How Chee Weng“FAST” – Forecasting Accounting System for Trading Company
1132. TP019267 MOHAMMED KHALED MOHAMMED AL-QAMEZ Amateur investors use of financial reports in their investment decisions.( evidence from malaysia)
1133. TP019276 NAVID KAGHAZCHISmart Attendance System for Asia Pacific University
1134. TP019278 GAN XIN HUISport It (Sports Centre reservation and online payment with mobile platform)
1135. TP019285 YEE GOON WAHA Study on Online Reviews and Impulse Buying Orientations Towards Purchase Decisions Among Malaysians Gamers.
1136. TP019287 ROWAN RISHI JUGERNAUTHAn intelligent system to grade the importance of news items
1137. TP019288 ABDULRAHMAN HASAN ABDULRAHMAN AL ATTAS The adoption of IFRSs and analyzing the issues faced by the companies of Saudi Arabia
1138. TP019292 LI BINGData Transfer Protection System
1139. TP019293 LI LIANGMobile Security Protector
1140. TP019298 MOHAMED BIN ASGAR ALINot fill yet
1141. TP019302 Gan Jian HerngQR Reservation System
1142. TP019318 YIP TENG HOUAndroid Data Recovery On Android Froyo(2.2) (AndRec)
1143. TP019320 SRUTHI SREEDHARANElectromagnetically enhanced water cells for power generation
1144. TP019323 VISHNOU S/O K. VASANNET-PRIN (Network Monitoring and Controlling for Printing System in LAN)
1145. TP019324 ARUNACHALAM BALAJI GPS and GSM based Wireless Asset Tracking System (WATS)
1146. TP019326 CHON PIK HURNAnalysing the effectiveness of advertising strategies applied by Malaysian Chinese movies.
1148. TP019334 LAW KUO HWAYJPEG Image Recovery
1149. TP019336 PEYMAN ALIPOUR “iRuby”- Interactive augmented reality jewelry magazine (AR)
1150. TP019337 Ong Boon KaiDemographic characteristics and differences of expatriates needs and wants in Malaysian MNC’s
1151. TP019342 CHIU PO-CHUNAcademic Video Communication System
1152. TP019344 MOHAMMED ALI ABDULLAH AL-BASHIRI The Impact of Foreign Islamic Banks Towards Islamic Banks Industry in Malaysia.
1153. TP019348 RENUHA A/P MUNIANDYThe Effectiveness of Customer Relationship Management to Enhance Customer Loyalty. A Study on Jusco Hypermarket
1154. TP019349 REVATHI A/P KERISHNANNot fill yet
1155. TP019357 GAYATHRI A/P KUNJOOPerceptions Of CSR In The Banking Industry Of Malaysia
1156. TP019359 SHARAF ABDULWADOD SHARAFThe influence of customer value on customer satisfaction and loyalty
1157. TP019360 Giovani Martha Handoko Web-Based Malaysian Local Restaurant Franchise Sale Application
1158. TP019361 SALAH MOHAMMED ABDULLAH AL-FADHLI Students Fingerprint Attendance System (SFAS)
1159. TP019362 THEENAGHARAN A/L MUTHUSAMYLow cost express PCB Wet Etching Machine Design and Fabrication
1160. TP019363 CHITRA RAMAKRISHNANIFRS Disclosure Level, Does it affect competition among the reporting firms?
1161. tp019364 DARKHAN KALIYEVAnalysis of the integration of Eurasian Economic Community (EurAsEC) in Kazakhstan.
1162. TP019365 FATHIMATH SHAHMA AHMEDInteractive Online Learning Application for A’ Levels (Biology)
1163. TP019368 LEE YUN HAOSmart Zone
1164. TP019375 MUHAMMAD UMAR SAJJADNot fill yet
1165. TP019377 Ali Omar Mohammed AlabsiIntelligent Wearable Health Monitoring System for Workers
1166. TP019380 NG KEE HOOIIntegrated Network Monitoring in Parental Control Systems
1167. TP019384 SEPIDEHSADAT MIRKHANI Impact of customer relationship management on customer retention in today’s world for high quality Sports goods in Iran”
1168. TP019390 KONG KEAT YOONGHidReg Analyzer for Window XP
1169. TP019404 HAJI MOHAMMAD AZIZ SAHBIREEN BIN AWANG HAJI TAMMIDEncryption System for External Storage (ESES)
1170. TP019406 ZHANG WEISHANAnalysis of network virtual clothing fitting system in ChinaA case study of Taobao online shopping website
1171. TP019409 Tee Pei YeeOpinion Mining System for Education
1172. TP019410 DANIEL KON CHIN HOEFuture Plans - A Software Project Management System
1173. TP019412 Tan Chew Kuan Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Base lining and Control Management System in Small Business
1174. TP019414 WALAIRAT PUTSAThe Global Financial Crisis and Its Effects on the Thailand Economy
1175. TP019420 ISMAIL RASHEEDExploration of effective strategies towards retaining employees in international hotel chains operating in the Maldives hospitality industry.
1176. TP019425 KADARKO ESTHER DIZAHOHow Effective HRD Practices Can Improve Overall Organizational Performance in Nigeria Public Educational Institutions
1177. TP019435 ISAAC ABDULRAZAK ABDULLAH AL SHARAFYAndroid Wireless Home Automation System
1178. TP019440 LEE SENG JOECommission Joe
1179. TP019448 LEONARD GUAN NYUK KHONGA study of the adaptation of Malay TV Drama among Malaysians.
1180. TP019449 FAN HOW YEEOnline Virtual Dressing Room
1181. TP019452 Tee Li JingA study on export stimuli towards export performance in Malaysia
1182. TP019453 LOW KIAN HWA Linux Monitoring and Mitigation System
1183. TP019454 KOH ZHI WEI Clinic Profiling System
1184. TP019457 Faisal RazaOnline Hotel Reservation System
1185. TP019460 FOO BRANDONVisualizing Multi Phase flows in process pipelines using Resistance Tomography
1186. TP019471 HENDRA PRASETIYOSteganography And Invisible Digital Watermark
1187. TP019475 CHOK VUN TIANMobile Instant Payment and Banking System
1188. TP019483 SYLVIANTI SIMANJUNTAK One Stop Fast Food Online Portal
1189. TP019484 EDWIN KUSUMANetwork Monitoring and Mapping System to Analyze Network Performance
1191. TP019490 FOO YEE WONRed Box Room Reservation Mobile Application
1193. TP019505 ASHKAN MIRZAIE FASHAMIAn evaluation of the determinant factors in the external auditors’ reliance on internal auditors.
1194. TP019506 NICOLAS YUFREE TUMEWUExploratory Study on the Effectiveness of Ethics and Corporate Governance in the Indonesian Banking Industry
1195. TP019512 DAVID PARADA MARPAUNGNot fill yet
1196. TP019513 EDWARD EMILIO WIGUNO PUDJIONODoes Relationship Marketing Really Affect the Customer Loyalty In Banking Industry: A Case of Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS), Indonesia
1197. TP019515 HANA AMILIA PUTRICapital Budgeting Techniques Use By Indonesian Manufacturing Companies
1198. TP019524 AHMED OMER MOHAMED ELAMIN MOHAMEDVehicle Telemetry Platform
1199. TP019525 BONG JIA KANGRFID Recyclable Waste Management System
1200. TP019527 LEE CHENG YANRFID Cryptosystem
1201. TP019528 Low Kwan HoongMath E-learning System
1202. TP019529 LIM FUNG TATForeign Worker Online Permit Renewal System (FWOPRS)
1203. TP019532 ASHRAF FARIS BIN OSMANAutonomous Vehicle With Vision Based Lane Tracking and Obstacle Avoidance
1204. TP019534 LAI KOK FOONG A study on the volatility of share price and dividend
1205. TP019538 NG WILLIAM Online Inventory Order Management System
1206. TP019543 NG SHAW SHIUNGIntrusion Detection Systems Specialist in Local Area Network Protection (IDIL)
1207. TP019544 OMER ABDALLA MOHAMED ELBADAWI The Impact of E-business on Supply Chain Management
1208. TP019545 LIM YUE MINGNetwork Monitoring and Prevention for Home Network
1209. TP019548 ZINEB AZHARMeasurement of customer value from a customer’s viewpoint: Case of Moroccan Airline (Royal Air Maroc)
1210. TP019555 Ali Shaal Shahid“Total Data Obliteration Tool” – Complete Data Deletion Tool for Windows
1211. TP019556 AHMED ALI ALSON “A.I intrusion detection and prevention feasibility tester” – System for testing feasibility of using artificial intelligence/pattern recognition in an intrusion detection and prevention system.
1212. TP019574 LIM JIUNN HAO“Information Scouting” – Potential Evidence Collector
1213. TP019576 ONG TUN SEANReduction of Noise Pollution in Glove Manufacturing
1214. TP019583 BEHZAD KHOSRAVANI MAJDNetwork Performance Power Panel (NPPP) is a title name of current project.
1215. TP019592 AHAMED MIFLALDoes Reduction of Tariff Literally Increase the Performance of Malaysian Industries in the Global Context?Key words: Tariff, Non-tariff barriers (NTBs), Trade Liberalisation, Trade Performance
1216. TP019593 Leyla SourghaliGreen Network
1217. TP019595 ALIFF MARZUKI BIN MAHMUD MARZOKI “Timelapse: The Fallen Warlord”
1218. TP019597 BENJAMIN LEONG KIAN JIN Network Application Monitoring System
1219. TP019598 JUSTIN RAJENDRAN JESHURUNNot fill yet
1220. TP019602 HELLON PETER MAGAIA study to identify the influence of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) on the service quality of Banks in Tanzania
1221. TP019603 FOONG CHENG BONGSecurity Assessment Tool integrated with Vulnerability Scanning & Penetration Testing
1222. TP019606 NG HONG XIAN Enhanced Intrusion Detection System
1223. TP019607 Tung Hung ChiangNot fill yet
1224. TP019608 TAN CHUN WEIExpelearn – E-Learning Website
1225. TP019610 KEY THO PINGimplementation of gst and its impact on the inflation rates based on public perception
1226. TP019614 NG WIN JAUOnline Recycle System (ORS)
1228. TP019617 Cheong Yick HengNot fill yet
1229. TP019618 YONG LIK KENTutorial Enhancement Framework
1230. TP019621 LOKE CHUN KITA simulation /Strategy Multiplayer Game for mobile platform
1231. TP019622 PATRICK YEW CHEE ENNNetwork Bandwidth Priority Proportion
1232. TP019624 Ng Wan Teng Car Parking Base System (CPBS)
1233. TP019625 Goh Chee VeeRemote Information System for Direct Sales Company
1234. TP019626 Dayalan Nair A/l Chandra Sekaran NairA Study of the importance of immersion in Horror games
1235. TP019629 NICHOLAS SHE CHIEN EEAn exploratory study on blog reliability and blog popularity towards purchase intention among College students in Kuala Lumpur
1236. TP019630 IZZAT TAQIUDDIN BIN AHAMAD DUSUKINFC-Based Attendance system for student at university (NFC-AS)
1237. TP019633 LEE WEI ANDelivery Tracking System with NFC
1238. TP019636 AARON CHIN WEE LIMNetwork Protocol Analyzer – Traffic Monitoring through Packet Capturing (PCAP)
1239. TP019638 SHERENDEEP KAURUOB Bank Indonesia, A study on Job Motivation and Job Satisfaction in The Banking Industry
1240. TP019639 WILLIAM GOZALI, TAN Signature Recognition
1242. TP019643 Ng Si YuanTo-Do Application
1243. TP019645 Chew Ann KeatMobile Banking Application
1244. tp019647 ENAS MAHFOUDH HEZAME - Ticketing: Consumers Attitude Towards Environmental Variables and Perceived Risks
1245. TP019651 MOHAMMED ABDULKADER ALI BAZARAModeling of 33kV Grid Connected PV System
1246. TP019652 GOH KEAN HOOIForensic Investigation Framework of Digital Image in Identifying Camera Model
1247. TP019660 INDRO PUTRANTO SOEBAGIOThe study of incorporating social media in the education system
1248. TP019666 GAN HUI SZEPropose a modification of RC4 mechanism in cryptography
1249. TP019667 ALAA ABDULWAHAB HAGOS MOHAMMEDThe Effects of Exchange Rate Fluctuations on 50 Multinational Corporations as Malaysia’s Samples.
1250. TP019669 LEE JIA CHERNFrontal Battle:Apocalypse World
1251. TP019677 CHING ZHENG XHENGNot fill yet
1252. TP019678 Tan Khai JouNot fill yet
1253. TP019681 Chong Wei ShenUtilization of PVs for Powering Remote Feed and Watering System for Koi Ponds.
1254. TP019682 HANIN SH. KAMILIIUM Mobile Clinic Booking System
1255. TP019683 Ng Yung HyunTution Management Sysem (TMS)
1256. TP019688 Ong Chee HouA study on brand building activities impact towards SMEs internationalisation in Malaysia
1257. TP019699 KYUNG JI SOOEnhance Mobile Security System via an Extra Authentication
1258. TP019700 MANJIT SINGH A/L GURCHARAN SINGH APU’s Car Park System with Fingerprint Access (CARFA)
1259. TP019701 KWAN CHEE KOONGraphical Knowledge Display in Text Mining
1260. TP019707 LEE YEE HONGNFC and QR Codes enable Food Ordering System for Android Platform
1261. TP019709 NG KA WEIA study on the Impact of Dividend Policy toward Share Price Volatility in Malaysia Stock Market
1262. TP019710 Leong Mun Faiordering and managing inventory in android application
1263. TP019713 NGA TUAN HONGThe factors influence generation Y towards online clothing purchases in Klang Valley.
1264. TP019715 KHALID HAIDER ABDULGADIR ABDULMONEMRobust Digital Image Watermarking Using Wavelet Based Transform Technique
1265. TP019716 HUSSAIN FAZEEL Network Log File Auditing
1266. TP019722 Ivan Dang Jie WenA perception study on the impact of violence on Movies, Televison shows and Video gams toward socity behaviour
1267. TP019723 JEREMY NG JING FENGCar Plate Recognition for Car Park (CPRCP) System
1268. TP019724 NELSON CHONG CHUN WAISmart Phone Car Recorder
1269. TP019727 Tanzida ZamanNot fill yet
1270. TP019728 FONG CHUN HOWOnline I.T. store Recommendation System
1271. TP019729 Danapriya VisvanathanAutomated Document Downloading for E-Learning System
1272. TP019731 KHOO CHEE LONG“Identity Verification System” –Membership's Identity Management System
1273. TP019734 OW MUN KITGPS Tracking System in Security of Road Vehicle with Number Plate Binding
1275. TP019738 TIEW WEN YUENPower Scheduling System
1276. TP019742 Koay Chee LeongMobile Airline Ticket Booking and Scheduling System
1277. TP019751 Yong Hong ManOnline Pet Store
1278. TP019768 DOMINIC A/L EMANUELOnline Toll Payment System (OTPS)
1280. TP019777 Chew Kean LikE-Care Medical Management System
1281. TP019781 MASOMEH SHADKAM The Perceived Issues and Impacts in Hosting Olympic Games as an International Event that Promotes Sport Tourism.
1282. TP019783 MAY KABIKILE STIMAThe Impact of Microfinance Institutions on the Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Tanzania.
1283. TP019784 MUHAMMAD IRFAN AUFANot fill yet
1284. TP019787 Aishath Arshee KhaleelAn Investigation to Determine the Needs of Local Entertainment Television Programs in Male’ City.
1285. TP019788 Thayaleeni a/p Selvanayagam “Design and analysis of current injection and voltage measurement methods for Tomographic applications.”
1286. TP019789 TAN LIM WEINot fill yet
1287. TP019792 MOHD ZARITH AFFENDY BIN ZAINI ANWARSwitched Network Monitoring System in Peripheral Area for SOHO User
1288. TP019799 CHEW AIK BEESQL Injection Scanner (SQLIS)
1289. TP019800 Lim Pay MunMobile Tagging System (QR Code) for Furniture Industry
1290. TP019803 Aditya PrathamaSecure Online Golden Trading with Security Token
1291. TP019805 WEE YING KITGate Access System
1292. TP019806 YENY HIDAYATEnhancing Service Quality and Customers’ Satisfaction of P1 by using CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
1293. TP019807 Lim Chee CheowHigh Efficiency and Fast Transient Response Capacitor-less Low Dropout Voltage Regulator for SoC Applications
1294. TP019808 WONG CHEE MINGImplementation of Image Processing in E-Carpark Management System
1295. TP019809 WONG WEI HAO“Freecom Apps” - Voice over Wireless LAN Android application
1296. TP019810 THIAM ZHI WENThe factors that influence the performances of fresh graduate students in Malaysia during the job interview
1297. TP019811 SAMEER SHARMA TERRYBandwidth Management and Network Traffic Monitoring System
1298. TP019818 CHAN ENG HONG Social Media with Cloud Storage in Tertiary Organization
1299. TP019820 Tan Hui MinNot fill yet
1300. TP019828 Chiu Wei JietDriving School Performance Evaluation System
1301. TP019836 Ariella Clarissa LiyandiOnline Virtual Event Decoration Room
1302. TP019838 WONG KOK FAIA Study on the convenience of internet banking adoption among bank customers in Malaysia
1303. TP019843 Leong Chee FaiElectronic Medical records for Acupuncture and Medical Centre System
1304. TP019848 POORIA MOHAMMAD KHODAJOThe effects of organizational culture, monetary reward, organizational commitment on job satisfaction among Malaysian companies.
1305. TP019849 Alex Loh Fook WeiEvent Budget Management System
1306. TP019851 MOHAMED MAHSEN MOHAMED ALI AL-AMOODYImpact of Celebrity Endorsement on Brand Image
1307. TP019853 LEE WEI HAOThe relationship between McKinsey 7S Model in System Approach Management and Success of SMEs in Klang Valley
1308. TP019854 MILLEN KABIKILE STIMA THE ROLE OF FORENSIC ACCOUNTANTS IN FRAUD DETECTIONCase study: Ability of University Collage of Technology and Innovation (U.C.T.I) students in detecting fraud
1310. TP019856 GHAZAL AKBARAutomatic Drugs Dispenser for clinics/hospitals in Malaysia.
1311. TP019862 LIM KIAN ENGA study of workforce incentives, employee
1312. TP019867 WISHNU DWINANTO KUSUMANetwork Monitoring System with SMS Notification for SOHO
1313. TP019868 Sivaneshwaran A/l JegatheswaranLAN Monitoring System with Remote Access
1314. TP019869 YUNITA NIDIAH INDAH PERMATA Influence of Relationship Marketing strategy towards customer satisfaction and overall successfulness of the organization: case of PT. Toyota Astra Motor, AUTO 2000 Automobile Industry in Balikapapan, East Borneo Indonesia
1315. TP019871 REYSA HEMAS ANDARINIConsumer Purchase Behavior and Marketing Strategy for Mobile Phone Companies: case of Jakarta, Indonesia.
1316. TP019873 Lee Tuan LingNot fill yet
1317. TP019876 FEBRINA MEDYA NOORDILLA Challenges in Maintaining Customer Satisfaction in Company Merger in Banking Industry ; in case of CIMB Niaga – Lippo Bank
1318. TP019880 MONITA CHANDRA TJHIONGThe Degree of Preferences for Mass Customized Products by Tertiary Level Students. A Study Based on Selected Malaysian Institutions of Higher Learning
1319. TP019881 NELLY HARTATI ABADIAnalytical Study of Push and Pull factors affecting Indonesian Students to achieve Academic Excellence in UCTI
1320. TP019883 RYODI MIEKY PAATH Simulation of sales promotion towards buying behavior among APIIT/UCTI Students
1321. TP019884 RIZKY SANGER WONGProspect Of Expanding J.CO In Philippines
1322. TP019888 JEEVAN A/L SIVAPATHAMOnline Food Directory System
1323. TP019889 RUBBAN KUMAR A/L BALAKRISHNAN “Anzen”- Cryptosystem in Digital Signature on Mobile
1324. TP019890 CHAI HER MANKeepFighting
1325. TP019891 Theng Zheng-yaoMobile Banking Application Security of Online Transaction System and Face Recognition System
1326. TP019895 Tan Bee TeengMarketing Department Information Protection System
1327. TP019896 YAP CHEE HENG Network Monitoring for small business
1328. TP019898 NEOH CHONG HONGRemote Surveillance via Mobile Phone with Fire and Human Temperature Detection
1330. TP019905 SIVARAJAH YATHURAJ“iCNAMS” – Intelligent and Centralize Newspaper Advertisement Management System
1331. TP019906 ROZA SALAHSHOURFEDERIGO AMANDO – Co-design and Interactive3D the unique online shopping experience
1332. TP019909 ADISTHY SHABRINA NURQAMARANI Analysis of the impact of ACFTA towards local business in textiles industry in Indoenesia
1333. TP019910 SILVANA KARDINAR WIJAYANTIFactors Influencing Customer Satisfaction in Life insurance in Kuala Lumpur
1334. TP019911 Aldillah Melisa FebryanaAttitude and Social Impacts of Radio Programme to College Students: A Case Study on “Hore Sore” Radio Show on Prambors Radio
1335. TP019913 MUHAMMAD IHSAN HAIKALMobile Trading Security Enhancement with Secure Token
1336. TP019914 RIZA PURWANDIPASSED (Portable Application Security with Steganography and Encryption Data)
1337. TP019915 AINUN JARIAH M.S.Enhancing Bukit Baruga’s Website to Attract Prospective Buyers
1338. TP019920 SUBARQAH FIRDAUS HARDIANSYAH ‘Accost- Accommodation Finder System’
1339. TP019921 SAEVANA BASYMELEHPersonal Tour Planner
1340. TP019922 Yulia FahriyaniAcademic Supervision
1341. TP019923 VIANNY PURNAMAE-Portal Information For Hospital
1342. TP019925 FARADILA ANJANI Study On Opportunities And Challenges Of Muslim Fashion Industries in Kuala Lumpur
1343. TP019928 KAHIMTO ABADI AUWInvestigation toward Country- of- origin effects on Brand Preferences among Urban Malaysian Consumer
1344. TP019929 RIA SETIANINGSIHA study on Factors that Affects on Online Buying Behavior Among the Student at Hasanuddin University in Makassar, Indonesia.
1345. TP019932 OLIVER WILLIAN LAOHDeterminants Factors Influencing Malaysian to Purchase Foreign Cars in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya
1346. TP019934 TONG JIN YUNGJavaScript Server-side Scripting in Web Auction System
1347. TP019936 Chang Mun HongIterative files encryption on Cloud Engineering
1348. TP019937 SANA NAVEED MALIKA case study on the Impact of Fashion Industry on televison in Pakistan
1350. TP019954 FELIX TANZIL ROBERTSIOImpacts of Information Technology on Organizational Performance in Malaysia.
1351. TP019956 Tong Wai HerngAdvance secure file transfer system
1352. TP019958 NURFARIHAH BINTI KHAIRINot fill yet
1353. TP019965 SARUHASSAN BIN JEFFRI CHANDRAN Residents Web Portal Using Thumbprint Access
1354. TP019966 Tan Chin SernDesign a Sustainable Multi-axis Solar Tracker with low power consumption
1355. TP019970 THANESH KUMAR A/L SELEARAJENNot fill yet
1356. TP019972 MOHAMAD AIDID HARIS BIN MOHD EMBROSERonin Quest: A Dynamically Difficult 2.5D Action-Adventure Game
1357. TP019973 Pang Aw Sin ShengIntelligent Student ID Card (ISID)
1358. TP019984 Randy Ho Kang LipEasy shopping directory mobile application
1359. TP019985 Robin Hoo Kar KhengHotel Management implemented using RFID Technology
1360. TP019987 WANG HONG WAIAffection level of Implication of Corporate Governance towards the Investors’ Decision Making and Which Provision(s) Investors will pay More Attention.
1361. TP019989 AYU TRISIWI WAHYUNI Globalization effect to the representative of women in management bodies
1362. TP019992 HAN YIMINGA study on promotion, customer experience, service quality towards customer satisfaction among local consumers in Malaysia airline service industry.
1363. TP020000 Muhammad Armeen Bin Abdul RamanThe Restaurant Filter – Restaurant Information System
1364. TP020003 HEE KAE HUAT360 Panoramic Petaling Street web
1365. TP020004 ALICE WONGFactors That Cause Turnover Among Call Centre Employee In Malaysia
1366. TP020005 Lim Chee Hou“SMATS” – Student Monitoring and Tracking System
1367. TP020008 GHAMDAN HUSSEIN MOHSEN ANBAR Awareness of Islamic banking products among Muslims in Malaysia.
1368. TP020018 MANJEET SINGH A/L SUKHDAV SINGHBandwidth Management System
1369. TP020019 VINCENT LEONG WEN HAURMotorized remote control shoe.
1370. TP020020 NAZGUL TASHPANOVAPortfolio Diversification with Commodity Futures, Crude Pail Oil Futures and its effect on company risks and returns.
1371. TP020021 ASSIYA ABDRAKHMANOVAAudit in Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Malaysia, is it a must?
1372. TP020026 Poo Lup MengLocation Based Taxi Booking System
1373. TP020027 LIM CHONG YEWMotivators of mobile banking among Malaysian customers (case of Public Bank)
1374. TP020029 Zaka Intiash HassanImpact of celebrity endorsement on consumer buying behavior and their brand building attributes: Adidas VS Nike-Malaysia.
1375. TP020031 Yap Kient LoongIsolated Finance Security System
1376. TP020034 CHAN JIN YUUniversity Smartphone Application with NFC Enabled
1377. TP020040 Chan Kwok Yoong A study on relationship between leadership behavior and employees’ job satisfaction in multinational company in Malaysia.
1378. TP020041 Goh Jong HungKL & Selongor Public Transport Guiding System for Windows Phone OS
1379. TP020045 THAM PENG CHUNGThe Impact of Korean entertainment industry towards the society in Klang Valley.
1380. TP020046 Chen Chee KimSales Target System
1381. TP020048 JASON KOO TZE HAWFactors that indicate limitation of exporting for enterprises (mainly of small enterprises) from Malaysia into a competitive global market
1382. TP020051 NICOLE UWACUNot fill yet
1383. TP020053 YEOH KER PINGVilla Homestay System implements Barcode Reader System with Mobile Apps
1384. TP020054 LEE WAI HONG“VMON” – Visual-based Network Monitoring System
1385. TP020058 TAN CHUENCloud-based Car Park Reservation System
1386. TP020065 WAN NURFAZILAH BINTI IZZUDIN The relationship between cultural value and innovative skills of students. A study of international students in Klang Valley.
1387. TP020067 PHUA KAH HOEFactors that contribute to the turnover rate of employee in Sri Emas International School / workplace.
1388. TP020073 AGILAN A/L SETHUDesign of resonant frequency generator using FPGA for wireless power transfer applications
1389. TP020075 Liew Mei LingNot fill yet
1390. TP020079 LEE KIM PENGWar Cry
1391. TP020082 Wong Yueh NengECSS- E-Commerce Security System
1392. TP020084 Cheng Kok WaiSecure Mailing System using Umaram encryption method
1393. TP020087 LIM ZHI JIANStructured Abstract Generation Expert System
1394. TP020088 Goh Kai HaoOnline Reservation and Ordering System
1395. TP020091 Wong Pooi SanImage Encryption for Student Online Submission (IESOS)
1396. TP020094 Eric Kim Wei JyeMobile Ad-hoc Parking Assistant (MAPA)
1397. TP020095 SAW SOON YANG“The Ark Smart Online Store” – Music Academy Online Management System
1398. TP020105 KHEE WING LAPTime Attendance System with Voice Recognition
1399. TP020109 CHAN CHEE HOUNot fill yet
1400. TP020113 Mohammad Abbasi Image Cryptography system
1401. TP020117 LIM MING ZHENGFood Ordering System with Voice Recognition
1402. TP020118 ABU SAID BIN LOKMAN IT Asset Management System
1404. TP020122 Chua Ngee TongNot fill yet
1405. TP020125 Yong May Kei Data Transmission Security System with Encryption in R&D
1406. TP020127 UMMI SUMEIYA Factors Affecting Audit Quality in Small & Medium-Sized Audit Firms in Kenya
1407. TP020129 CHONG YIT WAIDesign, Implement and Monitor Sensor to Determine Vibration in Industrial Motors.
1408. TP020132 Leong Yin YeeGrocery Shopping Assistant with Barcode Scanner and Budget Checking
1409. TP020133 Tan Choon GiapOnline Pet Cemetery Management System
1410. TP020135 Kee Chui LingOnline Facilities Reservation System
1411. TP020138 MALVIR SINGH A/L BALWANT SINGHFactors affecting consumer buying behavior on real estate in Malaysia
1412. TP020140 HAMSA KRISHNA A/L KUNANAYAGAMForensic Analysis of potential Threats of Hacking a Mobile Device Trough a Bluetooth Wireless Link
1413. TP020142 ERICK YASSIN MGONDASmart Meter system using Electromagnetism
1414. TP020144 Lee Sue WeiMedical Consultation Scheduling System (MCSS) with Mobile Application Integration
1415. TP020148 SHIRIN GHALEHBEIGI MOHAJERIRAVANICustomer satisfaction and retention of Starbucks Malaysia
1416. TP020156 OOI JEL JEENRemote Access Network Inventory System
1417. TP020158 LIM KAI HOWMagnum Online Purchase Mobile Application
1418. TP020159 HISAAN AREESHAn Application to Hide Digital Watermarks and Metadata on the noise of JPEG Images for Copyright Purposes.
1419. TP020161 TAN SOON MAYA study on the competitiveness of traditional fast food industry against healthy fast food industry in Malaysia.
1420. TP020164 TEH WEE RUN Chord-based Network Management System for SOHO
1421. TP020173 NGOO CHOW HUI On-Mobile Name Card
1422. TP020174 WOONG KAR CHUNSmart attendance – APU attendance management system using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology
1423. TP020177 LUM YAT HOEE-Commerce Website: Cycling Bike with Customization Concept
1424. TP020178 Ahmed Yousif Mohamed Elamin YousifStudent Attendance Monitoring & Notification System Using RFID
1425. TP020179 Sheida Ghaedi SharafiOnline Cosmetics and Ladies Accessories Store System
1426. TP020183 Tengku Ani Zahidah Bt Tengku AnuarThe factors affecting the degree of Knowledge Workers commitment in Malaysia’s Organisation.
1427. TP020184 THAMOTHARAN A/L RAJARAM Android-Based Receipt Management Drawer – “Receipt Me”
1428. TP020185 KANNIASEELAN A/L RAJARAMThe impact of existence of Supply Chain Management (SCM) to maximize customer satisfaction– (a case study on Padini Authentics)
1429. TP020187 KHALDON MOHAMMED ABDULLAH AL-ARASHIThe relationship between integrated marketing communication (IMC) strategies towards the sales of imported products in Yemen: analysis specifically on Hayel Saeed Anam & Co. Ltd.
1430. TP020190 Harun SultanVehicle Maintenance Monitoring System
1431. TP020195 YEE LAI CHENGWeb-Based Interactive Cooking Application
1432. TP020196 SIA KIAN TATIntelligent Telecardiology System to Detect Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD)
1433. TP020197 Samiel Tesfa Alem WeredeWireless Control Of A Robotic Vehicle Using DTMF Technology
1434. TP020200 JASPREET KAUR A/P JASBIR SINGH Impact of Corporate Culture on Individual Performance in a Malaysian MNC (Shell)
1435. TP020203 Tang Chu JiunClass Timeable Automation and Optimization Management System
1436. TP020205 Saktiawaty A/p PanchakaranFactors of Weaknesses in Internal Control that Misleads the Financial Reporting System
1437. TP020208 CHEN YONGHAODelivery Tracking System

1438. TP020217 GOH LIANG CHI'Text Farm' Web API Services
1439. TP020225 ZHAO YAZHENNot fill yet
1440. TP020226 Thanendran A/l RavichandranJob Interview Assistance System
1441. TP020227 QIN MENGThe factors make Sunway Lagoon successes as a theme park attraction
1442. TP020233 SOO KOK HOUmVoIP In A Smartphone Platform For Consumer Market
1443. TP020236 EBRAHIM NAJI ALI ABOHATEMIntegrated enhanced face recognition system
1444. TP020237 BOBY HARTANTOTimetable Management System
1445. TP020242 BASEM YAHIA ABDULLAH BA MOUSA Desktop Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) System for PCBs
1446. TP020243 WONG KWOK JOE USB Drive Locater: File Retrieval
1447. TP020250 KELYN LILIAN A/P LETCHUMANANImplementations of quality for JIT and Six Sigma in Malaysia electric & electronic manufacturing industry.
1448. TP020254 MARYAM SAID MOHAMMEDNot fill yet
1449. TP020257 Wai ShurongAndroid Tablet Encryption with Enhanced Access Control
1450. TP020258 Aminath HussainBarriers to employee creativity and its relationship with job-related motivators in the Maldivian Resort Industry
1451. TP020268 ABDUL SAMADSmart Painting Robot With A Vision System
1452. TP020269 NG CHEE YAP Trade Show Registration by using “NFC” on Mobile Device
1453. TP020271 THOMAS CHRISTOPHER KALANJE Media censorship and its side effects on the youths living in Malaysia
1454. TP020279 MOHAMMED HAMMAD JOUFARFuzzy Neutralisation Control in Waste Water Treatment System
1455. TP020283 MUHAMMAD AZEEMRF power amplifier design for LTE transceiver
1456. TP020285 AHMED SOBAH IBRAHIMTransparent Appraisal Performance Evaluation System (TAPES)
1457. TP020286 William AriefAutomated Self-Balancing Skateboard
1458. TP020287 KHOO TZUEN YIH"WAMS" - Wireless Network Analysis and Monitoring System A program that able to provide multiple type of control on each user that connect to the network include speed, priority and security.
1459. TP020290 HAITHM NABIL MOHAMMED AL-SHAEBIMeasuring Static charge and monitoring the system for reducing interference of static energy in Manufacturing system
1460. TP020291 HUSAM NABIL SAEED AL-SHAIBANIAutomatic scrap collecting robot
1461. TP020293 SIEA YONG LIANGNetwork Monitoring for Small Office
1462. TP020295 ADAM IRUFAAN RAT-Droid
1463. TP020296 TRACY MWELA The Relationship between Effective Reward System and Employee Motivation: A Study of telecommunication industry In Tanzania:
1465. TP020298 Nadia NadjibA study on service quality and customer satisfaction in Kuala Lumpur
1466. TP020306 HOSSEIN HASSANPOUR Building Management System Using RFID
1467. TP020311 Seyedhossein MohtasebiA Framework for Investigation of Nokia E5-00 Cell Phones
1468. TP020312 HAJIRA SHEIKH HASSANProblems faced by foreign real estate investors in Kenya
1469. TP020318 Amansugurova NazgulThe importance of service quality in tourism industry of Kazakhstan: hotels sector
1470. TP020324 SEYED MASOOD MIR GHAFOURIGetting ICAP business online
1471. TP020326 SHAMIN BIN ABDUL JAFFARA study of service quality and customer loyalty in the airline industry
1472. TP020327 SOMESWARY A/P SELVARAJAHDigital Watermarking by Using Hidden Image Protection
1473. TP020331 LIEW JIE - YINSafety Management of nurses in the hospital (Tung Shin Hospital)
1474. TP020332 CHEAH DAU SIONGTrade Show Register Mobile Application (TSR)
1475. TP020348 NURUL HIKMAH MUSAKIROnline Customization System for Footwear Industry In Cibaduyut, Bandung Indonesia
1476. TP020350 RIFQI KHAIRU ARDHINot fill yet
1477. TP020351 ELZAN KURNIA OKTAJAYANot fill yet
1478. TP020361 Abdul Hameed Abdulla HainumSmart Home Technologies – Cost Effective Solution
1479. TP020367 MOHAMMED SALEH TALEB AL-ARIQI An Exploratory Study on the Role of HRM Department on Employee Satisfaction, Employee’s Well Fare & Employee Relation towards growing organization and Business Performance among Local Citizens in Malaysia
1480. TP020369 LING CHUNG MING“APU Bus System” – NFC based Android Application
1481. TP020372 ALLAN PHILIP TILLYAImpact of Information Technology on the Internal Auditing Functions for Tanzania Selected Public Firms
1482. TP020374 Lee Pei YieA study on the effectiveness of deal-of-the-day (group-buying) website as promotion tools in Malaysia (Klang Valley)’s Food and Beverage industry.
1483. TP020376 MUHAMMAD FIRDAUS BIN SALLEHThe Internationalization of Higher Education in Malaysia and factors on why foreign students choose University College Of Technology And Innovation
1484. TP020379 Saltanat MaratovaDeveloping an APU Students Forum for the Asia Pacific University (APU), Malaysia
1485. TP020380 LEE YIT YANGAdvance Photo Management System
1486. TP020381 Haydar Imad Mohammed AldulaimiSecure Fingerprint Electronic Voting Machine
1487. TP020382 WONG YEW FOONG“NSMS” - Network security monitoring system
1488. TP020389 ALVIN LOH WAI HOONGData Acquisition From Android Mobile Devices
1489. TP020390 Chrismen Ang Hui Tien Interactive Education Game for Children
1490. TP020394 GAN SHU SAMThe Effectiveness Of Using Creativity In Print Advertisement
1491. TP020396 ANDREW FARES MAROAn Improved algorithm for text detection and extraction from complex video scenes
1492. TP020400 MIR SHAHIN SHAHRIYARMOLKIOffice Attendance Monitoring System
1493. TP020403 TENGIS BUYANBADRAKHWeb based e-Procurement system as on-line intermediary
1494. TP020404 Khairu HumamPLC Based Online Real Monitoring System For 3 Phase Induction Motor
1495. TP020405 KONG HOCK HIME-commerce Adoption Barriers on Internationalization of Malaysian SMEs
1496. TP020406 Lim Wei Jing Cross Site Request Forgery Protection
1497. TP020409 OSAMAH ABDULKAREM SAEED ALSOUFI Customer Readiness towards Islamic Banking Windows: A Perspective from Yemen
1498. TP020411 LUTSENKO ANZHELIKAThe intended sectoral choice and career development among the IBM undergraduates: A case study of Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology
1499. TP020416 Tan Jun Wei“Fast food Kiosk Ordering System” – Kiosk Based Ordering System for Fast Food Restaurant.
1500. TP020418 Tee Chao JieE-ticketing Push Notification Module.
1501. TP020420 HACER ARSLANA study on Malaysians' Investment in Turkey in 2000's
1502. TP020423 DING HAOAttendance System with Real-Time Fingerprint Scanner for University
1503. TP020426 THONG SOON KIATIntegrated Neighbourhood Alarm System using Voice Recording and Audible Systems
1504. TP020427 KAVEETHREN A/L P.GANESAN“Mobitory” – Mobile Inventory Management System
1505. TP020428 MAHER OMAR SALEH AL-SHARAFIDesign and develop LED based lighting system using Pico-hydro power in rural areas.
1506. TP020433 PAUL OMARI MOGENI Design and Development of a CAD/CAM system for foot Orthotics
1507. TP020437 SUGLA VINAAYAGAN A/L RAJENDERANIntelligent Security Surveillance System for the School of Engineering
1508. TP020438 LEE PEH HANAn Investigation on individuals factors influence whistleblower in listed company Malaysia: Interaction among Whistleblowing judgment (WBJ) and Whistleblowing intention (WBI), the role of positive mood (PM) and organizational ethical culture (OEC)
1509. TP020440 JAI GIRDHAR‘IdentiSafe’ – Secure authentication by a Near Field Communication device in Identity Cards.
1510. TP020441 CHEONG HUI INGMultiphase file encryption system
1511. TP020444 MUAYAD HASSAN ABDULLAH HASSANOnline Voting System
1513. TP020449 HUSSAIN SHAMIR Classroom Communication System for UCTI
1514. TP020450 SHAHID MOOSA Corporate Governance Practices of Maldivian Companies
1515. TP020452 YAP YAN HENGBusiness Social Network Website
1516. TP020458 YEOH SOOK JZIANGNot fill yet
1517. TP020461 Uzma Abdul LatheefFactors influencing the implementation of International Green Standards in Maldivian SMEs.
1518. TP020468 GOH YOKE FONG Forensic Android's Tracer (FAT)
1519. TP020469 Jasreen Rubeni D/o Jossof JobuAn Investigation on the Sensitivity of Malaysians towards Publishing of Festival Television Advertisements Online in Malaysia
1520. TP020474 Denis PoroshinAPU Online Accommodation Services
1521. TP020479 Kong Lyn HueiNot fill yet
1522. TP020484 NIKNAZ ANISIAn empirical study of the UCTI International Student Experience: A Strategic Management Approach
1523. TP020488 TEH SONG HUICyber Pedophiles Trap Facebook Application
1524. TP020491 Dong QianqianDocument privacy protection system
1525. TP020496 SAAD MOHAMED ABDULLAHEvaluation of Strategies to implement Customer Relationships Management systems in the (Airline Industry)
1526. TP020501 Chong Chee HoongDetecting Cross-Site Scripting Attacks in Social Networks
1527. TP020506 WONG JIA CHANI-Secure Delivery System (ISDS) for DHL courier services in Kuala Lumpur
1528. TP020510 LIM KOH HEOKA study on the effect of alcohol company sponsorship for youth-based events towards youth’s drinking habits’
1529. TP020513 MOHAMMED KASHIF SHAHZAAD MURAJHow can understanding the cultural background of a country help western companies to manage their customer services better in India
1530. TP020518 Amir ChiniNot fill yet
1531. TP020524 DONG YUYANG2D Barcode 2nd - Hand Selling System
1532. TP020536 Ricknesh Surendhiran Nair “MyWarung” – Food & Beverage Mobile Ordering Application
1533. TP020543 YEVGENIY NELYUBINDiligence Travel Agency Online System
1534. TP020544 SAID MOHAMED SAIF AL JABRINot fill yet
1535. TP020546 NELVIN LUTH A/L LOURDUSAMYAutomated UROV (Navigation & Collision Avoidance)
1536. TP020548 LEE HUI KENTA survey towards online shopping behaviour and buying intention of UCTI Student
1537. TP020550 Zacque Leong Thien-you“Droidsic” – Forensic Logical Acquisition Tool for Android Smartphones.
1538. TP020552 Kanat NurtazinImpact of International Practice on Kazakhstan Business Operations: A Study on Operational Risk Management in Oil and Gas Industry
1539. TP020553 Valeriya Ni The Impact of product placement in a movie: A survey from Iron Man 2 (2010) to youth
1540. TP020556 ZHANDARBEKULY ABYLAYRisk and capital management strategies used to minimize losses in Forex market in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
1541. TP020557 Chai Wee ChiatHost-Based Intrusion Detection System for Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks
1542. TP020561 LIM TENG WEEStudent Selection System with Fuzzy Inference Method
1543. TP020563 DINDA AULIA DAMANIKThe Study of International Business Challenges Faced in Globalizing IKEA Malaysia and its Impact in Sustaining Competitive Advantage in Indonesia.
1544. TP020566 SANDUI SAYANNYAMBUUNew Housing System and its impact on customers and house’s demand in Mongolia
1545. TP020567 YASHAR KIANI KHALKHAL Game World Mechanics Using Intuitive Gestures
1546. TP020570 ANASTASSIYA MURASHKODo Advertising Messages On Social Networks Influence The Purchasing Behavior of UCTI students?
1548. TP020576 TIMUR ILMURADOVChallenges for Malaysia in becoming the global Halal hub.
1549. TP020577 ABRORBEK RUSTAMOVThe Empirical study of Factors Affecting on Independence of External Auditors in Uzbekistan.
1550. TP020580 LOO KAR HOU“RFID HR Attendance System” – RFID (radio-frequency identification) based human resource attendance system.
1551. TP020584 WANG BONot fill yet
1552. TP020587 AMR YAHYA QAID AL RAWDHI The Impact Of E-service quality to Customer Satisfaction In Middle East countries
1553. TP020590 LIM SHI SIANG"O&FIMS" - Online & Offline Insurance Management System
1554. TP020592 TAN HAO HANSmart Home System For Electrical-Based Equipment
1555. TP020602 Marlen AbildayevRole of forensic accounting in detecting and preventing tax fraud in Malaysia
1556. TP020606 ABILOV YERIK Information Security System Using Steganography
1557. TP020617 AASHISH VASUDEVANMouse Based Combat System For Action/Fighting Games
1558. TP020621 TAN KOK WEI“Food, Nutrition and Health (FNH) Mobile Application” – Nutrition Scanner and Planner.
1559. TP020622 BELVINDER SINGH A/L GURCHAN SINGHDevelopment of Motion/Level Control with Siemens S71200PLC
1560. TP020630 EUNICE NG YEE FENBrand Management: Enhance Brand Awareness, Loyalty and Equity to Gain Market Share
1561. TP020631 ABDULHAFEDH AHMED ALI MOHAMMED Factors,affecting Organizational performance,among private,organization
1562. TP020632 SADDAM HUSSEIN HUSSEIN AL-SHABIAnalysis the challenges that faced motorcycle (LIFAN) market in Yemen.
1563. TP020634 Praveen A/l N. RavendranReasons of Employee Fraud in Small Medium Enterprise (SME): Measures to prevent employee fraud from an Employer’s Perspective
1564. TP020640 ZHAMILYA ASKAROVASolutions For Oil And Gas Companies In Context Of Energy Crisis - Chevron Case
1565. TP020642 Naeem Mohamed MuazzinNot fill yet
1566. TP020643 Mazin Salih Mohamed SalihAutomatic System for Handling Objects Based on Color Detection
1567. TP020647 MOHAMMAD SALMAN IQBAL HUSSAINSecuring Cloud Data via One Time Password Authentication System.
1569. TP020652 LEONG MUN MUNE-Community Hall Booking System
1571. TP020662 NATALIA MONTALALU JOSHUAThe impact of Facebook advertising influences the purchase decision of consumer based in UCTI
1572. TP020668 Chong Swee KeatImprovement of Anti-Collision Algorithm for RFID Interference Cancellation
1574. TP020684 ABDULMAJID ABDULLAH HUSSEIN MOGALLIFactors Associated with the Internal Audit Function's Role in Corporate Governance
1575. TP020687 SUAN LI WAH“Economize” – Financial and Expenses Controlling System
1576. TP020690 Tan Soon LiangInnovative Game Control Scheme Integrated with Existing Voice Recorder System
1577. TP020693 Juliana Samson ChimaguliNot fill yet
1578. TP020694 MWALIDA EDWARD SAMSON NGThe case study on the assessment of the impact of brand activation on sales performance of Seven-Up Bottling Company (SBC) Tanzania
1580. TP020700 LIU CHUNYUBehaviors of financial fraud in listed company and prevention
1581. TP020701 WEE PEI WEN Virtual communities enhance brand awareness and brand loyalty.
1582. TP020705 HU XIAOThe Creative Accountings In The Listed Company Will Subsequently Affecting The Company Financial Information Credibility And Causing The Financial Problem
1583. TP020709 Mohamed Omer Mohamed HaganaIntelligent bottles inspection and sorting system based on machine vision
1584. TP020711 Yuvaraj A/l Krishnasamy The Impact of Social Media Presence of Companies towards their Business Performance: An analytical study on organisations operating in Malaysia.
1586. TP020714 SCHOLASTIKA JAPHETH HASUNGADesign and development of enhanced Yagi patch antenna for satellite or radar communication.
1587. TP020723 CITA MUTIARA FIRDAUSY Relationship Between Corporate Governance Practices and Firm Performance: The Case Study of Indonesian Listed Companies
1588. TP020724 Lirifa Sazura Binti Lamin“APU.Lib” – APU Library Mobile Application
1589. TP020725 FENDY SUVENATSmart Kindergarten Management System - SKMS
1590. TP020730 VIKKNENTHAN A/L SIVALINGGAM Video surveillance using Computer Webcam
1591. TP020731 CHAN ZI WEIWireless network bandwidth monitoring system (WiMon)
1592. TP020738 Low Meng YaoEnhancing For Subway Official Site in Malaysia
1593. TP020742 Salem Mohammed Ahmed Ba-harethNot fill yet
1594. TP020745 SOPHIA JAFFER Impact of privatization of banks on profitability: A study of banking in Tanzania
1595. TP020750 WAN HAMEERUDIN ZAWAWIGame World Interactions with Tangible Objects
1596. tp020753 Presshanthi OmprakashImplementation of Electronic Voting Machine In Malaysia
1597. TP020755 LEE HON KHEONGEmployee Medical Check-up Online System
1598. TP020758 YUVAASHINI PANISILVAMiQB - intelligent Exam Questions Bank System
1599. TP020760 SHI HAOFingerprint authentication system on WESTERN UNION money transfer service
1600. TP020769 ABDULADHEM HAMOOD MOHAMMED AL-BARQI Barriers affecting advertising in the international market
1601. TP020773 Teoh Wai SeongReal time video conferencing bandwidth allocator
1602. TP020777 DUISENOVA TOGZHAN The impact of TV cooking shows on eating habits.
1603. TP020780 MA MINNAThe determinants of the students’ satisfaction with higher education in Malaysia: A case study on Asia pacific University college of Technology & Innovation (APU)
1604. TP020789 BENSOUDA YOUNES FPGA implementation of A2x2 MIMO OFDM system
1605. TP020806 ALABBAS NOORADDEEN MOHAMED ELSADIGAdoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs): An analysis of the issues faced by Malaysian companies.
1606. TP020807 SARA ABDOLHAY “We Love English” – English ELearning for Pre-school and primary school kids that provides in schools.
1608. TP020813 NAHID MIRI "An empirical study of the impact of “Balanced Scorecard” on performance management in multinational companies in Malaysia”
1609. TP020820 Lim Cheng KiatNetwork Visualisation and Monitoring Software
1610. TP020821 AMMAR SALEM NASSER HABTOORNot fill yet
1611. TP020825 LIU CHANG Career preference among undergraduate
1612. TP020827 GUO CHAOFactors affecting Foreign Direct Investment in automobile industry in China
1613. TP020829 MA DINGYIFactor in determining audit risks and possible solutions to minimize audit risks.
1614. TP020830 ARASH SAMIMIKHOSHKESTALAKHI Study on the factors influences the effectiveness of CRM in APU
1615. TP020832 ELAHEH SHAKERI Design and development of predictive maintenance condition monitoring system for machinery by using vibration and temperature sensor.
1616. TP020838 SOROUSH SHAHSAVANPerformance monitoring for Optical fibre communication system
1617. TP020844 Zulaiha Zohar HassenInward Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Development in Kuwait
1618. TP020850 SEYED HASSAN TAJ GARDOONNetwork Remote Access Assistant (NRAA)
1619. TP020863 MUHAMMAD UMAR The simulation of Sales Promotions towards the Buying Behavior among International Students of UCTI.
1620. TP020865 DIAS SERIKBAYEVStrategy and tactics of individual investor in the U.S. common stock market
1621. TP020867 SAMAN IZADPANAHDynamic content management system for iOS content based application
1622. TP020871 MBAROUK KHAMIS OMAR HAMAD Faxing over IP (FOIP) System
1623. TP020879 NICK CHRISTEN HEYNSBERGHAutomatic Awning
1624. TP020880 LIEW HEE HANDThe Practice of Money Management among Household in Malaysia
1625. TP020882 Rustam Sakhvatshin World Financial Crisis and its effect on Malaysian Banking Industry
1626. TP020888 CHENG MINGHUINot fill yet
1627. TP020889 Zhou Zihan Foreign Investment: Challenges on Real Estate Industry in China
1628. TP020896 ZHU SHAOKAINot fill yet
1629. TP020897 ASSEL ALAGOZOVA”Internal factors influencing Malaysian firms’ choice of entry mode into foreign markets”
1630. TP020898 HISHAM HARRIS AYDEROSSDesign and Development of Autonomous Submarine Robotic System
1631. TP020900 LIM WEN SHENG Face Time Attendance System (FTAS)
1632. TP020909 QU LIYIIntruder Detection Application in Android
1633. TP020921 LINDA “Enhancing an interactive website for Bali-Indonesia Tourism”
1635. TP020930 WANG DINGNetwork Vulnerability Testing Research And Implementation
1636. TP020933 AINUR SATEKOVA Hard disk encryption system
1637. TP020936 PHANG KAH MAN A Study of University Students’ Travel Behavior in Malaysia
1638. TP020937 Pouria BayatiA Retrospective Web-Based Consulting System
1639. TP020938 SAID HASSEN MOHAMED SAEEDThe power and impact of subliminal advertising and how it manipulates the behavior of the consumers.
1640. TP020939 MAMADOU DIABYPortable Water Testing System For PH and Turbidity Measurements
1641. TP020942 NATALYA MEDVEDEVAAttracting foreign investors to expand small and medium-sized enterprises in Uzbekistan in agricultural industry.
1642. TP020958 Tan Heu EngThe relationships between service quality, customer satisfaction and loyalty toward Global Personal Computer (PC) Brands
1643. TP020977 ADAM ALI MOHAMOUDCustomer’s Perception towards Internet Banking in Malaysia (Preferred, CIMB Clicks)
1645. TP021003 ABDULRAHIM ISMAIL ABDULRAHIMFactors to enhance Competitiveness among Mobile Telecommunication Companies in Tanzania.
1646. TP021006 CHEN PENGFEINot fill yet
1647. TP021010 SYED MOHSIN AHMEDAttitudes towards Business Ethics and its impact on manager and consumer behaviour: Determining the effects of ethical codes in Pakistan.
1648. TP021013 MAHDI HEZAVEH“Hector LXS”: Linux Servers Exploit Scanner Tool
1649. TP021014 Bekturov Astar“FinanceStar” – Personnel Mobile Application For Budget Monitoring.
1652. TP021032 Arfah Nabilah Binti Darwis Mohd JamilThe Acceptance And Usage Of E-Learning Among APIIT Students
1653. TP021034 MOHAMMAD KHOSHEGHBAL GHAMSARI Preventing Phishing Parsian bank System (P3S)
1654. TP021035 GABIT TOKTAROVEntering Malaysia Market, Risks and Opportunities for Direct and Indirect Investments from Kazakhstan
1655. TP021036 AMINATH AMANY AHMEDA comparative study of ethical consumerism in developing economies: Application to international business strategy formulation in the food and beverage industry.
1656. TP021050 AITTAKALLA OMARThe impact of ICTs and TQM implementation on SMEs’ Performance in Malaysia
1657. TP021052 SUI TAOPersonal Documents Management System
1658. TP021056 ZUL Development of Exhibition Management Information System (EMIS)
1659. TP021058 MOHAMED GAMAL FADLELKARIM ALI Automatic underground motorcycle parking system in Malaysia
1660. TP021061 ALI MURTAZAAWind Turbine design and testing for building installation
1661. TP021063 HARUN MARK WAMBUGU WANJOHIDesign and Develop a Polycarbonate (PC) Container Identifier
1662. TP021064 JUNAID JAVAID ARAIN “Impact of monetary and non-monetary rewards on employee on banking industry”
1663. TP021065 Benjamin Yeo Sing-yaoNetwork Monitoring and Bandwidth Management System
1664. TP021068 NABIIL ALI PURDASYThe impact of employee motivation on performance in the Mauritian insurance sector: The case of Ra insurance company limited.
1665. TP021069 Luqman Harith Bin Mohd IrwanMalaysia Airlines Student Travel Marketing campaign.
1666. TP021072 AHMED ALAA IBRAHIM AHMEDRobotic solar powered Swimming Pool Cleaner
1670. TP021085 Shamzeena Abdulla Lack of local employees in the Maldives Tourism Industry
1671. TP021090 Lim Yee Jon Network Management with Bandwidth Monitoring and Allocation System
1672. TP021092 NIMO BASHOW KAHIYAUntapped (Available) potential of Facebook by banking industry. A case study of CIMB-Bank
1673. TP021094 Wang Fei An analysis of the factors that impact employee behavior in the service industry in China.
1674. TP021096 IVAN LOW JUN ZHI Kara’s Paranormal : A 3D Hack and Slash Game
1675. TP021101 KANYENYA TUMUHAIRE MARVIN(Intelli-ID) An intelligent ID card system using RFID throughout Universities
1676. TP021105 CHEANG CHEE HONRobotic Wheelchair for Obstacles Avoidance using Vision and Sensors
1677. TP021106 RAMANATHAN A/L SATHAPPANMilitary Defends System for Navy Forces
1678. TP021107 Jia ShangbinLAN monitoring system
1679. TP021108 AIMENSA HENRY MALISADesign and Development of an enhanced Microstrip Rectangular Patch antenna.
1680. TP021111 AIGANYM TUGZHANOVAFactors affecting the adoption of online buying through websites: five adopter categories of Malaysian youth
1681. TP021112 SYED QASIM MEHDI BOKHARIEvaluating the Impact of Social Media Marketing on Youth’s Buying Behaviour in Lahore Pakistan
1682. TP021114 LIUDMILA BRILLIANTOVA Social Media Marketing for business development in Malaysia. (Logitech Malaysia and Touch ‘N Go case studies).
1683. TP021115 AAMIR ARSHAD NIYASNot fill yet
1684. TP021119 MPENDULO WANDILE GWEBUThe influence of the Marketing Mix to performance of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) within the Service Industry in Malaysia
1685. TP021120 EVODIA MKENTIMBA KANGOLLE How roles of accounting information help in decision making for internal users of the banking industry in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
1686. TP021121 NODIRKHON YUSUPOVMultitude of unmanned aerial vehicles for wireless electric power transmission to remote areas
1687. TP021131 TALHA MUHAMMADThe role of Leadership Style towards Organizational Commitment Med-large Enterprises in Pakistan
1688. TP021136 Zain IjazIntelligent Decision Making, Obstacle Avoiding and Auto-Breaking Car using Fuzzy Logic, Image Processing and P.I.D control in Embedded Systems.
1689. TP021142 Mohammad Ousman BeebeejaunNot fill yet
1690. TP021143 Aslam MakhmadovScalable Home Energy Management System (HEMS) over Power Line Communication (PLC)
1691. TP021144 CANGO JEAN-LUC GARYSNMP Bandwidth Monitoring Tool
1692. TP021149 DINARA TASZHANOVAThe influence of Internet Banking and SMS Banking on commercial banks’ performance in Kazakhstan
1693. TP021151 BILAL FALAK JANJUAComplaint handling practices and customer satisfaction among undergraduate students in Malaysian private Universities
1694. TP021153 MEHIAR ELMAHI ALI ELMAHINot fill yet
1695. TP021156 HASSAN FADHIL HASSANAL BABU The contribution of the Muslim Women SMEs participation in the National Poverty reduction strategies: A case study of the Dar es Salaam Community Bank Ltd.
1696. TP021157 SALMAN ZAHEERIntelligent Mobile Robotic Platform to detect leaks in pipeline
1697. TP021159 LI LIA Comparative Study in Television Industry in Relation to The New Media
1698. TP021161 MOHD IMRAN RAHMAN(EHGP) Encrypted Hard-disk with Graphical Password
1699. TP021162 CAO XING The Social and Environment Impact of Sustainable Tourism in China
1700. TP021163 SOUD MOHAMED ABD MASOUDNot fill yet
1701. TP021166 CHAN KENG ANN Motion Tracking Smart Sleeve for Karate Punching.
1702. TP021168 SARA GHAEDIBARDEHEINot fill yet
1703. TP021174 Yan Hui XinA Study on Customer Relationship Management towards Loyalty Programs in Starbucks Malaysia
1705. TP021185 TAHEREH MORTEZA Distance Education Management System (DEMS) for APIIT
1706. TP021186 MOSAHEB MUHAMMAD FADDIL Automatic Rockwool cubes transfer system for hydroponics set ups
1707. TP021188 USAMAH BIN MOHD ARIFF“KL Integrated Mobile Passenger Information System”
1708. TP021191 YAN TINGTING An Explanatory Study on the Status Trends, Usage of Information System (IS) and Problems Arise of Application of Computerised Accounting System (CAS) among SMEs in Malaysia.
1709. TP021195 KAVIARASAN A/L SAPPANYAdministrator security component suite for Joomla
1711. TP021202 ZHOU XIANGHAOFactors that Affect Shangri-La Hotel Chains when their Expansion Market in Changsha
1712. TP021204 THAM CHEE SUMMattress Cleaning Service – Online Mattress Cleaning Service Provider
1713. TP021205 Aziza KhamitovaNot fill yet
1715. TP021207 QUAK CHUN YAN High Level Data Encryption Suite
1716. TP021208 AGATHA KAMYA NAKIMBUGWE Effects of electronic- customer relationship management in Malaysian banks. (A case study of CIMB bank)
1717. TP021209 FADZAYI GIFT BEREEmployee Development Programs in the Telecommunication Industry, Malaysia make positive contributions to organisational performance
1718. TP021210 HAIDER ALIFactors Influencing Non – Muslims to purchase Halal food in Qatar and Malaysia.
1719. TP021212 AHMED SAAD Design of Auto-balancing Controller for Helicopter using Fuzzy Logic system
1721. TP021216 NG WERN KENOMSS” – Online Module Selection System
1722. TP021226 Saw Kah ChiunNot fill yet
1723. TP021228 DESMOND LOW KAR FAIMessagetify-Me
1724. TP021233 KHALID YOUSAFSmart Parking System using Vision System for Disable Drivers (OKU)
1725. TP021235 ALAMI OUAHABI HAKIMHow does FDI enhance the competitive advantage in Morocco?
1726. TP021236 ABOULAAKL ABDELHALIM The impact of Moroccan national Culture on Organizational culture of Multinational enterprises operating in Morocco, Based on study conducted on several MNCs in Morocco
1727. TP021238 ADAM NADEEM KHANThe quality of corporate governance and its impact on the stakeholders within an organization.
1728. TP021243 YE MYAT KAUNG“WeSec” - Web-based Secure Encrypted Chat Using Free & Open Source Software for Enterprise Organizations.
1729. TP021244 AISHATH SHANMA AHMEDInteractive Online Virtual Fitting Rooms
1730. TP021252 MADINA SADVAKASOVADeposit Insurance: Cause Or Solution for Financial Crisis
1731. TP021260 Foroud MakvandiBandwidth Monitoring
1732. TP021261 AHMED SAEEDChallenges to business profit tax implementation in Maldives
1734. TP021280 AIDA RAKHIMOVA The difficulties of international students that affected on the UCTI University.
1736. TP021284 ALI KAZEM KHANIWeb Based Recruitment Management System
1737. TP021285 HELLEN JOHN MKENGANot fill yet
1738. TP021291 MARLON MARIO WALAKANDOUOnline University Choice Advisor
1739. TP021296 YEOH PEK KUANData Transformation Management System (DTMS)
1741. TP021305 SAEED HOSSEINPOUR SABETNot fill yet
1742. TP021306 IBRAHIM SINANSafe Erasing Tool
1743. TP021307 HOSSEIN HOSSEINIPANAHStrategies to boost culinary Tourism: The Case of Culinary Tourism in Malaysia: base on Tourists Perceptions
1744. TP021308 Alisa ShegayThe effectiveness of celebrity endorsement in Russian advertising, its perception and attitudes of consumers: A case study of Oriflame cosmetics
1745. TP021314 AMINATH RISHMY Rewarding Maldivian Generation Y in workforce: Motivating and Rewarding
1747. TP021330 ABDULRAHMAN MOHAMMED ALI HAMID Sana’a Art Gallery Website
1748. TP021331 ABDULLAH ABBAS ABDULLAH MANSOOR Student Attendance system based on Fingerprint Recognition
1749. TP021332 AL-HASAN ALI MOHAMMED AL-THULAIASolar wind Hybrid Generating System
1750. TP021337 HAMMAM MOHAMMED ABDULLAH MAHDI The impact of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Yemen economy
1751. TP021338 ZAHRA ABBAS MANDI ABDULHUSAIN ALIAn analysis of the elements affecting the work of the external auditors in selected entities in Bahrain.
1752. TP021350 WONG WAI TENGFactor That Influencing Consumer
1753. TP021353 MARIYAM SHIFZAThe Concept and Outcome of Management Audit in the Maldives Civil Service
1755. TP021357 LEE MUN CHUNOnline Carpark Status, Booking and Routing System in Kuala Lumpur
1756. TP021360 MOHSEN MAHDAVIPOOR USB Power Share
1757. TP021361 MOHD NAZRIN B HASSAN Factors inducing the energy drinks industry market sector to expand.
1758. TP021363 HAFSWA AHMED BAHAIDAR Responsibilities of internal Auditors in reducing corporate fraud in Kenya
1759. TP021367 NICKALAS A/L MANUEL PILLAY Human Resource Management System
1760. TP021369 ALI ABOBAKR SAEED BODAWILAHAutomatic Filing Machine based on Embedded and Fuzzy logic
1761. TP021372 AISHATH SHIFAZAGreen Service Management: The impact and challenges on the Transport industry in Maldives
1762. TP021403 SHAHID SUBHANIRecycled polymer bottles classifier
1763. TP021404 FATHMATH MUNEEZAAn Empirical Study On The Relationship Between Academic Qualification and Workplace Performance In The Context Of Maldives
1764. TP021405 AIMAN MOHAMMED HASAN AL-NESHMI Examining the factors that influence Middle East students to continue their higher studies in Malaysia .
1765. TP021407 ALLAN ALFRED LEONot fill yet
1766. TP021420 BARNO NAZARMUKHAMEDOVAMethods for Maintaining Liquidity in Commercial Banks of Uzbekistan
1767. TP021425 AMINATH AGILImpacts Of Violent English TV Series On Maldivian Youth And Their Behavior
1768. TP021430 MOHAMED HISHAM MOHAMED MIRGANI HAMOUR Sustainable plastic strength tester
1769. TP021433 MOHAMMADREZA GHAZANFARTORABIWebpage Bandwidth Usage Monitor (WBUM)
1770. TP021436 MAIRA ADAMThe role of human resource issues towards International Joint Venture success
1771. TP021442 NAZANIN ARYAN VALLAHardware Manufacture Smart Customer Service
1772. TP021450 SOM WAI KIT Automated Bicycle Transmission
1773. TP021451 NG HON YANAutonomous UGV for post-earthquake search and rescue operations
1774. TP021454 ALIMOVA UMIDAEmpirical study of Internal Audit in Determining Fraud in Banking Sector
1775. TP021456 NANDIA KARINAEnhance the competative potential food franchise In Indonesia
1776. TP021459 ABDUL WASAY IRFAN A Smart Targeting Approach for online shopping with the help of Social Media
1777. TP021460 ABDULSHAKOR ABDULLAH ABDO AL-HALEMIDevelopment of active RFID system with Integrated sensor system
1778. TP021464 Arvina Yusof Diego @ Girlly Socio-cultural and Environmental Impacts of Tourism in Sabah
1779. TP021468 MUMTAZ GHOUS The Perception & Expectation On Food & Beverage Service Quality Among Ucti Undergraduates
1780. TP021469 AHMED ABDULWAHAB MOHAMMED HAIDARPassword Guard (Internet Security Enhancement)
1781. TP021470 MUAADH ALI SAEED BANIReal Estate Investment
1782. TP021471 HAMZA AMJAD BUTTNot fill yet
1783. TP021476 AHMED MOHAMED OSMAN AHMEDMobile Based Parking Reservation System
1784. TP021480 MARIYAM ULYA ASIM Effect of Work Motivation on Job Satisfaction in Mobile Telecommunication Service Organizations of Maldives.
1785. TP021481 SHARON LONG YENN-MEIMaterial Tracking System for trading (hardware) industry
1786. TP021482 Armin Amir FiroozkohiAPU Student Workspace software
1787. TP021484 KHALED RIYADH ALI MOUSA"EazyStego", Web Application for Image Stenography.
1788. TP021488 TALAYEH GHOFRANI Fingerprint Docket Generation System
1789. TP021489 BABAK ZANDIIntelligent Auto-Lock System (GI AuLoS)
1790. TP021494 TARGOL FAZEL ZANDY A study of perception toward sexual harassment in universities- Asia Pacific University College of Technology and Innovation (UCTI)- a case study
1791. TP021504 GABR ABDULQAWI HAMOOD AL-SHAMERIMultisensors Traffic Lights For Sequences Junctions, Curve and Straight Ways
1792. TP021508 OMONTURDI ELMURADOVThe Empirical study of Factors Affecting Foreign Direct Investment in Uzbekistan
1793. TP021514 MOHAMMADREZA MAREFATNot fill yet
1794. tp021516 Ameen Fadhl HassanRecycling of Ferrous Scrap Metal
1795. TP021517 RIFKI RAMDAN MAULANA Influences of Brand Loyalty on Consumer Sportswear Buying Behavior
1796. TP021518 MOHAMMAD SOLEIMANI ALAVIJEHCloud-based electronic health record platform for doctors and patients
1797. TP021520 Ho Mun FooElectronic Shopping System with Quick Response code in Supermarket
1798. TP021524 WILLIAM CHUA JIN WEIOnline Condominium Management System
1799. TP021527 ALIREZA KHODADADZADEH how e-service quality regarding customer satisfaction can affect on brand loyalty of famous brand in apparel industry of Iran”
1800. TP021529 Guo PingshuNot fill yet
1801. TP021534 ALI JALOOLI TM Network Troubleshooting (TMNT)
1802. TP021537 SU ZHEN A critical analysis of education tourism in Malaysia
1803. TP021542 LOW KEAN HORNGFerrous Metal Detection using Robotic arm
1804. TP021543 DAVID PHANG JIA CHENGThe Smart Garbage Bin with auto sorting system
1805. TP021545 THINABALAN A/L PRAGALATHANSecurity System for Malaysian e-government in cloud computing
1806. TP021546 ALI KALANTARI “Wi-Fi Real-time Inspector” a Network Management System
1807. TP021547 SUNDAY JOHN MLAGAThe impact of employee relation practice in public sector of Tanzania
1808. TP021548 SANJAY KUMAR AMRIT A/L AMRID LALPitch Detection and Voice/Unvoice based on Wavelet Transform
1809. TP021554 MAZEN BADRELDIN YOUSIF HAMIDRain Harvesting & Water Treatment System
1810. TP021555 ALIREZA MAREFATVAYGHANI Central Node Management System (CNMS)
1811. TP021562 MUSTUAN SHAFAT Study of the Factors Influencing the Students University Choice Decision .
1812. TP021569 CHAN CHEE MANGTypes of International Risk influences Entry Mode Selection of Malaysian Multinational Hotels into ASEAN Countries
1813. TP021570 RUDY IRAWANSmart Flow Diversion Control
1814. TP021571 HEW TECK POH Virtual Bass Guitar Guide
1815. TP021573 SOHAIB A MOH ABULHUDA AHMEDDesign and Development of Multi-Frequency and Multi-Current Source device for medical applications
1816. TP021576 SYED MOHAMMAD HANI ANWARImportance of Implementing Corporate Governance Policies in Public Listed Companies.
1817. TP021589 YUSRA KHAN CHADY The impact of racial/ethnic diversity on job performance in multinational organizations
1818. TP021590 ALI FASEEL Exchange rate and Political instability affects foreign Investment in Maldives
1819. TP021595 MINOO MOHAMMADIThe Level of Tourism Development in China
1820. TP021597 UDHULA ABDUL LATHEEFPublic Awareness on General Goods and Services Tax in Maldives
1821. TP021598 MOHAMED LEMINE SIDI MOHAMED BAHThe Effect of Turnover intention on Job Performance,Case study on middle level of operational industryin Mauritania
1822. TP021609 CYNTHIA MARYLINE ARTHUR SATHIYAThe Intention To Leave Among Pilots in the Royal Malaysian Police Air Unit
1823. TP021613 NADEEL BATOOLIs social media being exploited to its fullest potential by universities in the attempt to reach potential students?
1824. TP021618 ABDULKARIM ABUBAKAR MOHAMED AHMED BADAWYeffectiveness of internal audit to management of an Organization
1826. TP021624 OOI CHEE KWONG Sms/Email Alert Via Network Monitoring
1827. TP021625 LIM KUAN HERNGNetwork Monitoring Tool
1828. TP021628 SALMAN HABIB ALVIDescriptive study on the Involvement of Small and Medium firms towards Economic Development of Pakistan
1829. TP021629 SYED OMER PERVEZ‘Game development with ease’.
1830. TP021630 Nima ShakibpourSecure Online Webmail for Organization (SOWO)
1831. TP021635 KU WEI XIONGNetwork Intrusion Detection System for Cloud Computing Environment
1832. TP021638 Darius SufendySSM (Smart Super Market) Checkout System
1834. TP021644 GOLDIS RAMEZAN ARABA-Promoting Malaysia to the Middle Eastern Tourists as a Preferred Destinations
1835. TP021646 ZHOU KAIAirport Transport Management System
1836. TP021649 SUMAIA ABUTALIB AHMED GASMELSAEDA study on how sustainability affects day-to-day living costs of middle income people in Kuala Lumpur.
1837. TP021650 RUBATHRI A/P SUBRAMANIAM@KANADASONGender Differences in Investment Decisions among Asia Pacific University (APU) Students.
1838. TP021657 MARZIYEH GHEISIZADEH Electronic Online CheckUp
1839. TP021660 BEHZAD FAZLI AGH GHALEH Iranian Unified Dental Database
1840. TP021662 HAMIS ARIFShopping List Creator and Price Scanner for Android Smartphones
1841. TP021663 LADAN AHMADI The impact of tourism toward social and cultures in Malaysia: the case of Malacca
1842. TP021666 GOH HOO WANNot fill yet
1843. TP021668 MUBARIK ALI SULAIMAN BARAKAT ALLAMKIUndergraduate consumer's consumption's and preferences towards fast food industries
1844. TP021669 SAM MASOUD SAID AL LAMKINot fill yet
1845. TP021671 PIRIYAH A/P NARAYANASAMYNot fill yet
1846. TP021673 KOW KAR MUN Information Encryption for USB drive
1848. TP021679 FAHD AWADH ABDULLAH BARAEYAH Factors Can Be Affected the Performance of the Investment in Property
1849. TP021685 PEYMAN SHEIBANINot fill yet
1850. TP021689 UMUKUNZI MARTHENot fill yet
1851. TP021690 KENNETH KAMANZIModeling of double Quantum dots using FASTCAP and SIMON.
1852. TP021691 JUZER SHABBIR NURBHAIFactors affecting Customer Loyalty in Fast Food Outlets in Nairobi Kenya
1853. TP021692 Venny SanjayaGraphical Password Authentication on Private Box
1854. TP021695 YAP CHEE FAIFactors influencing consumer’s purchase intention on smartphone from Malaysian perspective.
1855. TP021699 NAISULA LETEIPAN An Exploratory Study OnTurnover Intention among Private Sector Employees in Nairobi
1856. TP021700 Stephanie SufraptoAutomated Timetable Scheduling System
1857. TP021703 MORTEZA EHSANIStudy emphasizing and creating awareness regarding brand loyalty and importance of Marketing mix (4P’S) in motor oil industry in Iran
1858. TP021709 FAIZULLAH NIZAR HIRJIPatient Appointment System with QR Code Verification for Android Users
1859. TP021713 MOHAMMAD TALHA AWANEfficiency of Islamic and Conventional Banking system
1860. TP021715 RAFFAEL FONDACCILawn cutter Drive Upgrade and Installation of Protection Device
1861. TP021716 YASHA AHMADIMonitor and keylogger system
1862. TP021721 LEE ZIN YONGA.P.U E-Library & Printing System
1863. TP021722 LEE AH MUIThe Impact of Auditor Independence to Auditing Profession in Klang, Malaysia
1864. TP021724 STEFFEN SESANGKASurvival Sandbox Game with Rougelike System
1865. TP021726 MOHAMMED KHALED MOHAMMEDE-Commerce system for Jarir bookstore
1866. TP021729 UBAH ABDULLAHI MOHAMEDA study on perceived risk, purchasing behavior and purchasing power towards higher education student's online expenditure in Malaysia.
1867. TP021730 RIYAN ADI PUTRA“AFES” – Advanced Folder/File Encryption System
1868. TP021731 LI ZHIXIAN“The Influences of External Environment towards the Performance of Budget Hotels in China”
1870. TP021735 Urooj KhanNot fill yet
1871. TP021737 TAN WAI LOONG“Easy warehouse”- Warehouse management system with re-order level alert function
1872. TP021738 CHANG WOON KIENNetwork Bandwidth Monitoring System in Mobile Agent.
1873. TP021742 LIM KAI YUANWeb-based System For Managing SME IT Projects
1874. TP021750 CHIN WAN JINGDynamic Course Appraisal System
1875. TP021752 TAN WERN HANAugmented Reality Chemistry Education
1876. tp021753 JAMAL N.A. ALASAAD Smart Student ID
1877. TP021754 OON KOK LEONGEasy network monitoring system (Enetmon)
1878. TP021755 MOHAMMAD UZAIRNot fill yet
1879. TP021756 KISHAN PRADIP DOSHI“RAVE”- Recovery, Authentication & Viewing of Email
1880. TP021758 SHIYAN AHMEDInfluence of Leadership Styles on Employees’ job Satisfaction among Employees in Tourist Resorts in Maldives.
1881. TP021761 JAVAD RANJBAR Tax Knowledge and Tax Compliance determinants in Tax Self Assessment System (SAS), A study of SMEs in Malaysia.
1882. TP021766 SEYED SIAVASH SARKESHIKMalaysia Extended Estate Agency Network System (MEEANS)
1883. TP021770 TAREK ZIAD ABDELQADER QASQAS Audi Brand Interaction with the Brand Community in Russia
1884. TP021771 AKRAM OMAR ALI AL-SAGHEER Customer-perceived relationship quality and satisfaction: A case of Malaysian Telecommunication Corporation
1885. TP021773 LIM PAK HONG Sorting of paper currency using robotic arm
1886. TP021782 TEOH QIAN YEEApplication Learning for Children
1887. TP021783 CLARISSA SEE YUET WAHExpenses Claim Management System
1888. TP021785 TANG HONG SENGTourism Advisory System In Malaysia
1889. TP021786 Teoh Kiah Woei All-In-One Member Card System
1890. TP021788 LAU CHEE KIT“Queue Manager”- Mobile Application for Queue Management System
1891. TP021789 KHOO KWAN YEWThe Evaluation of FOREX Literacy Amongst the Working Class in Malaysia
1892. TP021790 CHUNG JI YAWThe Study of Religious Preference with the Online Buying Behavior on Adult Products
1893. TP021792 WONG CHENG FAIAutomatic Wall Painting Robot
1894. TP021793 SUI YEE KHAIImproved Wireless Automated Taekwondo Scoring System (i-WATSS)
1896. TP021800 LIM MIN HONG Energy conservation for water reservoir centrifugal pump application utilizing variable frequency inverter
1897. TP021803 SHAHRIAR EFTEKHARI Estimate the value of a projected business, using Dividend Discount Model (DDM) and Free Cash Flow Model (FCFM) – A case study of public listed companies in Bursa Malaysia
1898. TP021807 FARID ALIJANIThe business strategy of the proton on customer satisfaction of car users in IRAN.
1899. TP021808 LEE CHEW YENA Study on Significant Factors that Influence on Working Females’ Buying Behaviour towards International Colour Cosmetics Brands in Malaysia
1900. TP021813 ADRI AHMAD BIN ADLAN Interactive Story through the use of RPG Maker
1901. TP021815 MOHAMED SAMAH RASHEEDAn Experimental Study on Impact of Global Financial Crisis on US Financial Institution’s.
1902. TP021820 PRISCILLA LIM LI HUA“HeyEarthlings”- Public Awareness Interactive Website
1903. TP021825 Ehsan KhorasaniesmaeiliWebsite password by finger print (WPF)
1904. TP021828 Ebrahim Saleh Abdullah Al-ameriFalcon Eye
1905. TP021829 YEO CHERN KITNatural Language Processing applied in Command-Line Interpreters
1906. TP021830 TANG KAR LAIThe effectiveness of music towards the academic performance of students in ASIA PACIFIC UNIVERSITY (APU).
1907. TP021837 Choo Chun JieStudent Hostel Rental System
1908. TP021840 LIEW YIFirst person puzzle platformer with procedurally generated levels - Dungeons of Daeira
1909. TP021841 TAN KIEN HUATSteganalysis Toolkit For Windows Image Files
1910. TP021843 WONG FAI TUCKMobile Shopping Mall Parking Reservation (MSMPR)
1911. TP021844 WONG SAI KIT Pick and Place Mobile Robot by Voice Commands
1912. TP021845 YosverawatyE-Planning for Wedding
1913. TP021846 ChelseaImpact of International Movies on Indonesia Movies Industry
1914. TP021847 YOGESWARAN S/O GANESANDesign and Develop an upper limb exoskeleton using rapid prototyping for rehabilitation with EMG and IMU sensor for control
1915. TP021852 Lisa Kartina Consumer complaint behavior toward unpleasant experiences in Telecommunication company in Malaysia
1916. TP021854 Raed Fadhl Nasser Al-mesri“VoIP Application in Enterprise”
1917. TP021864 WONG KANG WEISteganography Image Detection and Recovery
1918. TP021868 WONG ZIEN ZUNE“PAS” – Pet Advisory System
1919. TP021871 Leonard LimSchedule Generator System
1920. TP021872 Danny Halimsmart download manager
1921. TP021879 Lindya Anak LinggatFactors influencing Undergraduates attitudes in term of buying smart phones or tablets online: Case study Undergraduates Malaysia and Brunei.
1922. TP021880 LIM WEI SINGSteganalysis Application For Windows Audio Files
1923. TP021882 Ong Jing Wen Automated Inpipe Inspection Robot (Collision Avoidance and Navigation)
1924. TP021883 Praneet ChoudhuryDouble Quantum Dots simualtion using TCAD
1925. TP021887 SHANGGUAN ZIYUNA research of enhancing audit independence and quality on detect and reduce corporate fraud
1927. TP021892 LIM GUAN SERNQueuing Management System
1928. TP021894 ONG ZHONG YANG Unmanned CCTV Monitoring System
1929. TP021899 THE WEE YUNFile Protection Suite
1930. TP021903 SYED MAAZ GILANIA study on purchase decision for branded products among APU students under the impact of celebrity endorsement; taking trustworthiness, attractiveness and expertise into consideration.
1931. TP021904 FATEMEH ABBAS EBRAHIM BALAGAR A study on the impact of humor on classroom effectiveness: Asia Pacific University College of Technology and Innovation (UCTI) and UCSI- a case study
1932. TP021905 REZA SHIRVANI AHMADI Programmable multifunctional integrated AVR microcontroller system
1933. TP021907 ABDULLAH IQBALImpact of Financial and Non-financial rewards on the motivation of employees in APU
1934. TP021908 BENYAMIN SHAFABAKHSHContent Management System for Online Stores “Blue Cart CMS”.
1935. TP021909 KOK KHAH WHEY“Guidance” - The Global Positioning System (GPS) guided Route Planning System
1936. TP021910 KIAN SHAHRABIRemote Control System
1937. TP021911 AMIRSAEID NIKKHAHNetwork Monitoring System
1938. TP021919 NAAVIN MAHENDRANSSL Spoofing Defender
1939. TP021920 Lee Juan XeanMaid Recruitment System
1940. TP021921 IVAN LEONG WING CHOON"Virtual 3D Rhythmic Drum Trainer" - Virtual drum application for computer/notebooks/laptops
1942. TP021931 KEOTSHEPILE NOGEGreen Home Automation
1943. TP021933 MARTINUS ANGGI APRILIAWANNot fill yet
1944. TP021935 TSHEPO EUGENE TLHALOGANYANGDesign and development of Real-Time Monitoring System for Out of Hospital-Patients
1945. TP021936 LESEDI TSHEPO KOLOBEHigh-Level Cloud Computing Platform for Large-Scale VDI Server Farm
1946. TP021940 CHONG QUEK CHOONAndroid Call Logs and SMS Forensic Toolkit Analyzer of Mobile Crime
1947. TP021941 LIM KIM HONG Road Marking Mobile Robot
1948. TP021942 KEK YIE DER"Easy-Park Parking System" – An interface that ease the parking process
1949. TP021943 CHEONG KAH CHINMobile Instant Messaging Application Over Internet
1950. TP021946 CHNG HOONG PINFace Recognition on Android
1951. TP021948 TAN HONG SHENG Fast Food Mobile Application with QR Code Technology
1952. TP021949 YOW VOON KOKFood order management system
1953. TP021950 WONG HON TIAMPresentation Scheduling System
1954. TP021952 CHEAH KHAI EEFile Key Authentication with Steganography
1955. TP021953 KHOO CHIN SIONGAutomotive eye sensor based auto adjustement system for driver seat , side mirrors and steering
1956. TP021960 CHONG YOW TZEN“EPRS” – EasyPark Reservation System
1957. TP021961 NG JIN ZHENBlind Samurai: An Immersive Audio-based Game Without Graphics
1958. TP021963 WOON JI HONGForensic Image Analysis with SIFT-Based Forensic Method
1959. TP021964 Sabrine Said Hassanstudy of demand forecasting communications and efficiency of supply chain practices: case study on SAAC international flight catering in Saudi Arabia
1960. TP021966 SHERVIN ESFAHANINot fill yet
1961. TP021968 LEE MING JITSFF – SNSD Full Flash Website with E-commerce
1962. TP021971 MIOR AHMAD FADHLI BIN MIOR SHARIFUDDINIntrusion Detection System
1963. TP021975 Riko TjangniagoRhythm Recognition Security System
1964. TP021976 TIMOTHY YEO MENG KHIANGEndNet Throttler (ENT) - End User Based Bandwidth Throttler for Organizational Environment
1965. TP021977 LEONG SUET MAYRFID Medical Card
1966. TP021981 FATMA MOOSA SALEH AL-ABADI effectiveness of internal audit to management of an Organization
1967. TP021982 NAWAR MOOSA SALEH AL ABADI Automated gloves defect identifier and remover
1968. TP021984 SAID GUTSARIYEVThe impact of organizational culture on employee job satisfaction within commercial banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan
1969. TP021988 SOH KAI LIAugmented Reality (AR) Advertisement on Android Smartphone with video
1970. TP021990 AHMED SHEHROZE YASINA Case Study On Advertising and Pricing Of Consumers Online Ticket Purchasing Of Air-Asia Airlines
1971. TP021993 SREDARAN A/L SAKSIDARAN Radio frequency identification (RFID) Verification Access for Student Attendance System
1972. TP021994 SAM WENG HONGFactor Affecting Consumer Buying Behaviour on Investment Plan in Life Insurance Among Working Young Adults In Malaysia.
1973. TP021997 Low Chun YewFile Transfer Protocol using Encryption, Decryption and Compression
1974. TP021999 LUKE MAN GUO JIUNNetwork Monitoring and Management System
1975. TP022003 NICHOLAS CHIU YEW HWAA Cartoony Style Casual Survival Game – “Harvest”
1976. TP022004 S.TIRUMURUGAA A/L SHAMUGANATHANAsymmetric Encryption of XML Elements for XML Documents
1977. TP022005 CHAN KAR WENGAssessing the effects of Auditor’s Independence towards the industries in Malaysia
1978. TP022006 LIEW YONG HANSecure Instant Messaging and File Sharing System (SIM-FSS)
1979. TP022007 CHU CHEE WEECAVE - Cloud Anti-Virus Extension
1980. TP022010 TAN JIAN WEI Windows-based Intruder Tracking System
1981. TP022012 ESHVINDER SINGH GILL A/L AWTAR SINGH3-Axes CNC Drilling Machine for Printed Circuit Board
1982. TP022016 SEAN YEONG XEN LIEnhanced Security E-commerce Website
1983. TP022018 LEE TECK QUANDynamic Experience in Sandbox Survival Game
1984. TP022019 CHAN WAI SUM Detection of glove defect based on vision system
1985. TP022020 KHEDER KASEMProperty E-Contract
1986. TP022026 TEH WEI TAKOnline Tuition Student Monitoring System for primary and secondary students in Malaysia.
1987. TP022027 HASAN SALEH MOHAMMED BA SHANFAROptical Remote Digital Modulation of Uncooled Laser Diode
1988. TP022028 BEHZAD FAROKHIDesigning a Combinatorial Game
1989. TP022032 SINA KHALEGHPANAHSmart Payment App & Cost Efficient (S.P.A.C.E)
1990. TP022036 MUSTAFA HERSI SULEIMANthe impact of managers' leadership style upon employees' job performance in the United Arab Emirates' banking sector
1991. TP022045 PREMALA A/P THANAPALAN Wi-Fi Smart Ordering System via Passive RFID
1992. TP022052 BASH ABDUL AZIZ AHMED Transportation Issues and Challenges Faced by Muslim Tourists While Performing their Hajj and Umrah at Mecca: A case study.
1993. TP022056 Mohammed Abduldaiam Motea Al-hemyariEncryption Software and data protection for external hard disk
1994. TP022059 AMIR RAHIMI Personal Security Message for Android Platforms
1995. TP022068 HAMED GHOLIZADEHHow the effects of Brand Equity, Brand Awareness, and Brand loyalty of BMW can transform people’s lifestyle through building their personal image, prestige and statues in the society?
1996. TP022070 SHAIK ALAVUDEEN BIN KADIR BATCHA “Advance File Locker” – Portable and High Security File Locker Application
1997. TP022071 KENNETH WONG GUNE QWANnLab Management System
1998. TP022077 TAN JUN JIEEnhance Auto-mobile Security System for Hit and Run
1999. TP022078 SOH WOOI LIANG Wireless LAN Based Remote Screen System for Education Purposes
2000. TP022080 LAI JUN YIPGreen Cars Purchasing Behaviour in Malaysia
2002. TP022082 LIM HONG JUNAudio Steganography Tools
2003. TP022085 ALA MOHAMMED HEZAM AL-MAQALEH Critical success factors of franchising opportunities in the Republic of Yemen
2004. TP022087 BOTOKA MPIPINGInternational Student Pass (ISP) Information System
2005. TP022088 ABOO THAR ZEYAD MOHAMMED Controlling of optical communications system remotely
2006. TP022093 ABDUL KHALEQ ABDUL HAQStudy of Human Lungs Model by Electrical Impedance Tomography to Detect Pulmonary Disorders
2007. TP022094 MOHAMMED TALHA ARIFSimultaneous Localization and Mapping for Mobile Robots using Laser Data
2008. TP022095 AHMED YAHYA ALI AL-GHABERI Schedule/events Management via SMS
2009. TP022099 REZA NAJAFZADEHFingerprint Attendance System Based on ZigBee Technology for Enterprises
2010. TP022103 ZAIN SHAVEZ FARIDNot fill yet
2011. TP022112 MUHAMMAD SHEHRYAR KHANAuditing in Cloud Computing
2012. TP022123 SEYEDAMIRMASOUD SHANAEILocal Area Network Data Synchronizer
2013. TP022124 FAIZA FATIMANot fill yet
2014. TP022128 FAHD GEABEL ABOBAKR AL-HAMEDIVirtual Reality Horror Game using Oculus Rift technology
2015. TP022129 KHALED MOHAMMED ABDULLAHNot fill yet
2016. TP022132 Aysha MansoorNot fill yet
2017. TP022133 CHOW HWAI JENGIntegrated RFID System with GPS Functionalities for Tracking and Monitoring
2018. TP022139 ASHER AHMED SHAIKH A study on the Effects of terrorism on the economy of Pakistan.
2019. TP022140 ALYAA MOHAMED HSAN ABBAS AL HAWAJ UCTI Students’ Awareness on Health Insurance – Perspectives and Perceptions
2021. TP022149 Hamid Reza AhmadiNot fill yet
2022. TP022150 MUHAMMAD SUPIAN AKBARIE-Waitress in Restaurant Ordering System
2023. TP022157 HandryCampus Network Analyzer with Packet Filtering
2024. TP022159 MOSTAFA DARVISHZADEH SOUMEHSARAEEAgriculture and Meteorology Data Visualisation with Alerting System
2025. TP022161 MOHAMMADREZA KAMALI DASHTARJANEHDesign and Development of a smart control strategy for lift system using Image Processing
2026. TP022163 KOUROSH RAHMANIANAPU Webspace on mobile
2028. TP022173 BILAL MUHAMMAD ILYAS Bandwidth Management for APU Accommodation
2029. TP022180 MULIADIPublic Perceptions and Attitudes toward Foreign Investors and MNEs: A Peril to Foreign Trade?Case Study of Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya (Indonesia)
2030. TP022181 MICHAEL JAWIRA Web-based Food Ordering System
2031. TP022182 AMINATH ABDULLA SAEEDExploring The Accounting Treatment Towards R&D Expenditures: Need The Treatment Be Expensed or Capitalized?
2032. TP022183 KESHVINDER SINGH GILL A/L RAM SINGHA Global Study on the Effects of Implementing Micropayment Schemes into Current Generation Video Games
2033. TP022188 GovindaNot fill yet
2034. TP022196 ROOBEE SALIM JUSAB GULAMHUSSEIN Online Employment System
2036. TP022211 THIVYAN A/L WASUDEWEN“i-Teacher” – An Intranet for teachers in Eduwis Pre-school
2037. TP022212 ASHKAN HASHEMPOURDesign and development of coaxial autonomous self balancing object following assistive robot
2038. TP022213 ALI AMINI Voice and Video Communication over IP (VVoIP)
2039. TP022214 VINISH KUMAR BOOKHUN POWER PLANT BAG (Energy harvesting bag)
2040. TP022215 LIANG TUCK WAI“Sprinting Parcel” - Intelligent Parcel Delivery System
2041. TP022216 ZAHRAH CHAUMUNLab Equipment monitoring and lab Component sorting system using QR codes
2042. TP022217 AKASH HAULKORYOn Stair Human Kinetic Energy Harvester
2043. TP022218 TANIA DOOSHILA UPIAHSteganalyzer
2044. TP022221 Shamneez Mohamudbucus Online Rent-A-Car System in Malaysia
2045. TP022222 AYMAN CHADY“APUWEB”- APU enrollment system website
2046. TP022223 Ahmad Louqman GhannooNot fill yet
2047. TP022224 MEHNAZ HABIB Analyse the satisfaction of medical services towards diabetic patients in Malaysia
2048. TP022227 TAN MIN SEMNetwork Tracking System
2049. TP022229 MUHD NASHRI B. MUHAMADAutomated Speed Trap Notification System Using GSM With Security Enhancement.
2050. TP022231 LIYANA BT ARAZMIEffect of Demographic Characteristics on Ethical Perceptions in the area of Accounting and Finance Student (Case Study of UCTI)
2051. TP022232 GAYAL DINUKA JAYASURIYA'Speedy drive thru application simulation'
2052. TP022238 ANDREW TEH BOON KHENGSeismic Shaking Table with Real-time Automatic Control System for Analysis & Evaluation of Performance of Elastomeric Bearings
2053. TP022241 SYRYMZHAN IBRAGIMOVExploring FDI opportunities for Disneyland in Kazakhstan.
2054. TP022243 TAN YI XIANOnline Shopping Agent System
2055. TP022245 DANA ZHURGENOVAEvaluating the Effect of Sex Appeal Marketing Strategy on Purchase Intention of Luxury Products among Private University Undergraduates in Malaysia
2056. TP022248 MOHAMED EISSA SHEIKH AL-MASAWAHuman Recourse Management Using Face Recognition
2057. TP022250 ABDULLA SABAHCustomer perception towards online banking in Maldives
2058. TP022252 ISLAM DJUMANIYAZOVThe effect of MBO in Business Organizations
2059. TP022257 AUDITOR TESTMalaysian SME Manufacturers Going Global : Strategies to Overcome Barriers, Risks and Threats
2061. TP022265 ALI AHMED ABDULPre-owned Computer Tracking System for Sustainable East African Community (E.A.C) Development
2062. TP022266 FARHAD BAGHERYMobile Traffic Jam Mapping (MTJM ) Application For Smartphones
2063. TP022267 ABDALLA KHIDIR MOHAMED KHIDIRPerfromance enhancement of routing protocols in WiMax Networks
2064. TP022269 HAO CHUN LUNFace Recognition Login System for Web Application
2065. TP022270 QAZI YOUSRI WAQAR-UL-HAQFactors Influencing the Satisfaction of Spectators to visit FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar
2066. TP022272 SATHYA SIVARAJ A/L SIVABALANAutonomous Fire Extinguishing Robot
2067. TP022273 TAN KANG HWACognition Sign Language
2068. TP022274 Pang Miao LiPublic Transport Mobile Payment System (PTMPS)
2069. TP022275 CHEW CHUN HUANGForensic detection of criminals in digital images (Cloud computing)
2070. TP022276 ABDUL RAHMAN BIN SULTAN ABDUL KHADERWater Pipeline Chamber Joint Opening and Alignment Inspection Using Wireless Camera
2071. TP022278 ZAHIRATUL AINI BINTI AHMAD KASRANUDDINChallenges in Retaining Employees in Royal Brunei Airlines (RBA)
2072. TP022279 Ng Kheng HongDigital Forensic Evidence Management Information System For Investigation Process,Law
2073. TP022280 TAN MIN YEENot fill yet
2074. TP022315 AMIRMOHAMMAD PARSACreating a better and more effective Airline ticketing system that manages airline ticket booking and customer information.
2075. TP022318 DAYANG DURRATUL BAHIAHImplementing IFRS and challenges it brings to SMEs in Brunei
2076. TP022319 KUMERESEN A/L VAIRAVANEmployee perception and factors that contribute towards job satisfaction in an organization
2077. TP022320 AHMED ALI AL QUAITIExploring the challenges of Outsourcing Call Center
2079. TP022327 Asma Mutahar Ahmed Ghamdhan Al-kebsiNot fill yet
2080. TP022333 LEE LOH WAYBiometric Library System
2082. TP022339 VASEEMImpact of FDI from GCC on Asian countries focusing Qatar.
2083. TP022341 SHAD AKBAR SHANot fill yet
2084. TP022342 WEI MUN YEEFactors influencing customer online purchase intention among Malaysian Consumer.
2086. TP022347 VINOD NAIR A/L KRISHNAN Wireless Intrusion Detection System for Home Networks
2087. TP022353 MUHAMMAD AHSANImplementation of Gamification on Cloud Based Student Assessment System
2088. TP022354 AHSAN AZHARFactors affecting the purchase intention towards online shopping in Qatar.
2089. TP022355 YOONUS MOOSA DIDI GPS based guidance for a fuzzy controlled unmanned aerial vehicle
2090. TP022357 AMINATH MUNAManagerial power: Impact on employee behaviour in public organisations of Maldives
2091. TP022359 HUSSAIN USAIDHImpact of Climate changes on Tourist arrival in Maldives
2092. TP022360 AMBREEN IFTIKHARNot fill yet
2093. TP022363 CHAM LI PINGPresentation Mining a Subset of Text Mining For Visual Learner
2094. TP022365 CHAN WEI PENGPerformance Study of LTE Physical Layer Using MATLAB
2095. TP022366 ANG JEN SEN Thumb Drive Images Recovery Software for forensic realm
2096. TP022367 TAN TECK YAPEmail Forensic Computing
2097. TP022368 DALVIN DOUGLASAutomatic Laptop Cooler by using Ultrasonic technology
2098. TP022371 CHIA JIAN FENG Assets and Resources Management System
2099. TP022374 LIEW CHAN FAIU-Share: Authorized Knowledge Sharing and Chatting Peer to Peer System for University
2100. TP022375 CHOO JIUN YEANAbuse Profiling System for Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game(MMORPG) Service Providers
2101. TP022382 LAU YENN YIEDesign a Sustainable and Smart Plastic Decomposer
2102. TP022385 WALEED MOHAMED YOUNISComparative study and analysis of Malaysian Telecommunication and Emirates telecommunication
2103. TP022388 GIVAHN A/L PRABAKARANA Study on Privacy towards Information Sharing among Youngsters in Penang Malaysia
2104. TP022391 AARON TIMOTHY A/L SAISOO DASANOnline Distance Learning
2105. TP022392 Raheleh KashfivahdatiNot fill yet
2106. TP022394 SIAVASH KAZEMINetoMeter: Network Audit Tool
2107. TP022398 BEERBUL VEEDOURSINGNot fill yet
2109. TP022406 MOHAMMAD ASAD UL HAQNetwork Traffic Prediction (NTP)
2110. TP022407 EKRIMA ABDALLA IDRIS FADULBarriers of Implementing Knowledge Management in Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in Malaysia.
2111. TP022408 LEE MING JUEIImplementation of IDS to Monitor the Traffic in Wireless Local Area Network
2112. TP022412 FONG KAI TJUNVision Guidance System for the Visually Impaired using Auditory Augmented Reality Technology
2113. TP022415 CHOONG WYE LOONG Cloud Analytics and Reporting for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure(VDI)
2114. TP022417 MICHAEL TOH TEIK WEE“TAP” – Tour Assistant Planner System
2115. TP022419 DANIEL RAJ S/0 DIVAGARANImplementing Steganography in Network Traffic
2116. TP022422 TEOH YEE HAU“ EasyGoSP ” Hotel Management System
2117. TP022423 CHOO BOON KIATSend secure message through email using encryption system
2118. TP022424 BRYAN KHOO YOONG HAOEarn Reward by Recycling using Android Mobile Application to Reduce Global Warming
2119. TP022425 FOONG LIK WEIApplication of Active Noise Control (ANC) for Air-Conditioning System
2120. TP022426 YONG KIAT WAHTimber defects detection robot
2121. TP022428 LAI PEI SANDevelopment Of Communication Filtering Tool For Sexual Offence
2122. TP022429 PANG JEN KEATSecure Virtual Presentation System
2123. TP022430 TAN KEAN WEIA study on materialism, product and purchase involvement for fashion clothing among Gen Y in Klang Valley, Malaysia
2124. TP022431 LIM HO KIATOn Door Kinetic Energy Harvester
2125. TP022432 LUM KONG LEESmart University Admission Management System
2126. TP022433 TAN WEI SHENGLAN Network Monitoring Using Android Phone
2127. TP022434 KEE HONG CHENG“SaveChild” – Remote Parental Control System
2128. TP022435 EZRA GUNNMalicious Link Detection on QR Codes for Android Mobile Devices
2129. TP022436 JEFFREY WOO KEAN RONGSecure Note with Multiple Security Method for Android Mobile Device
2130. TP022438 YAP KOK HOEA study on consumer preference toward mutual fund as an investment tools in Malaysia.
2131. TP022440 YOW ZHI HONG“Hunt or Be Hunt”. Horror based multiplayer game
2132. TP022441 LEE SIM XIEChallenges faced by Malaysia SMEs while sustaining business in global business environment
2133. TP022442 SIEW THIAM JUN“DerTaxi” – Taxi Booking System
2134. TP022444 CHENG HWAH YEECasual Side Scrolling Game with HTML5 Development
2135. TP022446 LIM PIK LIAN “ImageFocus” –An analyzer for JPEG image copy-moved forgery and source device detection.
2136. TP022447 KISHANDRAN S/O GUNALANWireless Power transfer for electronic appliances
2137. TP022449 TAN CHUN YANG Eco Library System
2138. TP022450 SHARMAN A/L RAVINTHARAN An Expletory Study On Perceive Risk, Consumer Attitude And Consumer Perception Towards Online Shopping Behaviour among Malaysian in the Klang Valley
2139. TP022451 HERMAN THAM WENG SOONAutomated Inventory and Alert System
2140. TP022452 LIM CHEE SIANFactors influencing employee turnover rate in Malaysian companies.
2141. TP022454 HO WING YEWQuick Ordering and payment application with Near Field Communication (NFC)
2142. TP022457 Chu Yee TianEnhanced Android Geo-positional Forensic Tool (EAGFT)
2143. TP022460 TEOH SHIH MENGSkill Tree - MMORPG/RPG
2144. TP022461 NGIAM EN CHEUNInteractive and Immersive Storytelling in Adventure Game
2145. TP022463 LOO ZHENG YI“Merchandise-Park” – Small scale inventory system for small retail stores.
2146. TP022464 YAP WING SAMIntelligent Keyence Vision Based Pick and Place ABB Industrial Robot System
2148. TP022472 Chu Kok WannAnto Trojan for android phone
2149. TP022474 LEE SOOK LIDual-Authentication Access System
2150. TP022477 Syed Iqbal Bin Syed YusofForeign Worker Management System with Payroll,Leagal and Performance
2151. TP022482 VOO TECK KEIWireless LAN bandwidth management and control
2152. TP022483 SEI SENG YEE Facial Recognition System for USB Hard Drive
2153. TP022484 ISMAIL SHAREEFNot fill yet
2154. TP022488 ANG CHUN YONGMobile Shopping Cart with QR Code
2155. TP022490 SANDRA A/P GERALD “Mentor” – E-Learning System for Slow Learning Kids
2156. TP022493 OMID MOHAMAD ETEMADINot fill yet
2157. TP022495 LIEW CHIN CHOOIAEON Personal Shopping Assistant (APSA) – A better grocery shopping experience with technology integration.
2158. TP022502 DAVID KHAW CHEE ENGSocial Media Marketing and Its Impact on Entrepreneurs
2159. TP022504 LEONG VIC WEN“SelfCrypt” - Text File Security using Symmetric Algorithm for Windows.
2161. TP022511 LIEW CHZEN YANGFinancial Manager
2162. TP022512 AVENESH NAIR A/L KUMARQR code based online car park management system
2163. TP022513 CHIN WAI HONGAn Exploratory study on shopping typologies in Luxury Product Purchase Behaviour among the Older Adult
2164. TP022514 WONG ZHEN HAOFactors That Make Fast Food The Preferred Choice Of Younger Generation People in Malaysia
2165. TP022515 LEE CHIA PINGM-Elert - Emergency Alert Using Mobile
2166. TP022517 YEW SHYH-XIANGPush-and-Pool - Mobile Application for Carpooling
2167. TP022519 CHANG CHUN YUAN Smart Food Ordering System using Mobile Device
2168. TP022520 BALDEV SINGH A/L BALBINDER SINGHPublic School Portal - A Proposed Solution to Communication Void between Public Schools and Parents
2169. TP022521 DJAIPRAKASH NAIDU A/L RAVINDRAKUMARDesign and Modeling of a Novel Helical Coil for Wireless Power Transfer Applications
2170. TP022522 RAMAYEE A/P A.LETCHUMANAN"Xpress Wheels"- Web Based Integrated Transportation Services Ticketing System
2171. TP022532 Akif Ali khamis El maulyPower Generation through Gravity using a Pico-Hydro system
2172. TP022533 MOUSSA MBAROUK SHAABAN Automated Solar Tracking Water Heating System
2173. TP022535 LIEW WEI QUANData Security in Cloud Computing
2174. TP022536 MOBIN YUNUS MALIKRobotic Arm System Design
2175. TP022537 LAW CHUUNG THEONGQR Code Scanner with Phishing Detection for Android
2176. TP022538 CHANG TIONG YUNGTo examine the impact of relationship marketing strategy on customer loyalty: A study on public bank in Malaysia.
2177. TP022539 LEE MENG HUI Employee Monitoring Spyware
2178. TP022540 MOHD ALIF ASYRAF BIN HALEK AREP: Augmented Reality Education Program
2179. TP022545 CHRISTOPHER WONG TENG FOONGTrain tracking system using data from crowdsourcing
2180. TP022549 KHOO SIAW WEIHard Disk Security Enhancement through Online Web Portal using Encryption Methods
2181. TP022550 WIJAYA PUTRA SALIMAn Exploratory Study of Correlation Between Brand Aesthetics, Corporate Culture and Internet Branding towards Brand Equity Among People Aged 18 to 30 in Malaysia
2182. TP022551 NICHOLAS ONG HWA TUNNot fill yet
2183. TP022553 NG MEI WAN Multilingual E-learning Web Application - Walkthrough of a Modern House
2184. TP022556 SACHITA MANOJ KOTHARIService Quality Management in Hotel Industry for Customer Satisfaction in Food and Beverages Department
2185. TP022558 HIMESH JITENDRA VORA “LAN Monitoring Bandwidth” – Equally Divide Bandwidth Among the entire Network and also monitor of Bandwidth.
2186. TP022562 LETITIA KOK YEN YUE“NuCAJ” - Numerical Code Algorithm for Japanese Text Steganography
2187. TP022564 CHAN WUN YIMobile Parenting E-Learning System (M-PELS)
2188. TP022566 PRAVEN KUMMAR A/L RAJAGUMARE-Housing System
2189. TP022567 DEVANTHIRAN A/L SUBRAMANIAM Total Bravo Commando
2190. TP022568 SIVA SHAKTHI A/P MOGANA study on the remuneration, staff assessment and recruitment towards Human Resources Management among employee’s in Malaysia’s private organization.
2191. TP022571 TAN JUN JIAFile Securing and Transferring Tool on Windows
2192. TP022573 CHAU MUN CHUN LAN based Monitoring and Desktop Sharing System
2193. TP022574 JOAN JENISHA D/O PAUL RAJANThe influence of Hotels' website quality on customer purchasing intentions
2194. TP022575 HONG LING SHENGSecure Data Protection for Hotel
2195. TP022576 TAN TIK BOONInteractive Synthesizer
2196. TP022577 KAVINASH KUMAR A/L SEGARHypermarket Shopping in “The Online Way”
2197. TP022580 LAI WEN LEONG Inventory Management System for Smartphone (IMSS)
2198. TP022581 DANIEL LIM TECK HO Title : Mobile Pet Boarding System
2199. TP022582 TEO KHAI CZE Intelligence Financial Management System
2200. TP022586 DEREK CHIEW WENG HOE Online Crime Reporting System
2201. TP022589 MILAD MALEKIMILI.Crypto.Messenger (M.C.M)
2202. TP022590 JOANNE LIM JU-WEI consumer behaviour among students around Klang Valley in purchasing fast food (McDonalds)
2203. TP022592 WONG HOE SHINGWhy Malaysian do not Support Local Movies from Other Races
2204. TP022593 ARIFF ANWAR BIN MOHAMAD YUSOFFOnline Residence Association Security Management
2205. TP022595 MICHAEL TONGKELES“Middle Class Consumer as a New Economic Transformation in Indonesia”
2206. TP022597 ZHANG YOUHUAEvaluating Factors Influencing customer loyalty towards Online Shopping in China
2207. TP022602 CHAN SOO YEE Secure Organization’s File Transfer Program Using Image Steganography
2208. TP022604 RAMANESVARAR A/L AGUSTHEERWireless Power Transfer System for Multi Frequency Resonant Coupling
2209. TP022605 KUAN CHIN FEIFactors influencing the public acceptance to Goods & Services Tax (GST) in comparison to Sales and Services Tax (SST)
2210. TP022606 AMIR SALLAH DAVOODINot fill yet
2211. TP022611 Muneer Mohamed Yousuf Mohamed Technical skills of HR managers to influence employee’s performance a study in NCB in Saudi Arabia
2212. TP022612 SUKVINDRA A/L KIRISHNAMOORTHIEimulation and Performance Analysis of DVB-S2 with RS coding in compariosn with BCH coding
2213. TP022614 FOONG JUN HAO"Untold Legend" - A Fantasy RPG with Skill Tree System
2214. TP022616 YAP CHONG SIANGFactors Influencing Consumer Purchase Intention on Social Commerce in Malaysia
2215. TP022622 NG YIT JUANTrackball Assistive System for Wheelchair Control
2216. TP022624 LIM WEI LOONThe effective HRM practices in increasing the employee’s motivation among the Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 5 star hotels
2217. TP022629 CHOI SEONG HYEOK “Home Service System” – Web based after-sale service.
2218. TP022631 Umutesi Anne LyseNot fill yet
2219. TP022632 AHMED HASAN ALI FAEANot fill yet
2220. TP022633 TAN JIAN TING“Mine Music” – Music Compose Application
2221. TP022640 TAN TECK WEI“EZBackup” - Multi-Platform Data Backup and Restore Application
2222. TP022646 AMMAR GABER SAAD AL-ANSI Increase Randomness of the AES Algorithm Numbers Generated to Improve Security of the Algorithm’s output
2224. TP022650 LEE GWO HWANG“In time” A 2D side-scroller with time controlling game mechanic and puzzle solving element
2225. TP022651 POK ZHEN FUNGTourist Point Mobile Application
2226. TP022652 WONG KAM YUENOnline Hypermarket System
2227. TP022653 YONG HAO KITIntelligent drive Automated Guided Vehicle with remote mode
2230. TP022659 Soh Lin KeongWeb-based Computer Repair and Service Workflow Management System
2231. TP022660 Qiao JianbinExporting: Exploring the China SMEs opportunities and challenges: In specific of Li-Ning sport
2232. TP022662 LAU KAR YEEFactors influencing online shopping behaviour among APU students
2234. TP022672 OOI KAI ROUThe Effect of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) towards Customer Loyalty in the Hotel Industry : The Case of JW Marriott Hotel
2235. TP022673 LOW LAY FONGAn exploratory study on independent coffee house in Malaysian context
2237. TP022675 FARAH MOHAMMED IBRAHIM The effect of corporate governance on the performance of publicly listed companies; the case of Malaysian listed firms.
2238. TP022678 TAN CHIA WAYShopping card system for shopping mall
2239. TP022679 LIEW JUN BIN“EYeS” – Task list and performance monitoring system for office use
2240. TP022681 TAN WEI HONG @ KITARIA CHEN WEI HONGMobile Parenting Application
2241. TP022683 UBAID UR REHMAN KHANDesign and development of a lower limb exoskeleton for rehabilitation.
2242. TP022686 LUAI MOHAMED AHMEDDesign and Implementation of new Generation Hybrid powered bicycle
2243. TP022689 WONG JIA JUN Private Management System (PMS)
2244. TP022692 PANG JIA YIFast Food Online Ordering System
2245. TP022694 CHU CHIEN HAO“Web Content Summarizer”
2246. TP022696 NOOR ATTAHIRA BINTI HJ NOOR KASEHQuality Skills Of An Individual That Lead To High Performance In Private Industry In Brunei Darussalam
2247. TP022697 SARKUNAN A/L VIJAYANA.P.U Student Streaming System
2248. TP022698 MOO PHIN YANNNot fill yet
2249. TP022702 WONG ZHENG WEI Credit or Debit Card Fingerprint Recognition System
2250. TP022703 MOHAMMADHOSSEIN HADADIANPOUR“BCTUNES” - Video Channel’s Network Management System
2251. TP022704 SAW KEAN HONetwork Traffic Monitoring with Packet Sniffing
2252. TP022705 WONG VI LIP“Adventure of Students” – A Gamified Education Application
2253. TP022708 TONG KAH CHUNFPS (First Person Shooter) game with advance reload mechanic
2254. TP022709 KEVIN LIEW CHON JACK“Online Student Attendance System (OSAS)” – Web-Based Attendance Management System for Yamaha Music School
2255. TP022711 SIOW JOHNSON“Watcher” - Smart Attendance Taking System
2256. TP022712 Ahmed Elhadi ElsayedSolar Panels Incorporating Thermo Electric Materials to Maxmise Solar Energy Conversion
2257. TP022713 Ahmed Elkhair Adam MohamedImplementation Of 3G Core Network (MSCS,MGW) For Both Call And SMS Flows
2258. TP022717 CHENG KAH HOOHigh Security File Protection (HSFP)
2259. TP022722 TOO HING NIENMulti-user Chat Behaviour Monitoring System in Local Area Network
2260. TP022723 ANTHONI LIUS SUNTORO What are the factors affecting FDI in the automobile industry in china
2261. TP022725 YONG YEE LUENNNot fill yet
2262. TP022726 CHAN KAR CHUNEnhance Library Syste,
2263. TP022728 ADI FIRMANSYAH“Intra Office Messenger (IOM)” – Secure Messenger for Business Environment
2264. TP022729 Aftia Putri LoveliaNot fill yet
2266. TP022732 Debby AbadiNot fill yet
2267. TP022735 Eric Cipta WidjajaNot fill yet
2268. TP022737 Hansen FanTampered image detection system